[Examen] Monstre rapide 1/32 2.4GHz Accélérateur proportionnel $20 Voiture RC

Bienvenue sur Beavers Hobby Channel.. Il s’agit d’un examen de Rapid Monster 132 Échelle, Voiture RC.. J’ai remarqué que ces derniers temps les voitures sur ce canal ont obtenu assez cher, permet donc de jeter un oeil à quelque chose de plus terre à terre. Heres, Un 20 voiture m’a envoyé par Hobbymate. Alors merci beaucoup. […]

Mattel Ultimate BATMOBILE Justice League RC Car Toy Review

Rc Batmobile from the Justice League movie. Now the story behind this is Mattel contacted me. They said hey. We have this this product coming out. Would you like one not in those words exactly, but that was essentially the gist of it, and I said yes, please thank you very much. Ils l’ont fait’t dire […]

Examen & COURIR | Tornade 1:12 Échelle 4WD Électrique RC Voiture

So this car is not gon na break the bank, Il’s, probably great, for people that are trying to get into the RC car sport and really dont know where to start they might not have the right tools or batteries and chargers, et tout ça – and this does Have replaceable parts as well […]

WLtoys K989 Rally Car REVIEW | M.RC

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Virhuck V02 Brushless 6WD Planetary Suspension RC Car Test Drive Review

This big 1 12 scale 6WD RC car is so much fun to drive. Je’m not donating this one. Il’s a Quadcopter 101 keeper! Available now on Amazon UK … [compare_prices_deals] Source

WLToys (WLToys) 144001 Off Road High Speed Drift Buggy RC Car Drive Test Examen

This fast 1/14 scale 4WD RC car offers a lot for its price. Metal alloy parts are used throughout its build. Find it here http://bit.ly/WLToys144001 TOMTOP Black … [compare_prices_deals] Source

WLTOYS (en) 969 rc car REVIEW au SKATEPARK

You may have seen this on another channel that you know of so let’s entrer directement dedans. C’est le Joey. D’accord, laissez’s get this out of it and theyre set up there. Nous allons nous’re all unboxed, Gars, nous’ve got a Joey, vous obtenez une batterie, you get your charger and your transmitter […]

Installing a 12 Volt Solutions Remote Starter on my 2015 Ford F-150

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Chevy Infotainment 3 (2021) Detailed Tutorial and Review: Tech Help

We hope to give you guys a better understanding of everything you need to know about this new infotainment system from chevy. This replaces the old system, which is previously called my link, and it does come with all the newest features just like in other gm vehicles. Nous’ll go ahead and get started […]

★★★★☆ EACHINE Remote Control Car Off Road Truck 2WD

This thing carries a wallop now before i continue with this review, i need to say that this is actually been replaced by the company, because there was an issue and if you are looking up this video trying to figure out how to solve this issue. Bref, Vous’re going to have to contact […]

ANTAPRCIS RC Remote Control Car Toy Review

Vous voulez aller le vérifier, et à l’origine, nous l’avons acheté pour mon petit-fils, mais il’n’est pas assez vieux il’s. Seulement quatre, donc il dit un six plus donc i’m gon na doivent jouer un peu. Vous savez oh bien, Nevermind équipement pneumatique. Finalement, la chose que j’ai aimé à propos de celui-ci – […]

Unboxing de voiture à télécommande AntaPrcis, Examen & Jouer! | Fastest RC Car & Longest Battery Life!

Nous allons déballer. This really cool race car with remote control, and this was kindly sent to us by amazon seller enterprises and made by sagile and i’M, really excited to play with this today, and i hope you guys are too so guys. Je’M really excited and guys. Laisser’S read what’s […]