I reviewed this performance analyzer back in may last year. It hadnt been out that long, not many people knew about it. Everyone was still using the older gsm 015 and gsm zero. One zero from sky rc for their speed runs and people still do use that, and some people prefer that kind of style where you can instantly see the readout on it. Whereas on this one, Vous pouvez’T, i spent quite a bit of time making a um video on this doing. Some top speed runs with this ive done some naught to 60.. I also have my wr8 and ive done a speed run with the wr8 stock. Hors de la boîte, and then i done a naught to 40 between this um on 6s and the wr8 on 3s. So i thought with it coming to summer, with the popularity of speed runs going way up in the last 12 Mois. It was definitely time i think, to have another look at this on. Every single speed run video ive made since may last year. I always get a question or five on what i use for speed runs. I think one of the main reasons for that is because i always use this app and i think people presume that its a speed app on my phone. What it actually is, is this little performance module using the sky rc app on your phone to then record your speed and your acceleration and stuff like that.

En tous cas, this is a yeah ive re edited it ive taken my video from last year, Je’ve taken a load of stuff out, Il’s, still quite long, mais il’s quite an in depth. Video so ive taken some of the uh some of the dead space out of there uh tried to make it flow a little bit better and were gon na have a look at this performance analyzer. If you want to see more on this beast im going for the uk speed record this summer, um at the moment, Je’ve got use of a real runway and this is painted up like an aircraft. So it only feels right to stick it on that runway and hopefully i still have use of it in the summer. If i do this thing, hopefully will be the fastest in the uk. Je ne sais pas’t think i can go for any world records at the moment, but i definitely think i can push for um one of the fastest out there anyway enjoy the rest of the video on the performance. Analyzer and ill see you with this in the stuff, and this thing takes it a little bit further than the uh, the old, faithful gsm 010. So i mean theres a good indication of the size difference of them there. The only downside to that is there’s. No indication straight away, mais il’s, très rapide, nous’ll talk about a minute. So in the packet you get yourself a little mini usb charger, just the backing card there and a comprehensive set of instructions, and this was really easy to set up and really easy to get going.

N’est-ce’T. Take me long at all. So all your details, there of your status of your um, LED, tells you on the back there how to do all your different recordings and stuff um. You can download from the app store or google play the app for it, que je’ll show you that in a minute as well so simple its got so. Il est dit: gps and uh g, L, o n a s. It basically stands for global navigation satellite system. Il’S (en). The same predominantly the same as gps. If you want to look a bit more into it and have a quick google of it, i think the reason for it being both is so. Vous’Ve got more more satellites out there when i was on there and it was looking for them. It finds them so quickly compared to this and youre up and running ready to go really quick anyway. Laisser’S have a closer look in the app and ill show you some of the features its got so as soon as you open the app it comes on. Donc, vous’ve got your bluetooth connection there and then your power indicator there once its found satellites which is already done its now showing that its got four satellites if youre outside when i was out early as youll see it found about 12. I think and youve got your drag and if youre going to drag race, you can select speed and you can go from naught to whatever you want to go to or you have to start naught.

You can do like 10 to between 10 Et 60. If you want to do a rolling um speed and it doesnt start recording until it hits the speed you set and it wont stop recording until you hit that speed as well. Donc, si vous ne le faites pas’t hit 40, it will just keep going and then keep reading, and then you can also set if you want, si vous ne le faites pas’t lose speed, you can set your distance, et donc, si vous’ve got like um point a to point b, you can do That so, when you put track um and press start, it will just start recording and press stop. Once you press stop you, then just press read and it will come up. This is going to come up with nothing, although it did say our average speed was a 17 mile à l’heure, mais je pense que’s from earlier so thats the track and then ive not tested flying because i dont have anything to fly with, but i presume this Will just tell you what your height and speed and stuff is. I think it records up to 25 000 feet or around that pretty high, oh désolé, 29 and a half thousand feet and thats your flyer mode and, comme je l’ai dit, Je’Ve, not tested that. Mais il’s got your distance. Your time it says average speed and then its got the bottom there. Donc, il’s got max height that is max height from ground level, rather than c level.

So if i press start again, if i lift this up there, we go look and then bring it back down. Stop read max height, zero feet, euh .e uh! Oh non! I said distance three feet, so we did go up, but obviously not high enough for it to record the max height anyway. Que’S basic that’s, the basics of the app youve got some settings you can go into. You can change your a unit of measure from like miles an hour to kilometers an hour, là’s lots of other things you can do if i go into records you see, Je’ve got all these that i was doing earlier. Um testing stuff lets have a sneak peek at that one that ones showing nought to 41.7 Secondes 1.84 g we’ll. Look at that in a second but yeah, so you can log all your stuff. You can clear it. You can change the name and that’s à ce sujet. Really for the app so weve got the limitless with um infraction gearing so its got the 27 Dent. Pinion i’M, not sure what the spares i cant remember off the top of my head running a pair of 3s um jen’s, ace 5000 heure milliamp 50 c3s batteries and the 220 amp beast pro um esc the dx5c transmitter. Donc, il’s going to do a top speed, run first see what it does with that gearing so it’s a 45 85 moteur de taille 1580 Kv. Je pense que c’est’s brand its a rocket uh branded one, so not quite um as quick as the limitless uh stock motor, mais il’s got a lot of torque that so im expecting as long as we get over 60 cela’s fine, because i want to do some naught.

60 runs but anyway, top speed run. Première, the gps nicely positioned on the top. There doesnt quite go in the middle because that dip, but nice and solid on there not taking up too much space and lets get it fired up and see how fast this thing goes right. So when you first power on, then what youre going to do is youre going to wait for the satellites to start popping up and thats the center there. You see seven up straight away and up to eight and it goes up to 12.. Once youve got your satellites and you want to start going, all you got to do is select what you want to do so were going to select, track and were going to press start im just going to run it. It will disconnect from the app when it goes, Je pense que c’est’s, 10 foot or 10 Mètres. It is still recording, bien que don’t inquiétude, and on this run um. I have my brakes set to zero on the transmitter yeah. We had a bit of an issue, so you break set to zero. Luckily missed the tree, no damage just dug into the grass a bit anyway. Nous avons obtenu 69 miles à l’heure, definitely a little bit more in it, so we gave it a second run right, remember to have the brake set had no brakes. I love the sound of this its got such a good sound to it. Laisser’S take a few.

More runs and then stop have a look and we’ve got 70 Mile, an hour which im happy with 70 on this with the gear in and like i said, with the motor with the kv. So next i decided its time for some not to 60 times warm. The tyres up first Music, so what you need to do when youre doing the naught to 60, obviously set it up on the app so were going to go zero to 60. Et puis, lorsque vous’re prêt à partir, Vous’ve got to make sure the car is completely Still it will start recording as soon as you start moving so make sure its completely still and then, lorsque vous’re ready to go hit, the throttle and itll start recording as soon as it hits 60 mile à l’heure. It will stop and it will log and the time so lets have a look at the first run, really squirring around. That was trying to get traction and even though we warmed the tyres up now, lorsque vous’re ready press read and on this run, nous’ve got 2.1 seconds to 16. It pulled 1.42 G’s, not bad for the first attempt. 2.1 seconds is pretty rapid, so gave it another. Try this time i mean you’ll, see on this one, le um 2.4 Secondes, but looking at the graph, you can see um at the start. You see the acceleration of the red line. You can see where it starts to go and then it drops off and then it goes again.

That was because i was struggling for grip on that run and that you know its a slower time so id expect the slower time with that and that lack of grip and you can see on the blue speed line as well. Il’S definitely not got that same curve, alors laissez’s put them next to each other and you’ll voir le uh. The one on the left is obviously the faster time and the one on the right, the slower time, and you can compare them to together and you can see. Look i mean the red. Acceleration is the key for that one. You can see why it was uh slightly slower, so tires are warming up nicely now, donc nous’ll go for another run, a bit more of a warm up, much better start, no squirring around that time and press read get the time off two seconds. Je veux dire regarder ça. Look at the acceleration on that, as well as crazy acceleration and 2.1 g on that, and a two second naught to 60.. So final test for this, Je don’t i don’T – want to get the motor too hot done one more test, but didnt beat that two second time, 2.1 again so im going to put the graphs next to each other now and you can see this is what i Really like about this uh, this new performance analyzer, you can stick all your graphs together, you can compare them and if we look at them, we can see.

My fast is looking at the fastest time and the slowest time you can easily tell by that you can just tell theres a lack of grip um on that 2.4. Deuxième, one i mean it’s 0.4, une seconde, donc il’s, pas si mal. But looking at that graph, you can definitely tell they. N’est-ce’T quite have the same uh, the same initial punch looking at that first one, the two second one that shoots straight up to a one and a half g in the first whats that point three of a second, not bad anyway. That was the limitless right. Laisser’S get the wr8 around fits really nicely on the top of the shock tower and the braces on the back. Il, 3s lipo stock gearing 15t. Je pense que c’est’s good for about 45, Peut-être 50 mile an hour so were doing naught to f we’ll. Do a top speed then were doing not to 40, compare it to the naught of 40 Je’ve done on the limitless, so testing the wr8 out this thing isnt as fast it’s, geared quite low at the moment, so just giving it a bit of a warm up. Je’M, going to give it a top speed run make sure that we’J’ai été ici. I wanted to do not to 40, so just making sure i can hit 40 avec cette. This hasnt got abc or any stability or anything on it. Donc, il’s euh, you gun it too quickly and it is all over the place Music, but we hit 43 mile à l’heure.

That is good enough for me, alors maintenant, il’s time to set it up for a naught of 40 sprint. As you saw, the limitless got one point i think theres one point was it 1.3 Secondes: it was all over the place on this one and 2.8 seconds still pulling at 1.4 G. That was what the limitless pulled and it was struggling a bit for grip, and this pulled that same acceleration anyway gave it another try Music, Cette heure, 2.3 seconds again, just struggling for grip off the uh off the get go so for the last run. I was a bit more gentle on the throttle and youll see the difference. I mean you can see straight away how quickly it just got off the line and the results will impress you. They impressed me anyway, 1.7 seconds to 40 1.84 G, and if you look at that acceleration, the uh like the red line there you can see, we got plenty of grip and off it went and the uh the times reflect that 1.7 for the wr8 put it Next to the limitless, considering that limitless is running 6s, the wr8 is running 3s. Je ne sais pas’t penser que’s bad from that little hpi. Is it look at the acceleration on that limitless, though what an awesome curve that is loads of grip straight in there 1.3 seconds to 40. cela’s it for this video guys cheers for watching. I hope that gave some of you speed freaks out there a little bit more information about this.

Even if you havent got the fastest car. Have you got the fast accelerating car? Have you got the best performing car? This is going to tell you be interesting to see someone stick this on a truck, take it to the skate park and see how high you can jump with it. That is something i havent tested in this video. Je pense que’s a job for those that like to send their stuff to the moon, not a job for me at the moment, Cependant, i am going to give it a test at the skate park. Bravo pour avoir regardé, à la prochaine fois.

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