Some people wanted me to do a review on it. So i grabbed me one and about to do a review on it. So lets open it up, see what comes in the box all right, lets see what comes in this box. Thank its pretty well packed the throttle, heres the truck batteries brother truck and their remote thats, pretty cool. It comes with everything here ready to go. Should i have a charger in here, i think its, probably in here a charger battery in the truck lets, see if the batterys in the truck got batteries in the truck its. Of course traxxas runs off of traxxas plug. So let me get this out of the box and see what this thing can do: Music, so Music, well, congrats that got stuck then cruisers, Music, Music, so Music, foreign, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so come on! You can do it. ID have to say this thing drives really good thats not smoke too soon, its, not good for snow, especially deep, though all right did. Some testing on it, id have to say my review from one out of ten. Well, i can do one out of five star rating for the speed i would say for how small it is id have to give it a four. Maybe a 4.2 uh durability, its, pretty strong. It can handle a little beating nothing broke on it. Nothing looks like its, taking even any type of hesitation of breaking ill give that door bro ability, one out of five id, give it.

Maybe i give it a four for sure. Maybe four and a half lets give it a 4.5 ill give it a 4.5 um speed, wise its, quick um, but i other than that. This thing here for 120 bucks, its, not bad, for what it is for 120. its, pretty quick. It fits on my trailer and if you guys would like me to review something else, let me know comment down below and ill go to see what i can see about that getting it at the hobby shop thats by my house, but until next time.