AVENTURES RC – (Camo-Basique) Comment pulvériser la peinture d’un RC – RC4WD Trail Finder 2 4×4 Pt mise à niveau du camion 4

A lot of people have asked me to do my camel paint in a tutorial as well. I did this years ago when I did a giant 8 crawler échelle, but I can tell you that this is simple: everybody does a different camouflage technique. Sometimes all you need to liven up your RC is […]

AVENTURES RC – Projet: « SPiNTiRE (en) » – Comment: PATiNA BASE PAiNT & SEL CHiPPiNG – CAMION KR11 / CA10 (ca10)

The mud runner game i'm playing on xbox you're, basically a truck just like this hauling logs through the forest Music. I just wanted multiple layers of color, ainsi, as I was using the salt on there, I could get down to where I wanted, mais vérifiez ceci. Guys the roof turned out almost […]