Aujourd’hui, nous testons le tout nouveau robot de Sphere et voyons ce qu’il y a dedans. $300 voiture rc de haute technologie! C’est un robot de pointe qui a beaucoup de cloches et de sifflets, voyons donc s’il tient jusqu’à son nom!

Merci d’avoir regardé!

Place au champion! Rev up Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar's "Cars 3" using the free app on your smart device. The fate of the race is in your hands as you command Lightning to push the pedal with speeds up to 6 Mph. Perform impressive donuts and drift like a pro, or select different animated expressions inside the app's Acting Studio so Lightning can throw a smirk at the competition. When you're not training, kick back and relax by watching Disney Pixar's "Cars" with Lightning while he reacts to the movie. Ce. Est. Éclair. McQueen.
Product Highlights

Lightning McQueen drives just like he does on screen thanks to emotive suspension
Try out signature moves like drifts and donuts for action-packed fun
Download the free Ultimate Lightning McQueen Powered by Sphero mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play store for interactive adventures
Experiment with driving commands while building first-place-worthy strategies from the app
Within the Acting Studio, you get to create awesome animated sequences using Lightning's animated eyes and animatronic mouth
Takes up to one hour to charge and provides a 40-minute battery life
App is compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices with Bluetooth Smart v4.0 connectivity up to 30 Mètres
Includes a micro USB cable, Quick-Start Guide, Legal Guide and wall adapter