You helped daddy talk about it. Je pense que’s. All she can say. I know it is going round. It did really good. These are great. I know i know i wish we would have brought the third white one too good job, william mommys gon na go under that. C’était cool. This is such a good mini crawler spot. What is it mate say? Something good about the case say something good about the case. d'accord, something good about the case. Ah j’adore ça. I love a good case. I love a good case. We are still on our family vacation here at the beach having a good time great time, but no family vacation is complete without rc’s. Vous les gars, a été’T. Just think we were gon na drive. One rc you can never just have one mini crawler lets have another one. Yeah so today we have, i like this case it actually like locks in place, child proof just pull it yeah. Non, nous pouvons’t litter and its so snug. I can see why nate likes the case. Oh ça’s parfait. So this is a lot like the little mini crawlers weve been featuring. There was one that was white with the landscaping on the side. d'accord, that was the more expensive version of this vehicle. Now we have a slightly more expensive version of that one. This has way more metal parts. The frame on this is a lot aluminum here and a little bit more detail but theyre very similar vehicles.

I have to say that this yellow jeep has withstood some amazing challenges from amelia. So after we drove this, she wanted to claim it as her own and she has been she’s comme 28 pounds now pushing down on it and pushing it around like this all over the beach all through the hotel room. She is rough on it and it still drives its gone through the ocean, Il’s getting uh some a little bit of salt water down here when i say through the ocean just really really shallow water, but i have to say for a vehicle that’sous 100. This has been really impressive, juste du plastique, surtout, but very impressive, and so this one i’m i’M, just hoping that it performs even better it’s. Just better parts. Aluminum upgrades well have it linked in the description box below and i think abbys going to do some of the driving. You know what even the lights on this one were. You need to check this video out. If you missed it that’s ceci. This should not be overlooked. C’est un très, très bon véhicule, so abby youre going to drive this. Oui, yes and you went that whole time i was talking, i just disappeared. You went to get batteries for the pistol grip, Radio, which is really cool because okay ill do it here. Oh triple a’s, yup thanks, so that just kicked thats already on okay. Voilà, tout va bien, so i think we must have light controls on here.

This one actually bumped it yeah yeah, hé que’s, a toyota label. d'accord, alors c’est parti. I got ta address this. The yellow one is the cheapest version of them all right, Il’s, the plastic. Then you have the white one with the avalanche, euh .e uh, mountaintop, landscape, Oui. Right that ones metal parts but its basically the same vehicle. This one does cost more it’s, probably very similar to the white one. But if you hit channel three ive been complaining about this one, those when you throttle on the lights come on right now. We actually have a button: Oh oui, those are bright on and off nice same with the tail lights, very yeah theres our turn signals and stuff. So we can turn those on oh that’s, si cool! d'accord, you drive thanks! Merci. Vous savez que je’m going to drive with the lights on always yeah. Bien sûr. Why do you even need an off button hello, but i like that they stay on if you stop driving and the yellow one and the white one don’t faire que, mais vous savez qu’ils’re cheaper. ainsi, Oh, Oh, that was really wimpy, really wimpy bad turn. I see that all right abby, you got this so really what weve enjoyed doing as a family is taking amelia’s, yellow jeep to the beach and driving it around. Je ne sais pas’t pense que oui, et ce que nous’re gon na do is take this to the beach with her yellow g2. It is just not good at driving in sand.

Is it Music? Oh? Non! It needs the dirt Music not loose sand like this thats really loose gon na. Try another spot the best part about micro crawlers is their size here’s. The real question: when are we going to take a micro cup crawler to bash mount? Oh, we need to dont we and even just a regular crawler too there you go. I love kids! Bien, this is a bad spot for it apparently, but i love the battery placement of these two hold on hold on the battery and all the electronics are under the hood. It just makes it feel like a real engine. Le récepteur’s mounted up here thats our steering servo right there, all the wiringi just really am a huge fan of that. It just really looks good very nice scale. Vehicle cruising along to find abbys path got her micro, crawler let’s, see if i can do it. d'accord, here we go and with any luck you guys we might end this video of it driving in some sand. But if you want to see some beautiful shots of the yellow micro, crawler it’s, juste ça’s sinking into this really thick loose leaves well. The headlights look really good yeah. Je pense que c’est’s time to take it to the beach. What do you think there yeah? D’accord oui, C’est cool? The headlights are showing up on it um the reset button. Et voilà. d'accord, D'accord, Je pense, Il’s time to take the beach okay were at the beach.

C'est génial. Vas-y . allez-y. This is why we like rc it’s, just good family, amusement, hobby she’s, crab walking im don it’s, d'accord, Il’s. d'accord! She wants to be the only one driving right now so check this out. These dead trees from the salt, Eau, vraiment cool, hey Hey Hey, emilia, push your car, Bien, elle’s, driving hers, Roue, drive ours and the tightly packed sand is much better than the loose sand youre at the controls, while amelia drives her. Donc je pense que je’m going to claim the white one with the mountainscape. This one will be abbys and amelia. Has hers it’s une voiture rc, Oui, oui? You helped daddy talk about it. Je pense que’s, all she can say right now it is going round. It did really good. These are great. I know i know i wish we would have brought the third white one too good job amelia mommy’s, going to go under that. C’était cool. This is such a good mini crawler spot. Oh amelia just pushed hers under there too good job. Do it again see guys im telling you if an rc can hold up to this? What shes doing then look at that? Oh, Mon Dieu, cela’s a tight spot here. Réessayez, i think it might be itll fit there itll fit yeah there. You go good, Oui, beau travail, a million. How cool is this? Vous les gars? Oh oui. I should point out too um ocean and beach, not just the sticks, but this is such a cool spot.

I would come back here to drive these until the batteries die. Wow right, i mean okay, let us know in the comments which one is for you. Are you the type of person that will spend top dollar even if it’s, just a few more? Are you the type of person thatll spend top dollar, même si c’est’s, just a few more dollars to get the best of the best and have the light, switch and metal parts? Or do you want the cheapest version, which is amelias version and it still looks super cool huh let’voir ici, Je’va le réparer, it got stuck on our ship or are you like amelia, and you just want to play it doesn’t matière? Si c’est le cas’s the budget option, it still gets the job done, Oui, just not enough clearance. I think oh go the other way. Laisser’S go the other way here circle around and go down. Oh, Regarder: do you think mommy can make it whoa? Oh push it push. It amelia give it a push, push it give it a push. Push there. You go yeah good job. You did help it its kind of hard. Juste pour, vous le savez’s really difficult to do a video make it sound good and look good of the car with abby and the kiddo its chaos. So to those of you that are family people, you have kids and you try to enjoy the hobby. We get it its really hard and when we find the time to do it, we we hit it hard.

You know we drive for 20 minutes if we can get 20 minutes in because a lot of times thats all we get in but it’cela en vaut la peine. Vous le savez’s worth having the kids and and trying its better to just get out and have the fun than to sit and stew about not being able to or something you know. Sometimes the kiddo prevents us from getting rc’s, driven or flown and filmed. I hit my head on that too, mais que’s d’accord, because here we are and who could complain about driving an rc car like this on the beach with the family. Emily is having fun too tough, little mini crawler, parce que je’d never do that. I would never push shes done this kind of stuff like 100 times all the whole trip this week on our channel. If we released all of our vacation videos at the same time uh, you know we had a boat week a bunch of plane week. I would just call this crazy chaos family week right. It was difficult to film a normal calm environment, but but it’s amusant. This is our life. C’est amusant. You know this is fun. This is fun im telling you you will have fun. It will happen crazy. All three of these are gon na, be linked in the description box below one of the lights on and off the white one with the mountain skate and amelia’s. We have to go. Thank god for today thank our patreon supporters.

You guys rock she’s, fine she’s, just thirsty if you want to support our channel and, plus important encore, our family and buy a millionaire juice. These are linked in the description box below. Oh, she wants to clean the tires. Laisser’S go clean, emilia’s voiture, alors elle’sera heureux. nous’Ll have amelias car video popping up right about now. Merci d’avoir regardé, nous’ll, see you there bye.

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