Ceci est la dernière version de traxxas le traîneau traxxas. Si vous regardez ma dernière vidéo, vous venez de voir que je viens de faire du bashing. Il vient littéralement de le faire bashing. Alors qu’est-ce que je pense de cette plate-forme mandarine, mon beau traîneau traxxas? Bien, i think its a very adequate basher out of the box. Really you can have a lot of fun with this rc car didnt break anything didnt pull the tires off the rims. Had a few crashes and overall did a full few full throttle sends um. I was flat landing them. Aucun problème, no issues so show you kind of my body here. So obviously when youve flat land, this all gets smashed. Okay and yes, theres already body damage done to my body. So this here has been broke and torn so im gon na go ahead and cut that out its been several reviewers to recommend cutting out anyway, because this ends up getting pushed over that bumper and just tears. So first thing i got to do this body is were going to cut this out overall, this skid plate here helps a little as you can tell its a little scratched up um, and this is once again just from kind of like that flat landing and sliding On it and stuff, Comme ça, um yeah over all this inside of the body, no real internal damage now no damage on the rear. Here everything theres all good lets set.

This aside now lets talk about this battery tray and compartment. So it is traxxas made use traxxas stuff in it. d'accord, i get it. d'accord, um 4ss dont fit in there. Bien, donc vous pouvez voir ici. I broke the casing. This was literally a pretty much a new 4s battery, and the protective covering right here has been broke because it does not fit well in that battery tray. It is just a little tight. You can only run it one way its skinnier on this end here than it is this end closest to the servo. So if you run a 4s battery, my recommendation, is you run it the plug? Coming this way, you have to run it by the servo which sucks because then you take a chance of catching your wire pro tip. À mon avis,, i always wrap all my batteries in electrical tape right here, so these wires dont get cut and torn or anything can happen to them. I wrap them all the way up to the top here and all the way into the battery, si possible, um its really helped my batterys longevity and just a pro tip, or you can do it. Si vous choisissez, si vous ne le faites pas, i dont blame you just personally something i like to do and ill also wrap the front of my batteries. I did not wrap it on this. One um thought that hey it was gon na stay in the battery tray life is gon na, be all good, obviously its not so.

Im gon na have to wrap that, because now i have the cells exposed to dust and stuff which i personally dont like so im, going to wrap the front of this in electrical tape and yeah. That is the battery compartment. Explanation and issue. Aussi, i like to bed my battery tray. Another pro tip batteries come with piece of foam with them. I just dropped that right down the bottom here. Why do i do that because obviously keeps everything just a little tighter in here this foam collapses? Really well so its theres, not a tightness issue, just gives it that much more padding, theres no padding on the top of this battery tray, so um and theres no padding in the bottom of this. Aussi, when you run the 4s battery, youve got to pull off the see. If i got here yep its right here, youve got to pull this out. This does not work. If youre going to run 4s in this rig right off the bat pull it out, get rid of it, its basically no good waste of time 3s, Je pense, is what thats designed for, because the 3s batteries might be a little shorter. But even then i recommend just pulling it out not doing anyone any good. Next lets talk about this servo. d'accord, a lot of people do not like running stock servos, they just cringe. When you say i have a stock, servo theres reasons. I understand why and theres agreements and disagreements to both of them.

d'accord, so one thing i like about this servo that really helped me out on this first bath session is because its a slower turning servo right. My tires are gon na shoot that straightness, that i have it in its gon na take more reaction time for those tires to turn left and right, quel, if im hitting the ramp and lets say, i need to correct or i dont need to correct the its Going to take the tires longer to change position right, so my rig at top speed is going to be going and then slowly turn left or slowly turn right, because this servo doesnt have the twitchiness of a fast servo. So its good for new people bashing. Just do the fact of youre not to throw your car to the right or to the left really fast its going to take more time for that these tires to get turned to throw that car off angle when youre sending it at a ramp. Si personnellement, i think that this is an adequate servo. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me with saying this, and the reason i say its adequate is because new people can get in and bash with. This rc and professionals can get in and batch with this rc because the speed of that servo, you can learn to drive with a slower servo, Son, not the end of the world. So do you need to immediately change this out, à mon avis? Non, what i really want to do is.

I would like to see this on the 7.4 voltage set in that it has so it has more torque. Cependant, i probably am not going to do that because im, not that invested into stock servos, but you can get more voltage to this servo and it will move and gain more torque, Mieux, so thats what they claim. I havent seen anyone do it on a youtube. Video yet and thats thats that now on the negatives of this servo, i would just say obviously youre putting a lot of strain on it with these bigger tires. d'accord, so i think if you had smaller, Pneus, youre less likely to burn up this servo, but these are big tires, so the likelihood of you just driving around whatever you could burn the server up. I believe it is a steel metal gear servo, so it should hold up really adequately, even as far as bigger tires and stuff, i think traxxas tests, their servos and shouldnt have any issues but im not saying dont upgrade this servo im saying if you dont have The finances after buying an 800 rig, d'accord, save your money. You dont need a another 100 servo in it right off the bat, because this servo i would i could leave this in here. For a year i guarantee and im probably not going to have an issue with it. Okay lets move up here to the front. Ive got the bashqueen aftermarket shock towers, so i know i did not bend these theres carbon fiber theyre thick as hell guarantee.

I didnt bend them once again. I recommend this upgrade right off the bat just because carbon fiber is pretty strong, stuff and youre, probably not going to break it or bend it shocks. So this is my rebound pretty adequate rebound in my opinion and when youre chassis slapping it right, C’est, assez rapide. Coming back so youre hitting and pretty adequate rebound me personally im going to be changing oil out on these shocks, probably um and keep in mind your shocks depend on what youre doing youre going to want to adjust oil anyway, si vous êtes, Bashing, d'accord, if youre racing It well this probably isnt, going to be good enough oil for you because, as you can tell it leans, but then it goes back up its not staying down low its wanting to come up high again, which for bashing, is what youre gon na want. Vous voulez. This rig sitting high, you want it hitting and coming right back up and, comme vous pouvez le voir ici, so they only go to about there, but max out height on these shocks is clear up here, so i felt it was more than adequate stock oil in them. For the bashing capability that i have and i have no complaints there, i did know that all my shocks had adequate fluid in them, because i had to change out to the aluminum shock caps and so no issues there as well, because im not going to be Pulling aluminum off aluminum right now.

If these were plastic yeah, maybe you could um, i think itd take a while before that happened, but once again, i just recommend you if youre gon na love this rig like im gon na love. This rig just upgrade to aluminum shock caps. All right next lets, look at this wing here, so wing no damage to it really just a little dirt, um its a very flexible wing, very good material. J’aime vraiment ça. Évidemment, downfall is its orange and it shows the dirt unbelievable tangerine is already dirty already needs a bath, but this wing – Je l'aime bien, Comme, J'ai dit, um bon, good air flow, good overall um aerodynamics when youre flying through the air. This wing really kind of helps, control this vehicle and makes it kind of so you know how your vehicle is going to fly through there, C’est, vraiment agréable, so good job on the wing lets look at the underbelly here, so its what my underbelly looks like after One bash um. Obviously you can tell here we already kind of have an issue. Qu’avons-nous ici? We literally have broken and melted plastic. Oui, so im gon na have to say this sucks, because now im gon na have to get all the dirt out of these screws and everything and im, probably gon na immediately need to order more of these uh replacement pieces on this, because i pretty much drug That flat, d'accord, donc je dirais, get more of these as quickly as possible, um its not as bad on the front end as it is the back end, but ill probably do them both same time.

Lets look here at my teeth on my dip, not seeing any issues there on sorry, if you guys cant see um not seeing any issues on teeth. Encore une fois, i didnt adjust anything on this rig guys. This is straight out of the box. After i threw all my pretty colors okay, i didnt adjust any bolts any screws, no nothing! So i havent chipped any teeth. So if people say that youre gon na be chipping teeth and theres that another one for us, no 6s, possibly a arms, a arms held up well um, no brakes or anything there, so thats a good thing. Oui, i mean more than adequate here guys really for what youre getting um. Évidemment 800. This is not a new beginner rig. d'accord, i dont want people who are new to the hobby, necessarily go out and buy this rig. Malheureusement – and i say unfortunately, because i think traxxas make great product, but this rig for its cost is a lot of money, i think you can get the same product or something very similar for less. I know theyre on the market theres several manufacturers in this trucky platform that make something very comparable that you do your research and decide. Mais pour moi, if youre going to buy this vehicle, youre invested into this vehicle kind of like buying an x max. This is literally the same thing, so obviously the xmax is about 900, give or take some if youre buying used or new.

This is right at 800 et c’est. If you dont do pretty shiny upgrades. d'accord, so just realize this is something you commit yourself to. This is not a just buy and sell rig, à mon avis, so overall guys, like i said on 4s, i am definitely satisfied um, yet to be determined. What success is like? You have to be determined what the future is going to hold for this rig. As far as upgrades and how ill love it or hate it at that point in time, but as of right now for a stock rig, i would buy this rig again um. There are a few shortcomings as far as what traxxas did not offer like sway bars. Thats a little unfortunate for that price, but i did fine without them i mean once again, you can bash with sway bars and you can bash without them. Everyone has their own cup of tea on what they think is a must have or adequate for a rig, and also you can bash just fine with this rig without sway bars and yeah thats my take on the traxxas sledge. Let me know what you think about the traxxas sledge, l’étiquette de prix, the overall design of it all that and leave a comment down below. If you think that tangerine looks just stunning purdy purdy, it is all right guys, thanks for watching make sure you hit the like button, if youre not subscribed subscribe, so you can see more content and i hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions About anything on, this rig leave a comment down below, and i will definitely do my best to answer those questions and if i cant get the answer ill, probably do some research and ill come up with an answer somehow, for you anyways guys till the next video.

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