What ive done to it, and basically some information about the kit and a little bit of you, know technical data about it as well, but, as you can see, its my first monster truck on the channel. So let me know what you think down below. Also dont be afraid to hit the like and subscribe button. Your support is very much appreciated on the channel and make sure you smash that notification bell for when you see a new video coming up, youll obviously be notified to go and watch it. So ive been talking to gavin from rc kicks watching some of his videos. Lately he started to get a few of these monster trucks. Obviously hes got some of the juggernauts and a lot bigger um trucks than this. I saw this one. The king blackfoot uh pop up onto a local traders, page um here in australia, and i saw someone posted up at 150 australian. I figured oh thats, not a bad price, considering a lot of the sort of monster trucks like new inbox about that four. 400. 500. If not more price tag, i kind of had a look at it. I am denied looked into some parts and figured you know, parts wise. These um are quite difficult to find parts for and considering even the to even get a new body. Shell youre. Looking probably five hundred dollars um, there was one on ebay recently sold by the time. I could get it to australia or it was about five hundred dollars.

So i saw this one pop up on a local traders, page um. I thought i would take the gamble with it and um yeah watched it and eventually, actually it didnt sell, which i was surprised and the seller dropped it to a hundred australian dollars. So i contacted him, he actually lived about 10 minutes drive from my house, so i jumped in the car. I went over there and purchased the car now, as you can see, ive cleaned it up a fair bit here. It does look in quite good condition. ItS had a few rolls and whatnot missing a few of the the lights and whatnot on the car um. Unfortunately, the uh the light here on the left hand, side is um, cracked off, but all in all its. Actually, you know from a distance to have, as a you know, a showpiece or as a runner its in very, very good condition. So ill show you more of the car very soon and what was in it and what i did to it. But before we do that, just wanted to run through some of the um, i guess some of the specs for the king blackfoot, because to me i obviously made i think, an extreme blackfoot, the king blackfoot, and they made the original like a normal blackfoot as well. So theyre all differ in size and obviously specifications. So the king blackfoot itself, um, is a one tenth scale monster truck.

It weighs about two and a half kilos um according to the tamiya data. So i dont know whether thats with a battery and and full speed control, setup um. It came out on kit 58192 released in july 1997 and it ran through to 2003.. So when it was released, it had a release price of 14 800 yen, which is around about into todays money, 180 australian dollars. Now, thats 24 years ago, though, so you know its hard to sort of work out. The direct inflation but youre, probably looking around that three to four hundred plus in todays money um, which sort of adds up with some of the other trucks that tamiya have recently bought out um in the past. So the kit itself has a abs plastic body. This body, as i said, its, actually not bad condition. SomeoneS, put some reinforcement and glue to glue the bumper bars on, but nothing actually looks cracked in behind to sort of justify why they did it other than them, maybe just to reinforce it. Like i said, the only damage on it is some light scuffs across the front and the roof line um the body itself. When i got it was actually quite faded and um didnt really look that very nice. So i got some light car polish out and a polisher and ive actually polished it up and its got a really really nice black shine to it. Now it hasnt been painted.

It was just the raw plastic that had gone a little bit. Powdery um decals are actually in very good condition on the car its, just a shame that obviously weve got a little bit of some marks on it. Um cracked front a light lens and were missing, two of the um light bar for the light bar on the top, but other than that its, actually in good condition, and you know if i did have it on display or from a little distance. It actually looks very, very nice. I did look at buying a body that was on ebay. I could not justify the 500 odd dollars for the body and the decals. I just thought that was absolutely ridiculous. It did sell, but then again a lot of these ebay sales. At the moment i dont know how genuine they are just because you will find a lot of these things that sell at the very high prices become relisted, probably two or three weeks later. By the same seller, so that kind of clicks to me that theyve had a little bit of little fake bidding to inflate the market so which i think is whats happening with all of the tamiya stuff. At the moment, weve got this huge inflated market, which just does not add up, because when ive sold kitsand i do sell things in the backgroundand i you knowi do buy things like thisand if it doesnt fit the collection after a little cleanup.

I will on sell it. I never seem to get stupid ebay prices um, which is a little bit disappointing, because when i do try and buy things off, other people theyre just wanting absolutely stupid prices and they just end up very argumentative and aggressive um kind of you know. I dont like that side of the hobby, which a lot of you probably out there agree with chuck some comments down below. If you think the prices are out of hand at the moment, but back to the car, weve got um front and rear double wishbone suspension. Friction shocks and what else can i tell you just came. Obviously the kit came with a standard 540 motor and this one here i it was. It was quite dusty and dirty the wiring im, a big fan of trying to neaten up all my wiring. When i do kits so, what i did was i pulled this whole kit apart. The shocks were all gummed up. Um filthy had some surface rust on the springs, so what i did was um yeah, full strip down cleaned cleaned, all the plastic, some of them. I polished just to give them a nice, a new shine to them the motor um. It was all had a lot of surface rust, so i gave that a little wet and dry sand, and a little bit of polish on there just to bring back some silver to the silver can rebuilt everything and tidied up the wiring and yeah.

This kit was, it had a full ball, bearing set in it. So i dont know whether they came from the factory with bearings, improbably thinking maybe in the gearbox, but not so much in the out drives and whatnot. But if anyones got some more information chuck it in the comments um, the other surprising thing was its got a full acoms electronic speed, controller and radio gear setup. DidnT come with a remote, but ive got plenty of those anyway, so its an acoms, at7, speed controller. So it looks like a very early model, electronic speed controller again, i dont know a lot of the specs on that, but ive plugged the battery into this, and it absolutely works perfectly no problems at all. As you can see there, the chassis itself is in really good condition, and i cannot complain at how nicely the car cleaned up. So for my hundred dollar investment, i have asked some other people out there. Um and ive looked online and you know realistically its, probably a 250 to 300 kit. Now that ive spent some time cleaning it and rebuilding it and tidying things up um. But who knows at the moment, i could put it on and get 120 for it or i could get 500 for it, not really something im looking to sell at the moment. I do want to go out and get a running video of it um. So when were looking at you know buying these older cars and bringing them back to a nice sort of condition like i have with this one, all i do is a quick polish on the bodies and then basically, i strip all the plastics clean everything down, and I spray the any rubber or some of the plastics with a silicon spray just to rejuvenate them.

I do have another new set of tyres that i probably will put on the car, these kind of im kind of thinking that these are a little bit dry and basically, if i go using the car that the wheels will probably start to crack, i imagine but Other than that, the actual wheels themselves are in great condition and yeah. I cant wait to go and give the car a run. So what ill do is um ill finish off todays video with some nice close up footage of the car and the body just so. You can see basically condition its in but again, if anyone has any of these any tips or tricks for me chuck it in the comments down below also dont forget to follow me on facebook and instagram. Your support is very much appreciated. IVe got heaps of other kits coming up on the channel, so yeah your support is very much appreciated.