NEW "Beast" NOUVELLE VOITURE RC 2022 New Suspension/Dämpfer Review Team Corally XTR EXTRME Test & Frapper[ 4K ]

Jetzt hlt er sehr gut gewisse flexibilitt ist aber richtig unten, halt nicht, so schnell aus, so wre normal gerade, so steht er, maintenant, okay was selbst gemacht ich habe die xc r, federn drin dann habe ich hier die xtr federteller drin dann habe ich hier 800er l Drin hier unten die verlngerten beine […]

HPI Racing Trophy 3.5 Nitro Buggy Full Review!

Weve done a lot of reviews of electric vehicles, une échelle 10 scale monster trucks, Course, Poussettes, stade, Camions, pretty much anything you can think of. We reviewed uh, but this is our very first nitro vehicle, so huge shout out to your rc for sponsoring this series of videos well have a link in […]


I i keep doing this. I dont know why this jadei actually spent her with scarlet 27. Encore une fois, there you go and weve got a package that were going to open im. Pretty sure i know what it is unless literally its coming straight away from ordering it yesterday, but im pretty […]

Best scale Rc unimog?! | ROCHobby MOGRICH unboxing, Examen, and first run! Sera-t-il bon?

Évidemment, and uh today were going to be checking this thing out lets see whats inside here here it is guys the 1 18 scale rock hobby magritch. This is basically an unlicensed version of the mercedes, unimog and yeah. Today were going to be unboxing, this thing reviewing it testing it out, seeing if […]

bezgar 6 rc examen

They say its splash proof and low pressure, water jet resistance, but i havent really run it through any water. Just because i dont want to ruin it um the steering trim and the speed switch is on the controller and its got high ammo speeds, ce qui est génial. So this thing it really flies […]

Real Steering Car Scale 1/24 😍 🥰 | Voiture RC | Champion Car Honorable Model Unboxing and Testing Review

Qui sait, i love your deepest secrets. Can i be the one who wakes you up before you miss your ride cause i wan na be close to you and i wan na show you something new. You got ta know every day i got your back here. You can count on me for that […]

Shimming a CLICKING Kraton Diff And CCxRC Tool Review

Like i guess, like a review of this little tool, i got from ccxrc its an rc car tool. Well check it out in a minute and were also going to shim the rear differential of the creighton. It is clicking and were going to see if shimming it will stop the clicking that is […]

This NEW RC Car is WEIRD BUT FASTER Than I Thought

Qu’est-ce qui se passe les gars? Je m’appelle mark samaria. Bienvenue sur la chaîne, welcome back to the rc vlog guys it is so nice to just go out and drive my x maxx. That was fun thats. What i needed, i just needed. Some x max therapy, some rc x, maxx rc therapy. Il […]

Limted Edition Mint 400 Baja Rey Desert Truck (Losi ( Losi )) – Unboxing et examen.

Im off this week from work, mais c’est, not the only reason im in a good mood. The reason im in a good mood is weve got something exciting to show you guys today, and it is the low c limited edition mint 400 baja ray desert truck. So this is a very limited edition, […]

Mini RC Car WL Toys K989

Ghz dan ini, bentuknya, itu mobil rally, Hai teman, mobilnya seperti ini, Gars, Ini, bentuknya, kayak, mobil biasa, Ford, Fiesta, ya ya, Nous, Ouvert, sebelumnya, Comment, Hai, boleh, pilih, Quatre, buah, devant, wajah, hé, hé, salut, salut, Hai, ambil, Ini, Je, Beli, Avec, harga scores, 600ribuan ( ribuan ), saja di toko online Hai juga apel proporsional nanti, Nous, […]

Unboxing: DEERC DE67 Large Remote Control Car, 1:14 Jeep Crawler w/ LED Light, RC Racing Cars

C’est le de 67. Vous avez 50 minutes per battery, so you got a lot of run time uh. They recommend it for ages, six and older, mais e uh .. You know some kids that are younger than six are more mature than others that are six, so its all gon na depend on your […]

👌Haut 5 Best Remote Control Bumper Cars 2022 – Populaire & Produits exclusifs!

Bumper cars are always a fun thing to play. With these bad boys come in different models. Some are small sized rc models, while some are right on models for the kids. There are a lot of impressive models to choose from, but when it comes to the best remote control, voitures pare-chocs, you might […]