Savez-vous quelle est votre surprise aujourd’hui, c’est une voiture télécommandée qui est contrôlée par votre montre et votre voix? Qu’est-ce qui est impossible Musique alors ouvrons la boîte et jetons un coup d’œil Musique? C’est la montre et utilisez ce contr pour contrôler la voiture, and this is the charger for when its not working, and you use this charger for the car and the watch so heres. The car thats a cool car, its like a sports car Music Music. Do Music dont forget to remove this cover before i turn you put the charger here to charge the watch Music and it put the charger here to charge the car Music. This is the switch to turn it off or oh, pas de whoa, regardez les lumières. It even has headlights and then learn these things if you want to go left all right, push this button to turn off the light. Push this button to change the speed. You can also push this button. If you want to stop the button in the middle okay, i want to put on the watch Music go forward, oh cool, it actually works. It goes super fast. Applause go back and you can even go backwards. Is it cool or what Music go forward? Applaudissements, Musique? So thats the remote control car from our friends and tom top. S'il vous plaît, like this video and tell us what you think in the comments below thanks for watching keiths toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos always be good, enjoy what you have Music do.

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