Vous obtenez une caméra fpp, ce qui est assez obtenir un chargeur cool, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez le brancher sur votre ordinateur, n’importe quelle prise USB. Vous obtenez deux manuels, un pour la caméra et un pour la voiture. Vous obtenez également deux batteries et la deuxième batterie est en fait dans la voiture. You get a holder for your phone, which goes right on top of the controller, and you get a screwdriver in the package. There will be four double a batteries. These are used for the controller on the instructions manual for the car. You can find various things such as how to operate and charge the vehicle and on the camera, you can find things such as the barcode. You use to find the app and connect your phone to the camera and also how to connect the camera to the rc car right on the top of the car theres a place for you to put the camera just slide in, and you should hear a click Like that and to release theres a button right here right on the top, you just press that down and it slides right off to connect the camera. You just want to plug it into a little plug on the side of here and thats. How you hook up the camera so stick the battery in here theres a little piece right here. You want the side without the wires. Just put that in you should hear a click. You can just slide this in, like so Applause.

Those should also click in you. Can just use once thats moved in and turn it on, and the little red light should come on. That means the cameras on were not there yet, and you just turn the controller on and the green light shouldnt be blinking. If it is, then it means you didnt turn your remote control car on you pull the little trigger, make it go forward and you press up on the little trigger make it go side. I mean backwards and this little wheel on the top makes it go left and right its pretty straightforward. Maintenant, to use the camera, you have to scan the barcode either ios or android depending on your device, and it will take you to the d e e d e e rc d2. App from there. You want to connect the d e e r c app. I mean to your wi fi and you can go back to the app and well say checking devices and you press start and your camera is paired now or you can also go on to the uh control, where you can control it from your phone up now To charge the battery, you can either use a direct usb plug in or an extender im just going to be using my computer plug in your battery. It turns red, it will turn green when its finished charging. Also you dont want to over charge your battery im gon na be testing the camera on it.

Lets see its definitely not lively. It keeps up qualities all right for a car like this. Globale, i give this car a nine out of ten based on its performance, that is a pretty nice car for a beginner uh yeah. Merci d’avoir regardé.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDUoBEmmoQM