One part is my wishlist for rc cars in 2021 and the second part is for engines and other equipment. ainsi, starting off my number one item on the wishlist. Pour moi, this year is a mugen mbx8 world edition buggy, and the reason for that is because i already own the tri and i love my mugen mdx80 and i would love to have a buggy variant of it, because i hear very good things about it and If it handles anything like the troggy, i would love to have one there’s, nothing wrong with my shepard. Vous le savez’s a great platform, but as i have all these engines, you know i need more buggies to put them in because theyre now all just shelf queens. So the second item on the list is a inferno, st rr race, trousse, and the reason for that is because i, like my rtr but its an rtr and the difference between this, and that is just too big. Pour moi, the hdr is basically the same car but it’s mieux. It has better parts will last longer than this rtr wheel. So i would love to have the race kit version coming up at number. Three is a tecno nt 48.3. It just looks awesome. It handles well, it has a center based engine. If you think this thing was centered. The tecno has the engine sitting around right here in the perfect center, so the techno will fly 10 times better than the mugen ever will, because the engine is sitting right here.

Instead of right here, on top of that i’M, not a fan of pillow balls, you know for handling theyre amazing, but when it comes to bashing ease of use overall maintenance, these pillow balls are a headache. They really are so last but not least on this list. For the rc cars that are on my wish list for 2021 is the traxxas x max 8s, and you might wonder why would nitro mike a guy that only owns nitro or c cars that only runs nitro or c cars? What is he supposed to do with a traxxas 8x x maxx? Bien, the reason i want an 8s x max is because you know these cars are all nice. They drive 10 times better than the xmax ever. Will you know theyre higher quality? The xmaxx is just all plastic. The reason i want the xmaxx is for my own personal use, because these are c cars. You know i cannot bash these in my backyard. My neighbors will not like me, and on top of that i like to keep these cars in pristine condition. ainsi, every time when i go out to record a video, i can just pick them up and i know theyre right and ready to go. When i bash these off off camera, i risk destroying them or doing something else with it, which will prevent me from recording future videos. Par exemple, if i were to drive this like tomorrow and i burn up the clutch guess what upcoming saturday, this thing will not run as it should without me, even knowing it because 9 hors de 10 times when i had issues with my nitros, it was because Of maintenance and the lack of maintenance so that’s.

pourquoi? From now on i’M, only driving these things when i have my camera, ready after im done recording im doing a full teardown on these whips that’s? pourquoi? I just know that these things are right and ready to go, especially when i go to events there’s, nothing more frustrating than bringing a whip to an event only to find out that your fuel tank is leaking or your clutch bearings are about to pop or the Brakes are not set up right, something stupid like that. I just want my car to work when i go to an event or when i make a video, so that was the car section of this video. So now we go to the engine section of this video coming up at number. Un, Pour moi, is the reds razer r5r. I have multiple reasons for that. The first reason is because it’s, Bon marché, Il’s, reliable and its dangerous when modified this engine is super aggressive. When modified. You can push some really high rpms out of it and it would make the perfect speed run bashing buggy engine for me purely because it’s, cheap it’s, durable and its badass when modified so coming up on number two is the rex legend: 28, no ferocity. The reason i want it is very easy because it’s, a rare badass engineand if you get one of these modified, i mean watch this Music. Oui, Je suis sérieux’s, pas de blague. Ce. Engine is scary when modified it’s.

Aussi, especially when you have the blue head edition. Il’S (en), bleu, and because of that very valuable, so it would be amazing to own one of those, but i mean those these engines are getting harder and harder to get a hold of, and especially with no ferocity gone it’s, not worth it for me to buy One because i need to have a lot of spare parts that’s. Pourquoi’s on my wish list? Je’Ll, probably never own one, purely because of the price, the rarity and the fact that the company itself doesn’t n’existe plus. So coming up on number three is a lrp 32x, but you may ask mike you already own one. Oui, i love it so much. I want a second one. En fait, i will get a second one as soon as this thing gives up. The ghost i already spoke to my engine builder, le second – will make more power than this one, because we already discussed some things that we could improve to make even more power. Can you imagine that this thing already couldnt keep the front wheels down? Can you imagine putting more power on it? Oh l’homme, i cannot wait and the fourth engine of this list is an engine that is very expensive but badass it’s, the reds 721 scuderia limited edition with the green hat man. I would love to own one of these. Get it modified and then probably never run it because its too expensive, mais quand même’s a beautiful looking engine.

It performs really well i’Ve, never seen a modified one that’s. Why i want to have one so i can get it modified and show you guys what this engine really got. Maybe it will pull wheelie, maybe it will be slow who knows, but i really want to test that engine put it in a trucky, voir quoi’s off because for 600 dollars i expect very good performance. Let me tell you so that has been this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it i’M. Very sorry, for the lack of off road videos. I know you guys want me to run these things on the grass on sand, but the weather just does not. Allow me man were getting rain were getting snow and its just preventing me from pushing these things to their maximum potential. I want these things to run off road. I want to go on grass dirt. Tu sais, but at the moment february in the netherlands is a brutal season. We either get a lot of rain, we get storm, i mean it has been years since we had snow, mais oui, it actually snowed this year. Que’S (en). Also one of the reasons why im not running at the moment and i’M, not talking about like a tiny bit of snow i’M, talking about like a full meter of snow and this. Fondamentalement, if i put, if i put this thing on the ground, vous avez gagné’t even see it anymore because of the snow, so anyways guys.

I hope you guys are just as excited for the summer as i am stay tuned, the season will eventually come around the corner. I expect around march april the weather to change for the better, so we can finally push these things off road anyways. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you enjoyed it be sure to leave a like, si vous avez’t already be sure to hit subscribe, hit the bell emotical, so you stay up to date whenever i upload a new video. Thank you guys for the support these last couple of months have been amazing. Je veux dire que nous’re pushing over 1k views a video now, which is insane just a month ago. Those numbers were like dream numbers for me and now it’s, like my average view, counts, which is just insane. Thank you guys so much for that. So anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video stay tuned for more and i’ll.

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