Today i got a product that was sent to me for testing and review. It is super clean spray, cleaner and degreaser. Alors qu’est-ce que je’ve got is i have my gen eight here and quite uh, quite dirty. Normally i just blast these off with the water hose and don’t uh don’t really do much other cleaning to them, but give you a look at. Je suis sérieux’s, il il’s, nice and dirty so we’Re, going to uh. Try this out i’M, not going to use the degreaser im just going to use the spray cleaner so and also like to thank them. They sent me a super clean hat like the american flag on there and super clean t shirt so id like to thank the guys at super clean for sending this out to me, euh .e uh, donc nous’Re, going to im not going to show the process of spraying it On there thats self explanatory just spray it down good and rinse it off so were going to see how good it turns out and we’sera de retour, d'accord! Bien, i decided to go ahead and just set it on here and spray it down a little bit. This has a stream and spray. Let me probably a little better. Normally i just spray these off with water, mais je veux dire, if you all know, spread off water. It looks good until it dries and you see all the dirt thats just still there so i’ll spray. This whole thing down, give it a good scrubbing.

You know with the with the toothbrush here. This is my daily driver toothbrush, alors oui je’ll i’ll just go over the go over the whole truck, get the wheels and see how good it turns out. I need to get the water hose and blast the mud out of the tread, mais je’sera de retour tout droit d’accord. Bien, it went pretty good everything come out nice and clean um. It seemed like it broke up the dirt, really good spray back inside the rims and um i mean you could just see it dissolve in the dirt and melting out so get this top off here. One thing i was worried about as soon as i started spraying this all my stickers on here: Je’ve got um. These were made by 307 scoot sticker, my buddys channel, but you know just the uh, the stickers that come on here, the interior stickers on the door panels and all that stuff. I start spraying them and actually start thinking. Oh non, i hope it dont peel the stickers off, parce que je’ve used cleaner before uh, not on rcs but ive sprayed on stuff and the stickers will just peel right off, but i think it uh. Je pense que vous’ve done a really good job, cela’s le corps, and i got some water running out of somewhere. I tried to dry it off really good that way: yeah water under the motor apparently um, because everything looks good and clean until its dry and then, Bien sûr, you can see you didnt clean as good as you thought, but i tried to dry it off really Good with a hair, dryer um got no complaints, a été’t mess up the stickers clean, good spray back in the crevices, and it literally just dissolves the dirt back in there and spread out so no complaints.

Il don’t uh don’T, destroy your stickers, alors vous n’avez pas’t avoir à s’inquiéter de cela. The body back on there get my super sexy toe strap that i got from dennis for attending the poker run. Everybody that went to the poker run got a free, tow rope. It was nice of him, alors oui euh, no complaints does good works good there. You have it uh thanks again super clean for the hat in the shirt. Je’Ll. Definitely uh wear the shirt. The hat um probably give it away, because i have a really small, melon and its just a little too big, and if i tighten it down or adjust it small enough, then it looks stupid in the back, mais voilà,. Merci. Super clean ill leave a link in the description that’s, not an affiliate link.

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