Actually it came rather quickly. Well, this is a smrc its called the m5 2.4 gigahertz jet ski and, as you can see, it looks like a sea doo uh jet ski there, and this was rather inexpensive, guys its on sale at the moment, uh at banggood, it was on sale. A couple of weeks ago as welland this only comes in at the pricelow price of 17.80 – us at the moment guys so i had to give it a go and see what it was like for that price. Now, ive already opened it had a sneak. Peek and its actually bigger than what i thought it was going to be by looking at the listing, which im pretty happy about uh. This one would be perfect for anyone with say a 110 scale vehicle tone on the back of a a trailer on the rc, crawler or jeep, or something like that, because theres a roughly around a 110 size, id id, say im guessing but im. Thinking that it is around the 110 scale size now, as you can see by the actual box, photo on the box here i have the gunmetal gray colored one you can get them in two colors, guys, theres, also a bright orange one on the listing. Okay, theres a couple of little notes: there motorboat high speed, its waterproof 2.4 gigahertz anti collision sensor, switch on that side and theres another photo on the back of what it looks like so its a pretty decent size guys and on the bottom.

Here it shows you exactly what you get, so you got one jet ski the charging cable to charge up the lithium ion battery one remote control, two extra propellers, which is decent uh. They give you some spares there and instruction booklet and just shows you the main operation of the uh. You know of the jet ski and a couple of notes here as well. ItS also got a speed, switch this one, so its got high and low speeds, so ill open up the box, guys well have a look and see what we get for the 17. This is under 18 at the moment on a flash deal so see what we get and then ill take it for a run out at the local pond. All right guys well ive, just taken out of the box and, as you can see, the jet ski uh comes housed in this foam container phone packaging got the transmitter on the bottom, as well as the instructional booklet and a few spare parts here. So weve got two extra props, which is nice to see just case you break any now. WeVe got the usb charger there to charge up the lithium ion battery its a little screwdriver there as well, and the instruction booklet which looks like it may be written all in chinese with m5 thats. The model number of this rc jet ski. I wont open up that there will be nothing much to see there self explanatory now.

Here is the little uh toy grade: uh pistol, grip, controller uh. It looks very similar to the ones that you get on really cheap toy great rc cars. We have a by the sound of it with a clicking noise non proportional steering and a non proportional uh trigger there on and off switch like, i said before guys, ive had a look at this ive opened it up before. So i put two double a batteries in the bottom thats all it takes. You got the screw on the bottom. There thats why they give you the screwdriver, okay and uh theres a two speed switch so high and low guys you just press it in itll, probably make a beeping noise. Now, on the listing it says: theres a low battery reminder it doesnt say it on the box, but it says theres a low battery reminder. So once the jet ski gets low on power, maybe this uh, you know transmitter, might have a little beeper in. I dont know guys until i test it out, but thats what it says on the listing. ItS got a low battery reminder so that thats making me think theres like a little warning beep when this goes flat, while youre out uh running it now the running time for this jet ski is around 10 minutes. Guys, actually, hang on a minute might be 20 minutes. Actually sorry about that, just looked at my notes here it is actually a 20 minute run time.

Okayand here it is here guys, nice looking scale jet ski a lot of detail on this one looks like a sea doo or something very similar to a cd jet ski weve got high speed written on it. 0 5 numbering on it very sporty. Looking jet ski and you can always put a figurine or two on this, you know to make it uh look, you know more scaled, as you run it through the water. It says on here in the future motorboat m5, which is a model number like i mentioned before, heres the two sensors like on an rc boat. You know the rc boats uh, the even the budget ones uh that you buy have got water sensors. So what that means it has to be in water before the motors will fire up? Okay, so the motors um will not fire up uh when its dry, so thats uh, just a bit of like a safety feature. I guess um. You know its not that youre gon na cut your hands with this one with these little propellers but uh. They just do that anyway. Now the motors on this its got two brushed motors im, not too sure of the size. It doesnt say in the listing, but with the actual size of this rc jet ski im thinking they might be two uh little 130 size motors uh. I doubt if theyll be 180 but im, just having a wild guess, guys.

IM thinking, maybe the 130 size brush motors to operate this uh jet ski okay. But i like the detail of it, even the uh. You know the actual seat has got that sort of. You know pattern to it a bit of texture there, but it looks pretty cool now to get access to the battery. Just uh flip that lever around now theres a led light there to indicate that its on and we just lift it up like that, and then we can basically can we take it all the way out. IM, too sure we can. No, we cant, i dont, think, looks like we cant. Take it all the way out, so you can hinge it up like that, like a hood on a rc car or rc truck, and there is the lithium ion pack in there guys its a little 650 uh, 300 3.7 volt, 1s lithium ion pack and, like i Mentioned before uh its claimed to have a running time of 20 minutes and to charge it up once its totally flat will take about an hour from that using that usb charger provided it has like the nickel metal hydride nicad type black plug on it. Not too sure i should research what these plugs are called, because i always refer them to a nickel metal hydride or nikoid plug because thats what they look like. So forgive me for my terminology. There i dont know the actual name of it, but yeah um.

It is a 650 uh, 14 500 sized lithium ion pack. I might as well leave that out, so i can charge it up, but uh its pretty well sealed in here too guys um. We have a foam like a sponge sort of foam uh seal underneath there theres the lead, as you can see, it is uh plugged in for the led light and those motors there there we go. We can have a look at that. They do look like uh. I think 130 sized uh twin motors, theyre brushed motors all right, guys, thats what it looks like to me: 130 to 180, so im thinking 130. Actually they look like the ones that you get in those slot cars from back in the day the scale electric sets. Those uh slot cars, but anyway thats. Basically it guys uh im gon na charge it up. Okay, ive got fresh batteries in the in the transmitter, but ive got to charge up this lithium ion pack and then ill meet these guys out at the uh local pond and well see how this this uh rc jet ski goes, especially for the price at just Under 18 bucks, so omni is out there guys lets see how this runs all right, guys im out at the pond, as you can see bit of a break in the weather today, so ive got the smrc. This is the m5 its the m5. It says here on the on the side: i got the jet ski here, so were gon na test this out guys, i dont expect it to be fast.

They do claim that its only got a 10 kilometer an hour speed, so uh lets check it out guys and see how it runs all right, guys, im going to put in the water turn the transmitter on now. This should automatically detect thats in the water, see how it goes so, as you can see, you know, its not rated to go fast. ItS not gon na be no speed demon through the water, but i think its a good prop, especially uh, for people that are into rc crawling and and stuff like that. They might want to put this on the back of a trailer, but, as you can see, its moving through the water not too badly. Now you can do tight turns just by using the directionals on the transmitter here, and you can even reverse for tighter turns its not actually going to go backwards that much it does a little bit, but to get out of a tight situation if youre having to Get stuck okay, lets see if this button works supposed to have a speed switch. I dont know if its making any difference. No, it doesnt seem to be all right, guys well, im, going to shoot some montage video and then ill give you my conclusions: Music, Music Applause, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, okay, guys! Well! That will conclude my review of this uh little jet ski. I mean for the price guys i mean its only 17 bucks, i think 17, nearly 18 dollars its, not a bad little uh rc toy.

You know, like i said, its not fast, but uh. It actually goes through the water, pretty good, like i said before, this would be suited mainly for uh, like a prop. You know to put on the back of your rc uh truck trailer or something like that um. I know a lot of guys out. There have channels where they do adventure style videos, and this primarily, why i decided to choose this one just to see what it was like for the price and later on. I might use it in a couple of other videos um, you know some guys, like i just mentioned uh they make. You know, adventure style videos where they take their rc crawlers out on a trail run with a trailer on the back. You know. Usually theyve got an rc boat. Well, this is just another option: option rather of a cheap watercraft that is scaled to id, say its around a 110 scale. Definitely uh looks like its a 110 scale, so uh its going to be different guys. I ran it for quite a while didnt want to run until the battery was uh or anything like that. LetS see just i got the osmo action in my what im. Just doing this one hand see if theres any water in here i dont think theres any water in here guys lets go in the sun, no theres, not a drop of water, guys at all inside the actual uh inside the canopy here so yeah this uh.

This top seal does a great job. ItS only like uh looks like to be like a foam sort of seal foam and rubber, but uh so thats, pretty good. It doesnt leak. But as you can see, i mean its got tiny little motors in there im guessing theyre about 120 sized brushed motors um, but yeah. Let me just think of what i was going to say: oh yeah um, this uh speed control button. I couldnt actually uh see any difference once i press that button there its meant to it, says: its, high and low speed, but ill be honest with you once i press the button, i long pressed it and short pressed it and it didnt seem to do anything. So, whether its just this unit that i have or all of them, i dont i dont honestly dont think it did anything so anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this uh review of the smrc m5 jet ski uh, rc jet ski and uh yeah, its, okay, you know YouVe got to see it for the price that it is. I think this mate would make a great prop to put on a rc trailer when you go crawling and then put in the water for a bit maybe put a figurine action man on the top. You know to finish off the look and uh: do those style of videos were doing a bit of an adventure style video so for the price guess a thumbs up its, not too bad? Okay.

Now, if you want to see now, if you uh want to know where to get this from, i bought this one from baingood guys so ill ill leave the link in the description below, as well as some other sales links from banggood. TheyVe got a the nine uh of september sale uh this week, so the month of september is going to have quite a few sales guys, i think theres the end of summer sale, theyre, calling it for you guys over the in the us its still winter here. In australia, so uh ill put some links below to the sale as well as the uh link to this one. You can get it in orange as well guys, okay, i just opted for the like a gunmetal grey silver uh. For my the one that i purchased all right, guys thanks very much for watching once again hope uh it was entertaining. I got a bit of a montage video with one of my action cams there so hopefully ill throw that in the mix. Okay and uh yeah ill catch us on the next one guys, if you like this video, please feel free to thumbs. It up sure do appreciate it feel free to subscribe. If youre new to the channel also do appreciate it and be sure to post the comments. Uh in the in the comment section below always great to hear from you, and i do try my best to get back to everyone.

Okay, but i do read all the comments. If i dont get back to you guys, i do read the comments. ItS just sometimes im busy at work, or you know just donthave time to get back to everyone straight away. Uh, when i do read them all right, guys catch us later until next time, happy ah scene. This is the smrc m5 jet ski bye.