If you like, seeing videos like this dont forget to hit the subscribe button and hit that notification bell to see more videos like this, so in no particular order im just going to open up my bag here and grab something so number one. I got my temperature gun here now. What i usually use this for is, when im doing my speed runs. I check the motor, the esc and the battery to make sure theyre not getting too hot this one. I get picked up at harbor freight. You can get them on amazon, ebay. You can get them in a bunch of different places. As you can see, it keeps track of the highest temperature recorded. This one is just a nice thing, so thats number one a temperature gun that i keep in my bag. Now number two, like i said no particular order a lipo checker. I use this a lot when im doing speed runs also, i go ahead and i plug the battery in just to see. If i got enough juice to do more, runs or not, plus, i can also check and make sure all the cells are going to be balanced and thats a great thing about this thing. I really like it and thats number two thats in my tool. Bag now for number three and number three in my bag is luger inches. That way i can take the wheels on and off or if i have, a nut fall off.

I can put another one back on these. Things are great to have and you can see. I got one for 17 millimeter and then i got one that comes with a lot of the radiator runs. This covers all the wheel nuts on all my rcs that i would take out into the field and thats number three lug wrenches now number four on my list is a multi tool. What i do with this is, as you pull it out here, you can see its got a pair of pliers and then you got knives flat head screwdrivers, phillips, screwdrivers. Basically, everything you would need in a multi tool. This comes in handy if you got to pull pins or anything or you just might not know what may come up with where you need a pair of pliers. So number four is a multi tool. Now number five on my list: well go ahead and pull it out here is a tool kit. This is what i used when i fixed the arm on my creighton when i was out in the field and that screw came undone. Basically, this is a nice little kit here it zips open you open it up and you can see. I got it upside down here, but youve got allen, wrenches, hex wrenches! You could use all these too to take off your wheel, nuts. If you had to adjustments for your tie, rod ends. You got a bunch of different things in here and then i also added a couple little small allens.

You can see the other one right there for uh pinion set screws in case they come loose so number five is a tool set now im going to go over a couple bonus things first thing: were going to pull out of here is basically like my tripod Put my camera up on there, you know just a normal tripod. This is how you get the down low shots and everything. I keep that in my bag for all those down low, close up shots and stuff keep that in the bag and then what else we got in here um a lot of my smaller cars. I went to xt 60 on my 110 scale, but sometimes i want to run a small battery in the smaller cars and to use those batteries. I got a couple adapters in here to go from neen to xt60 and then i also got a extra battery strap because you never know when you might need an extra battery. Strap got my gps in here. I also got a new gps. I just havent put it in here yet, but i still got that one in there then ive got a strap camera mount just in case. I want to put it like around the roll cage on my axial phone mount in case. I want to use my phone and a selfie stick and thats pretty much everything i keep in my bag, so i hope you enjoyed this video. This is everything i keep in my bag.

So leave a comment down below what do you have in your bag? That way, if theres, something that i might be missing or somebody else might be missing, we can get ideas from everybody. So we know what to keep to make our life when we leave our house and play our with our rcs a little bit better. So ill leave links down below to what i can on here. What i can find just in case you guys want to check them out or whatnot. Thank you all for watching, dont forget to like share and subscribe dont forget to follow us on facebook, instagram and tick tock. On facebook i got a group rc car life come in and join in on fun.