J’ai finalement eu des batteries comme littéralement ça faisait si longtemps que j’ai finalement essayé de conduire cette petite voiture, donc fondamentalement, pour mettre les piles dans tout ce dont vous avez besoin, est double façon de les mettre ici et de faire glisser ce retour sur allumer cela et vraiment vraiment très lumineux, light comes On and then turn that on other way and then the bright light comes back on uh right, left forward back and yeah thats thats. All it basically is. I dont know what i was expecting, but i was expecting a bit there. This cant really drive on this. My bed, so it probably has no chance on carpet um honestly, if you can do this, oh god not get out. If you can like swerve around these honestly youre a mentalist, because this things turning circle is non existent. But then again it is literally a hot wheels car, its tiny um. This can come off, Mon Dieu, i dont know whether you have to take that screw off thats what i done last time, mais très bien, maybe maybe at the end well take off but um yeah lets, lets test this driving and see what its like. d'accord. So sorry for the mess but uh yeah, so um little cars coming on now, look how small it is honestly. This has no turning circle but um yeah and im so special that i find it hard to actually control. Sometimes i dont know why but yeah. So this probably has the same turning circle as my field, fiesta like not not even like, comparing it down to size like look at that that that is a mental turning circle, thats like three houses, long worth of returning circle.

Si, if my house was shrunk down to this, it would take three houses its like that far to actually turn but im, pas gon na bash. It like that, because it is like a hot wheels car so yeah we, we kind of have to make exceptions for that um. In other ways. This is pretty good it. I dont know what the range is, but ive been just chilling on my bed and managed to get all the way to my total tank. So lets lets load this down a bit and then we can look further. d'accord, so ive ive, literally whacked out a little thing, were going to try and complete this im. So bad with these remotes, but bear with me see it cant make it. Oh god are we going to have the mate at this? Oh, my god lets start again right. All right lets go hit one ill make around there. Oh and now hes going off to the turtle tank, so not glide. This has pretty good range, even though the light antenna isnt, Mon Dieu, Applaudissements oui. This has pretty good range like. Where else are you going to use it? Unless youve got a massive gaff like a massive house, then um yeah tell me about that, because i havent but my rooms pretty long so for the average bob then uh, Je ne, think thats a problem plus like what is this its just a piss around car. If you get bored, then youre just like its what its like one of them toilet games on your phones like its a really crappy game, but it entertains you somehow so yeah but um was it.

So if i bring the car over oh sweetso i was thinking, as is this small ivegot that little fiesta, which is also this small. The only thing this literally weighs absolutely nothing. This weighs a ton. This almost weighs as much as my real fiesta. It doesnt but yeah it probably weighs about four times five times as much as this one. This light literally weighs nothing um that would hurt if that this wouldnt hurt. If someone chucks out you that that that would knock you out clean if it gets in the right place, i i guarantee that actually probably wont knock you out, but itll give you a bump, the other thing um you can take this off pretty easily. I will take care of yourself in a second, but with this its them little circle, rivets that you just cant get off, so you cant get a show off without like breaking this, and i think i accidentally paid a bit too much for this. So i probably wont be doing that yeah. Une autre chose est: is the wheel arches? Évidemment, these wheel watches are massive, because the thing needs to turn yeah with these small wheel arches. That is not turning anywhere its kind of like when you get spaces thats. Why im scared about my spaces, because uh yeah, Je ne, know whats going to be happening about that um? That is going to be absolutely terrifying when i eventually put them on my real car, not toy car, but whatever um anyway um, i said were gon na.

Take a look in what that i, i literally had that little screwdriver. Oh là, c’est oui. Si bien, take a look into this. I was also thinking about spray painting red and trying to make it a lot of fiesta or getting little pieces of plastic and trying to actually make a model of a fiesta im. Still questioning that just like a tiny little one. But i think ive got a better idea. All right lets take this off, so your screw here youve got two screws there, the front so the longer screw goes at the back its like slightly longer and then youve got youve got two here, but im not good. Yeah that that back bumper comes off but yeah, i dont think you have to take these ones out, but im just gon na. Do it just cuz? d'accord, i was going to take it out, but its playing silly, but look so it just wont come out all right. This ones coming out lovely, come on mate. This thing really doesnt want to focus on the the pet to go. D'accord. Lets lets tap out right, so both screws uh come out. All you do im, sorry that it doesnt! Oh attendez! You got that. Oh look at that look! Weve weve gone into two times soon, D'accord! You want to literally get your nails behind these and just push thats what ive done last time it worked. Oh yep got it and then the front, and basically this is whats under it um.

I dont actually test it out if it drives better with just this. Without the shell, because i dont really like the audis im, probably alone on this but yeah, i prefer fiestas and empty shells so yeah, Mon Dieu, weve scuffed up the wheel or the tyre. Oh, no quick fix on that. Hopefully we can get more range in this. I i think we can but yeah mate. C'est, that is wonderful. I wonder if we can take the oh, maybe not no idea, i might try and buy a cheapy one see if i can take it apart and then fill into here, but yeah anyway lets. Try and run this like that Music. Attendre. What okay im pressing! Oh c’est parti. Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est passé là-bas. I was pressing forward and it just didnt work. I feel like this goes a bit faster, its a bit nippier. Oh, Mon dieu, ive just run over screws. Oh no dont worry so without the shell. This does feel a little bit nippier. It looks a little bit cooler. I dont know why it looks like something ive built but yeah, but i clearly havent this, even though its so small, even though oh its a tiny little car, it is a piece of engineering mate. It may not go that fast, but mate. This thing is still fun: um oui, but anyway um, that is literally it um put the little combs here. They literally clip out like this, like literally a fun accessory, but then weights, even though theyre much bigger, theyll work there, because theres no way youre getting through that.

Ah c’est. It lets see how well that goes: reverse youre, just too nippy thats a thing yeah. Unless you want to run them over, then perfect feel like a real life gta but yeah using them to swerve in and out. You may as well get something big because thats, the only thing youre gon na be able to like swerve around in so yeah anyway. Im gon na put this little bugger back together, um its pretty self explanatory. How do you put it back together? Just get the screws and screw it back in, but yeah anyway. This has been jada, ashley, Spencer, with scarlet 27 and cyber spencer. Enough again, you mate and uh yeah, thanks for watching check out our videos. Prochaine vidéo, we will be wheres, it gone, were gon na be unboxing this bastard there look look how much bigger it is a little carbon. I dont know whether look i was gone. So i cant compare it so, whatever anyway uh see you next episode, une chose: um the headlights dont light up the back doesnt light up. It says in the promo like that yeah, but yeah it doesnt light up to charge it all. You do turn this on. Let you flick this pull this out um! You want to try and fit in there, so it stays in there and plug that in its annoying, because it doesnt plug up in the box but yeah whatever but yeah, and then to put this back instead of trying to cram that back and then try and Go like that, because youre gon na get cold basically feed it into there, push it down bam and then to store it.

All you do is just go like that and then hey presto, you break it.

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