Steering i even picked up the traxxas toolkit set to work on this extra fast. Here we go man just look at this thing. Il’S (en), just like the x maxx it’s, like a smaller version, Vous’ve got like cage design inside. Oh, it looks beautiful. Regarde ça. Oh, vous’ve already got the orange shocks on there perfect, Et alors’ll match my uh aluminium shock cap upgrade here, so we can actually pair them together and replace the plastic ones. Vous pouvez voir i’m going to replace the the wheel discs from these blue ones to the orange to match and then up front here. Vous’Ve got the toe links for steering theyre hard to see, but they are plastic i’M, going to replace them with those ones and of course the rear is going to have a wheelie bar to match in orange, as well thats going to look sweet. If we turn this thing over, we its quite heavy for a tenth scale, nous’re going to replace the arms with the orange wide kit. So yesterday i was charging up my batteries. You might have seen it on my instagram story. I found out that these bashing series packs from genzas they fit in the truck perfectly without any modification at all, and all youll need to do is pick up an adapter, so you can get these from any hobby shop and rather than soldering or messing about cutting Wires, you can just plug one of these in and that’s il.

It sorts out the issue between the xt90 and the traxxas connector waffle, gaufre, gaufre, gaufre, gaufre. The first thing i do with any new traxxas rc is to take the wheels off and block the vent holes on the inside. It stops the water ingress and it stops the foams from filling with dirt. A lot of people will drill holes into them, but for me i dont really want to be doing that because its going to damage the integrity of the tyre. Donc, pour moi, taping them is perfect. D'accord, laisser’s get the wide max kit installed on this truck Music. D'accord, laisser’s speed things up, then one of the amazing things about traxxas products is they’Re, so easy to work on and you’ll avis. Here in this shot, i had to install the longer drive shafts for the wide max kit. This prevents damage to the drive shafts, Et alors’s the front of the truck done. Je’Ve left the shocks off because you have to swap the springs around which will do last. Alors, laissez’s get on to the back and then well get the shock caps on as well and then well get the wheels back on and well go for a rip. So if you guys decide to pick up a max put the wide wheel kit on it, i do recommend you pick up the tool kit for it. It was so much easier to work on. It took me around an hour to complete the whole truck there.

Nous allons, the rear is done too. Laisser’S get those shocks sorted out and reinstalled. There is something about traxxas products when you get them out the box, they smell so good Music. So the plan here guys was to show you the process to install these shop caps, but i thought it would take too long so sped it up anyway. So not long ago now the wheels are going back on and it was soon time to go outside and have some fun Music. Il. We go guys one hour later and weve got our wide max. Il a l’air incroyable. Look at this drop it Music, Musique, babysitters, Musique, Je’M, vertigineux, Musique! Oh, how do i make it so fast, Musique, Musique, Musique, laisser’s, just take a quick look inside this thing and youll see look at that, not a single bit of damage. This has to be one of the best rc cars i think ive ever used. It just goes to show how strong, how tough these traxxas max trucks really are. Il’S not got a single breakage on it and i had about an hours worth of run time on two 5 000 milliamp hour lipos, and if you guys want to see more like this, let me know in the comments box down below this thing looks absolutely epic. Vous le savez’s got so much traction and grip. The suspension works great. I really enjoyed myself today. Merci beaucoup d’avoir regardé.

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