C’est un lipo 2s. These came with the deans connector plug, Je don’t know if they do have others, but this is what i run so thats why i got this one balance plug of course, and the real nice thing about these was. I got two of these off ebay for 25 bucks and free shipping so give or take 14.50 per battery dont know if they sell them individually, but this was a two pack and um cheap batteries um, mais si vous’re getting into the hobbyand you just want A couple batteries to get you started, these cheaper ones might do the trick because theyre affordable and they can get. You started and ive had other cheap batteries too in the past, and some are good. Some are bad, even the same exact battery, i think with the cheaper ones you kind of just are you know getting the luck of the draw, because some just cut out or just bad and then others work. Just fine as people have a lot of luck with them, so with that said, laisser’s go ahead and unbox this and then ill tell you about my time running. Probably three or four runs out of this battery, so they come in a box like this pretty much standard kind of box. I know the gen ace kind of comes like this as well. When i bought them open it up, you have little instructions. I did not read them, but you come with it so sift through that, if you are new to lipos, got some bubble wrap around the battery rest is empty nice, decent packaging, kind of just standard, again that’s.

What janaes comes in with from what ive experienced, then you also get a little strap that comes with it, a little velcro kind of stuff you find on some rcs and that’s il, and these are handy because even if um, vous vous connaissez’re not going to use This for anything, you can keep these lying around and then, if you have a battery tray, these can always slide through. Just like you typically would see in an rc. You can use this and or replace the one you have, because the velcros bad and there you go so kind of handy. You only get one per battery, but um still nice to have. Even if youre not going to use it right away, you can have it laying around for the day. You might need it so jumping into my experience. So far with the battery i’Ve, like i said done, probably three runs, maybe four, mostly probably 15 À 20 Minutes. Um and the battery lasts the whole time, ne’t uh get low or anything. I just end up stop running, surtout parce qu’il’s colder out, but a lot of times i was just filming, donc je l’ai fait’t need to sit out there longer than i had to in the cold and try to get the max life out of it. For that run time so not sure how long it would actually last, but i always got 15 20 Minutes, and that was on the wheelie king and a couple trail trucks.

So definitely uh had no issues, euh .e uh, no puffiness. Jusqu’à présent i’ve you know charged it put in storage mode a few times. Every time ive ran it. So no issues there um, you know soldering and connectors seem pretty well done. No issues with the uh balance plug these pretty much just look like the genes ones. I have so it seems like decent quality. These are hard packs as well, but it seems like with these cheap batteries. Vous pouvez, you know pretty much have bad ones and a good one have had that issue before, mais quand vous’Re, given the price of one of you know one or two of these compared to other batteries um, vous savez que vous pouvez’t really beat it, especially if theyre Actually uh running good and you have no issues with them, donc i’d suggest giving them a shot worst case youre only out. Tu sais 25 Dollars. If you got two of them or 14.50, if they sell them individually, but even if one of these are bad, you still would be getting your moneys worth if ones actually really solid and last you for years so um the other, cheaper batteries i bought early on. Je l’ai fait’t really probably take too much care and maintenance on them, so that could be possibly on me for that i’M. Better now so always practice good lipo maintenance and care for them, but these have been uh at least one of them, because the other ones been packaged.

The only thing i did with this one i just took it out and made sure it wasnt uh too low or anything, and i just got it back in storage mode, just to make sure it was uh good to go and sit there. But this one ive been doing the routine uh. Tu sais, maintenance out, assurez-vous qu’il’s not laying around fully charged or discharged too low and keep it in storage. Modem. Je’M, not using it so um. Thus far, no issues im happy with them and look forward to getting a lot of runs out of them. These i bought specifically because i want to run uh these in the max d, sending two batteries so that’s. Why i picked these out? I was going to go with another gen ace, but decided to give these a shot and see how they do so. Espérons, this video give you a little insight on them and uh, comme je l’ai dit, ils’re cheap enough to where you can kind of take the chance and give them a rip and see how they do so. Hum. Please give the video a thumbs up subscribe. If you have not share the video, si vous avez des questions, please comment below, but these are pretty straightforward.

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