TheyRe 1s obd2 scanner. Couple really cool things that this thing can do outside of a traditional scanner is blackbox monitoring and real time. Remote diagnostics, so someone can be remotely away from your car as long as you and they have an internet connection. They can see whats going on with your car, so were gon na talk about that and all the other features of this little guy. Now, if you think this is cool and you want to get your hands on it, definitely gon na want to stay tuned to the end of the video, because Im gon na give you a chance to open this. Now you havent heard of think car theyre a brand new company theyre just starting out. They have a Kickstarter program, starting on July 29th, 2019 thats gon na give you the opportunity to get 50 off their early bird discounts if youre just going to support them through this, so its gon na end up being below 40. So after watching this video, if you think this is something that youd be helpful for you as a car owner, definitely want to head over to that link and take a look at this product to get your hands on one while you can, while theyre so cheap. So here is the device itself. ItS got just your standard, obd2 connection on it got these little tabs here which actually gets super easy to unplug from the connector. So Im gon na go through this in the vehicle and show you how to set it up.

So youre gon na want to head over to your phones app, store and download the think car out. So just keep an eye for that logo right there and go ahead and install it. Then you can open the app once youre done. ItS gon na bring you to this screen here, where, if you have an account, you can login. If you have no account, you can click that and then register for your account. So once you enter in your email, address, youre gon na have to go hit that verification link, okay and then its gon na, send you an email, so check your email and you have a minute to enter it and there it is okay. Then, when you got that all set up you get next and then give it the permissions its asking for. Then you can choose one of two genders: Im gon na choose a male, okay and then its gon na. Ask you a whole bunch of questions just about what type of vehicles that youre gon na use. I only use GM okay. Now we can go to the vehicle and pair it up through bluetooth, so Ill just about every vehicle somewhere under your steering wheel. You will have your obd2 port, which is located right here, so youre, just gon na properly align the reader and insert it in the port, and you just want to verify that the light remains constant thats telling you that it has power.

Okay, just gon na want to scroll down through your apps open up the app and its gon na say at the top here pair, your pink car. So you can tap on that and then that will pair us up through bluetooth. As you can see on, the bottom, its found it and it connected there. So now were connected up to the vehicle that may ignition in run Im, just gon na run you through the app. So this is your home screen. Some basic information on here youre gon na, have voltage temperature the status of your check engine light rpms up there as well throttle position and math engine run time. Low percentage still turn on. Once we have the vehicle running its along the bottom. We have a navigation window. This is the main screen were gon na be using well get into that in a moment, got all our scan functions and then different record functions that weve done in the past. Then here theres a bit of a social component to this. So theres different posts in there you can explore. You can follow people all that type of stuff. Then here you have a messaging system, so you can see all the the comments and stuff you may have had. You can chat with users as well and then your your setup menu over here so thats. The basic navigation of this screen so lets take a look at some of the functions here in our scan.

We have obd functions as our first option, so im going to go ahead and select. That just gives you some information as to where the obd2 port located on vehicles. Then we can come in here. You get some these pop up notifications. You get a think. Our notification as well the little stethoscope just to the right of the time in there okay, so this is gon na give us basic information about our vehicle VIN number status of the middle light DTCs. The readiness completes all that type of stuff, so you can just hit OK, and then we have all of our basic scanner functions. IM, not gon na go too deep into this, because this is whats a found on most obd ii scanners really want to focus in this video on what this can do different from other scanners. The black box is what i want to talk about next, so well go in here. What this is going to allow us to do is record data in different intervals. You can do it on 5, minute intervals, so thats what im gon na do and what we can do now is just restart. This will now record the data and it will record it until you press stop. So you can go drive around record all the information that you need about your vehicle, and this is going to record it. So you can play it back and watch it. So this is a really great feature if you dont know too much about vehicles and how to diagnose problems, you can record this data, show it to somebody who does and they can help you determine where the problem is in your vehicle, once youve recorded the data For the amount of time that you need, you can sync it, and then you can select what you want to view.

So we can do short term fuel trim. Do engine rpm, mass airflow rate and oxygen sensor hit. Ok. Now all that data is there and then you can play it back. You can select the items that you want to play back and then theyll play back in a graph format. Okay, this is where think card gets really unique if a real time remote diagnostics option here, so somebody can remotely see whats going on your vehicle at home at their office at their shop wherever and they can help you diagnose any problems you may be having. So the green button here will get in there just gives us some basic instructions on how to do this. So when we go to real time diagnostics, we can just scroll down and thats going to give us a key okay. What well do next is go to the website and enter in that key to connect up to the vehicle we go to my pink car calm and on the top right over here you see real time. Remote diagnostics, youre gon na click that link thatll open up a new tab and then you can go and enter your verification code. So Im gon na go ahead and enter in what was on the screen and hit next step. So its already seeing exactly what Im connected to Im going to go to connect vehicle, then on our app as well its going to give us a notification that we are trying to connect.

Okay. So now that weve connected up to the vehicle were, seeing the exact same thing on our app as well as on the computer, let me go to automatic search and hit yes make sure the ignitions turned on which it is and it will search for the vehicle. You can confirm that this is information is correct, and now you can do a Cisco system scan okay. So now we can see everything that is available to take a look at on this vehicle, so lets go into the transmission control, module, okay and then you can see which code here which you can find in the spare tire well on this particular vehicle. So you just select the appropriate one, it will then login. You can get the information about it. Okay, we can read the data stream. This is probably where you would go the most and go into transmission data, and now we can see all kinds of different information in here. So one really important one to see is transmission fluid temperature, especially on these vehicles, when youre doing a transmission, fluid change and theres all kinds of data here, Im, just gon na select that one, the engine, speed and vehicle speed just to get a few on there To show you what it looks like and go to confirm, okay and then just like in the app we have all the information thats there we can go to graph. You can see the different graphs available.

Then we can go to select all and combine those all into one graph, if thats easier for you to read and itll lay out all that information. So this is a really really powerful tool for somebody to see whats going on in your vehicle. Remotely basically just needs an internet connection on both ends and we could be miles and miles away and still have all this information at our fingertips to diagnose any issues. And if we want to go back just head back okay and then if we want to go in and check something else on the engine, lets say again: we just have to select what features are available on the vehicle. So well do that its actually surprising how quick this is. It is just a Bluetooth connection to the phone from the obd2 reader and then its Wi, Fi and LTE from there, but this is actually responding extremely quickly again. We can get all of our information there. Okay, we can also get a health report of the vehicle, so those are just take a second and see if theres any problems in any of the different modules that are equipped in the vehicle. Then you can see if anything is normal or abnormal. You know in this case these are just not things that we can connect to everything else. Here is working fine and then again from here, you can go into those different modules and see your data. So there you go thats a brief overview of the extinct.

R1S module: this is a subscription based service, its, going to be 9.99 a year. You do get a free year with the purchase of this and then theres also a less expensive model, though I think are one available as well youre able to get one vehicle unlocked. They access everything in that vehicle. Any additional vehicles will be 30, so check out the link in the description below for their Kickstarter program to get on board with one of these things, a really good tool to have whether youre a novice, auto repair person or you just own a vehicle. Even if you own a shop, you can rent these out or loan these out to your customers to help diagnose their problems, and if you want to get your hands on this particular think car Im gon na be giving it away. So as long as you live in Canada or the US, all you have to do is like the video subscribe to my channel leave a comment down below with what youre driving and we will have a draw for this by August 15, 2009, teen so be sure To do that also take a look at all the other content on my channel theres a lot of different things there, no matter what your interests.