Comme vous pouvez le voir, we are opening the SEMA remote controlled boat, and so basically, what is going on is we have a company called Hollywood that has reached out to my channel and has asked me to do some reviews on the products, and this is one of Them and yeah, so I get the item for food and when I get to review it so yeah, this is pretty cool we’Re, getting a remote, controlled boat to start off with, and hopefully this will be pretty fun. Alors, laissez’s go ahead and do it unboxing by the way the links to this product be in the description alrighty guys. So we have gotten the Box open and lets go ahead and look at what’s à l’intérieur. So this appears to be the move pretty cool. This is a little baggie and a food and some paintings in there look at that closer in a moment if you flip this over looks like the boat is on your bottom, and I actually think that I opens the package the wrong way, maybe but anyway. Alors oui, là’s the boat go ahead and take that out its pretty good sized right there. Alright youve got some stuff in the back. Tell the water alright put T cool alrighty, so there it is everything right there and lets go ahead and take a look at what is in this bag eww. Tout d'abord, we have a cautions of battery and this view the cautions of how to make sure the battery is alright.

We will not read through all of those, but if you want to pause and read all of them go ahead and do that but yeah. Alors, là,’s that and then the actual manual itself, showing you how to put it together, whatever you need to do, do functions alrighty all that good stuff. I will take a closer look at that and then lets go ahead and get some shots of how it works. In the water, Musique, Musique, so first of all, you may have seen in the unboxing. This is the remote. This makes it go. What makes it go left, I believe and thats Mexico right and I think, cela’s how it works yeah. So this way it makes it go right. This way makes it go left. So underhand is left over hand goes right. Then you pull this back to go forward. Pull this forward to go back so its kind of inverted, donc nous’ve got the controller on let’s. Go ahead and review some of the things over here, Je’ll get a little closer, so that is the forward function. Je’Ll go ahead and do it at a side angle here that is the forward function. It does work very well, pas le plus rapide, but it is pretty fast for such a small boat, and this is the tone function. This is right and well go in a circle if you hold it it’s euh il’s about as fast as the forward function. Et alors’s not bad at all and the left the same as the right.

So that is all good and yes, donc là’s that it has very good movements. And the only thing I would say is that the backup be true. If I try to do that is that it does that, mais il ne’t work the fastest its kind of slow, so it works just not the greatest. That is really the only thing wrong with the movement, not a major deal, though so yeah so were going to be going to be controlling it here and making it go out in the water and see what happens all right so now, nous’re going to do a Quick distance test now that we have the basic movements now Im going to see how far it will go without losing the signal, alors laissez’s go ahead and do that its going all righty, donc il’s going weather far so to keep on going its going really far. All righty that is impressive for the distance right there, Je’ll keep going just until it quits should be stopping fairly soon all righty. I think the controls are starting to go a little bit walkers. So I would go ahead and say: come here to there, maybe about 40 feet or more well, my probably longer than that so quite a distance there, as you can see so pretty impressive Music, all righty guys so now that weve had it out on the water And well go ahead and talk a little bit more detailed into this stuff, donc ici’s the boat once again and yeah.

You have this little thing that you can turn that way to open this, which was the battery hatch, and a few things that I would like to talk about is that, Malheureusement, the hatch and the battery or the hatch thing does not keep the battery very dry. At all and Im actually disappointed about that pretty disappointing and dry some water out there my been able to seen in the men to see it not too long ago. The paper is wet and yeah, not too impressed with that. Heureusement, the battery itself is not owned, but that is definitely something I would say that the battery hatch isnt well put together and yes disappointed about that and the backup feature on this doesn’t travail, the greatest but it’s, not too bad so other than the battery hatch. Being not very good at all, not too bad overall, it does come with two batteries in case. Something was to happen of the first one, Et alors’s definitely helped and it comes with this little screwdriver so that you can undo the stuff to put the battery in or the remote and such so yeah alrighty guys. Alors, laissez’s go ahead and do a few close and columns before I go ahead and wrap up this episode. So we have three rows and two columns so for number one as that it is a very lightweight boat and it is very easy to carry and you can fit all of it either inside this little foam tray, which is what Ive been doing or you can Put it in the box, or you can even go as far as to make like a little box to carry it in yourself, alors oui il’s, a pretty lightweight, assez petit, but with efficient power.

The battery in the car number two sorry the battery life is extremely long. ainsi, even though it takes a half an hour, food yeah, an hour and a half charge, which is a long time, but the battery life is like incredible, comme je’Ve. Réellement, Je’ve actually put it out in my pool in the backyard and played around with it and yeah. It lasted a very long time. I was out there maybe an hour or so, and the battery had not died and phone number so II is that yeah, the remote control is very easy to do and the whole configuration if you’Re, not particularly tech savvy. This is great for you, because all you need to do is stick the boat in the water. Il’Ll automatically turn it on, and then all you have to do to turn the remote on just flip, this little switch and then the light will start flashing and that’s. All you need to do and then just start controlling it from there, so really impressed with that and now moving on to the cons. Con number one is that the battery hatch is bad. If you put it in the water, it does not keep the boat its a battery dry Ive actually opened it, and every time the battery was pretty wet. So luckily, nothing happened, but that is definitely something that you should look at and maybe you could put something in there to adjust with side a little bit and yeah that just wasn’T, very impressive and another thing I soaked on number two is that the backup feature Does not work very well, the forwards acceleration works very nicely, but the backwards feature just takes a long time to get it going a decent speed.

Alors oui’s not really impressive, with the backup feature, but you usually will probably not be using that feature a whole lot. Et alors’s, really the only downside about it other than the battery hatch was Im really disappointed in and yes, so that is all of our pros and cons. The last thing I’D, like to mention before we wrap up today’s épisode, is for some reason. Si c’est le cas,, I was at my pool and I was controlling it, and I noticed that whenever my boat ran into an obstacle like the side of it, that my controller started beeping and I didnt know what that man and when I got it out of there. It just kept on beeping, so I turned that remote off and back on and it did the same thing again whenever I, whenever an accident, he hit the side again, but this time when I backed it up, it stopped beeping and it went finite for that. Alors je ne fais pas’t really know what was going on there, mais laissez’s il’s not really a big deal. Nothing happened or anything like that. It was just kind of an annoying beat and all you should have to do is turn the controller off and back on alrighty guys. So I hope you enjoyed this review of the syma push timer boat and yeah put them fast, except for a couple of things, and I definitely recommend it for people who are just trying to have some fun so yeah.

I will see you guys on another episode.