Are some options right here so im going to talk about them and im going to link to the reviews that ive done? I think i reviewed all of this individually and i dont have time for a shootout right now, but im going to talk you through what makes them similar and different from each other and perhaps guide you for the right mini crawler. For you all right, Music, Music, thats, good Music, so the first one im going to talk about is the most fascinating one. The 140 dollar axel sex 103 b17 betty. So i just reviewed that right here and what it is is a special edition vehicle based on the c10 chevy, the pickup truck its, the best performing of all the asi, the scx24s, because it has a low slung body. Smaller wheels, lower center gravity and it still has all the qualities of the scx24 meaning great steering and great ground clearance, great modulation, and it does it one better, not only with a low profile body. It has a wider stance and it also has this really cool tires. I heard these stars are kind of scale, but theyre, so open and gummy. So big success to this one, a little expensive, 140 bucks. If you dont want the special edition, you could do the 120 dollar c10, but then you dont get these tires all right. Okay, the next one im going to talk about. Is this special one right here? If youre really short on spaceand then you go with a 132nd vehicle, this is called the orlando rock bouncer and whats cool about this.

Is they have about six, maybe seven different body? Styles defender, um, whats, the other ones, really cool? But oh uh, like a ford, f, 150, im, not sure if they call it if they license those. But this one is the highest performing one, because it has a lower center of gravity and its, the rock bouncer. They all have the same motor drivetrain suspension. But this one has a cage, caged body, not a lot of space, and i believe this is 70 79, but uh for for for the kit. And then you have to get a radio for about 70. The radio is fascinating because it has lights and a sound unit, so maybe 150 bucks and and youre in the game. So what the only problem with this thing is its a this is kit only no rtr. That means you have to put it together yourself and since its kind of small. You need some eagle eyes or a friend that can do it for you, like me, so, but make no mistake. This thing is a quality miniature vehicle, all metal um. You know beautiful tires, beautiful gummy tires and um. You know i was just impressed uh through and through with how this thing was put together from from this company. Orlando, so has this little battery uh, you have the option for a 200 rpm motor or a or what they call this. A 10 000 rpm motor. It has its own transmission already, so you can go really really slow or super fast.

This one is about a 2000 rpm motor, so its plenty fast, but still surprisingly, you can still fall. I would advise about a thousand motor if you didnt, if you dont, know what youre gon na do with it. But there you go. A beautiful remote has sound unit and lights. The lights are a little hard to assemble, so i havent i havent put mine on, but if youre into the tiny, tiny, tiny if youre in a tiny homeand you dont have a lot of indoor space. This is what you want: the smallest out there, okay, the next one im going to talk about. Is this one, the gem, the creme de la creme, the best looking of all these vehicles? This one is the rock hobby katana or its, really the rock hobby toyota land cruiser series, 80. and whats special about it. Is i forgot what scale it is uh. 1 16. Maybe its not that expensive its about 160 bucks, its got lights. The lights are controlled by the remote, but the real claim to fame is its got a hard body. Hard body is the reason it has all this detail. It has an interior and it has these rhino. Rhino. Bumpers. Rhino rack, no leds on top but easily adaptable, but it has leds on the front and on the rear, already installed controlled by your remote, so check this out. Another cool little uh feature: this is its, got a opening hood because it has hard body boom.

All your essentials are in there um your servo, your bar most important your battery, and your switch has a switch super cool when these little vehicles have a switch very thoughtful of them, because its very hard to mess with those wires close connectors when theyre that tiny And you have to remove the body and whatnot, so rock hobby katana toyota land cruiser one of my favorites, probably my favorite right now. If i could only keep one, this might be it okay. Next one im going to talk about is something out of left field. Is this one right here: its the xiaomi jimny jimny, jiminy cricket, so its a suzuki chimney and a company called xiaomi xiaomi is is like a conglomerate in china. They make drones and computer equipment and all that they are kind of a powerhouse. Once i started researching them and what makes this thing special is, it is controlled by a phone. So you just get your iphone or whatever phone put this app and then you could drive it like this or you have two virtual joysticks on your phone its like magic. So for kids, this is a godsend its a hard body too and its not that expensive. ItS, like 80 90 bucks, i believe um. It has its only its, not a four league suspension its about a, i believe, a two link, so not a lot of articulation, but it works. ItS kind of a miracle and its kind of a made for kids self contained the tailpipe.

Is your charging port, so super easy um a little hard. You know to be honest, its its hard to control for for us who, because were so used to these um. Like this, like, like second nature, right um, you can modulate reverse uh on this thing. This is kind of airplane, remote, uh and on a phone its, even harder, because you lose you dont have sticks to hold on to your your you lose the sticks, um visually and you cant feel them so, but something fascinating and it kind of gives you a Glimpse into the future of rc, okay, so the next one im going to talk about, i should punch through these. Is this one? This is the fms atlas. 6X6 yeah. I think i believe rock hobby also sells a version of this, and i was just fascinated with it because it had six wheels six tires even gave you a spare and had a beautiful body its like a. What do you call this? A power wagon right so lex hand six wheels and theyre all they all articulate its made very well. I think its made better than that actual umg 10 that i had has this magnet mounted body that swivels boom look at that look at that thing. Battery thats! On rubber bands, it has the same motor as this. What they call these other vehiclesMusic, panda about the same size, so really fascinating. So the only downsides, so you can definitely climb uh.

The only downside is you know. These tires are kind of smooth theyre, not too grubby, so you can upgrade them, but they can be expensive. Six of them steering radius is not amazing. Look at that. You know and with six wheels long wheelbase its a little tougher and finally, the the power is not super um. You know wish i had a little more power um, you know, because you want to um, have a little fun kind of power through some stuff. Next thing ill talk about is the element rc enduro 24.. So this one is my least favorite of the bunch, because this body is so ugly but its. A good value has a big motor look at that motor huh um. Oh, this is probably the same motor as the atlas and its its a proven design. So this one its, not my favorite, because its exactly the same as an rgt, so they basically had an rgt mini crawler and they just relabeled it. So so there you go, but you know its, an american company, uh parts are available and whatnot. So a very good option for us uh we have an hobby plus here. Hobby plus is super cool because a proven design theyve come up with a lot of models on a main nice really nice soft tires. You know good steering, radius and whatnot. And finally, i think im running out of time here, ill close with the tried and true panda tetra k1.

I believe this thing so this is. This is an amazing vehicle because its 110 bucks at amine 160 at banggood. So you could, you could kind of tell the value there, but its got lights, got a beautiful body. Uh its got so much power. You know a remote thats the same as actual um. You know pretty good tires and, oh, how can i forget the most important quality of this thing? Is it has oil filled shocks? Everything i talked about has has uh kind of pretend shocks with bullpen springs. This one is actually damped and thats kind of a key thing, with crawlers for performance, all right, so theres, more theres, the kyosho, which ive tried, kind of expensive and kind of non performing, but its a very scaled vehicle, um and then theres the charisma, no good. Uh and theres more, you know this is definitely a growing category of the hobby, because its affordable, attainable and you can play with it anywhere.