So this does support 2 and 3s lipo. There was a speed in the kilometers per hour, which i wish they would use miles per hour, but they do not so yeah. There is the transmitter, il est prêt à fonctionner. You just need three double. As for the transmitter, i recommend rechargeable or lithium, so they dont corrode in there and then here is accessory bag. So the price i got this for man you get like the bumper drive. Arbres, you get the wing, you get extra body clips, you get so much goodies, theres the transmitter so its the same as the real arlo just different color, which is cool because it matches. There is a little problem with mine, mais oui. There theres the card right out of the box: no wing bada, bing bada boom, Theres, the wing sweet, so yeah its pretty much the same as the world, arlo um as looks except like the front uh steering links and stuff. These ones come with the adjustable the wheels same. They dont feel like theres foam in there um, but its all right. They work theyre good. Vous savez pour le prix, theres always tons of options, mais regardez ça. The bodys sick and the relia one fits on here too, so you can put that on theres the battery, so 3s youre gon na have to get like a small one, Je pense, to fit and turn it upside down because it will not fit under there.

So i was yeah kind of bummed about that, but you get the oil filled. Shocks which is great, juste e uh ., be careful that with the wheel nuts man, because my reliable they come loose every time so tighten those up yeah it will not fit in there. Damn its too fat im gon na have to try to do it like this. I should have just charged up the regular battery that came with it were going to try this, or else were going to run it on uh 2s. That sucksbecause i wanted this for the 3s but well see all right yeah. It did not work out so im. Just gon na put i put this back and then were gon na use the uh stock battery. I dont know if theres like any grease in these dips, they just free spin so probably over the weekend ill have to do that. Grease the dips, but yeah man lets go Music, Musique, Musique, tous les bons gars ici. She is all right so yeah steering this is at the lowest speed. Im gon na have to do the steering trim. The steering is full proportion. You can hear like a spring in this controller or transmitter, but yeah at least it works. You can see a fast servo were gon na put the uh throttle, trim about halfway, see im just running back here, assurez-vous que cela fonctionne, oh because the last time when i did it, i actually did it back here, went out to the front and then its Throttle stuck and then crashed okay lets bring it in a little bit.

Yeah the steering is much better than the rola and for the price i got it for im happy. I thought that was a piece to another car. d'accord, who was that so lets do steering raid about halfway? Oh say: Youre, probably gon na want to put grease in these dips, but damn i wanted. The 3s, though im gon na, have to find a different 3s return, those all right yeah. The steering lets do steering all the way down now. Thats steering all the way down were gon na put it up a little bit. Oh Applaudissements, un peu plus, a little down that should be pretty good. Applause now were gon na put throttle all the way up. Applaudissements. Oh, Oh, i was not paying attention so the only thing about these um look watch for the wheel nut because the real arlo ones they keep backing out. Applaudissements. All right lets go out to the front, though oh yeah, so it seems like maybe one way it wants to turn more. I got ta test it out, Oui, maybe its pretty good Applause rip it. The only thing for these, like the break, c’est juste fou. All right lets do steering trim yeah. I really wanted the 3s lipo man im a little bummed that i could not get that in there. You could probably rig it up, but yeah ill try to find one thatll fit shes pretty fast id say about the same as the larlo just trying to mess with the steering Applause yeah.

It could drive different too, with some more grease in the diffs, but luckily its beautiful day, but at least it turns better. So mani might i love this body, but i think the larlow one will fit on here too. So you can get the body in the rear uh like the spoiler, for it make it look like that, but this does look pretty sick. Ah, d'accord, so yeah this ones, pretty good man, just the controller holy it kind of wants to stick. The transmitter wants to stick to the side of the plastic here yeah. When i go full throttle. It just wants to kind of hit it um, Oh oui, it seems pretty good um. I think thatll be it for this. One ill do more running video later, but run this a little bit more and then grab the uh, the belarlo, the little 18 camion monstre à l’échelle. I might have called this. The royal arlo 2 in this video i dont even know its the armarillo or something like that amarillo, so its supposed to be like upgraded version of the larlo buggy, but i dont know the steerings better, donc c’est vraiment bien, because thats, the only thing i really Dont like about that and the wheel nuts come loose, but im sure these will come loose yeah. I might have to get a new transmitter im going to see uh.

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