This is basically the nine five nine B model, which means that its an upgraded version of the original 959. As you can see here, this is the cow itself. This is a one at eighteen ratio based model and it can actually go up to 70 kilometres per hour, which is insane because of the engines that was updated in this car. So today, well take a look at the different things we get in this box. Obviouslyand I am also going to review the original model, so this will also be uploaded to the channel and first theyre, like the I button, to see if its already been uploaded, so lets open the box and see whats inside. If you have two seconds press the like button, so we do MOLLE news for you and you also have in the description of the video links to product. It was ordered from Cubas the company that has most most of these amazing gadgets for sale on the Internet. So, as you can see guys, we have everything here on the table. This is actually the goody bag that I got with the car and inside. I obviously got this charger, but I want to talk about the car first. As you can see, this is the car. I actually have the cool open, Ill put it back just so, you can see how it looks like when its fully installed, and you also have these guys that keep safe of the hoodie that keep your engine safe and everything else Im.

Also gon na put links in the description of the video in order for you to get these because they get lost a lot. So this is the car itself. I really like the quality of the car. As you can see the wheel, the wheels are very, very good, and they are also they are jumpin, which means that you can obviously climb obstacles in low speeds, and this is really really nice. The plastic quality all in all is very good. This is just like any other wltoys product. Usually we get high quality with them and thats about it. Regarding, under the hood Ill take this off, as you can see, we have the engine over here. This is a 540 pH engine and we have the battery. On the other side, the battery is 1500 milliamp, 7.4 volt, you get it disconnected when its received, and you have the onoff switch over here. This is the basic car RC car model, design that Ive seen in many other RC cars, and it looks really good, especially protected with this hoodie lets move on to the other stuff we got here. We have the remote control very high quality from wltoys. You also have this wheel, as you can see here, that feels really good on your fingers. We have four buttons that is trim buttons, total and probably direction trim and power. Onoff switch over here. WeLl need for double a batteries to get this baby running goody bag.

Had this charger 7.4 volt to s battery bay, as you can see, with European connector, as you can see hereand this is very importantwe also got a manual with this. We tighten or loosen that you can use keep this and dont lose this, because what is important about many ones with RC cars is that if you ever lose any part of this vehicle due to malfunction due to sand due to whatever made it disconnect from the Car or unusable you will need the part number to get a new one and thats something Ive been doing in many RC cars, and this is routine in the LC industry. I hope you actually for you to order RC car parts, so this is gon na. Take just one second for you, but for me Im, going to charge things up and go for a drive. You are more than invited to place the like button down below and also look in the description of the video where Im going to put links to how you can see more information about this car and get it and to how you can get more. Of these things that you really need to close whos over, this is the Beast. Basically, this article is super fast and today, well, look at all the different things that we get in the box and also take the car for a drive which, as you can see, is just insane here on this soccer field among basketball.

Whatever this place is because it also has soccer field hereand I just want to show you the car itselfthis is a very powerful car. There are two models for the cow who took. We take a look on a different video on the other one but Im just gon na press. The throttle button here. The four wheel drive car, so its, just amazing, and everything here seems just great. I wouldnt go for your first Drive on the field, even though this is an all terrain vehicle, because with bursts cars usually get send in the car and in the different parts of the car. So you want to drive at places like this, and this is where you will see the actual speeds, because this is 100. Take a look, oh my god. This was this. Wood was with braking the car, of course, but it strives amazing and because its really close to the ground, you get really good handling. The car really sticks to the floor and thats just amazing. So I really like this experience, and I think that if I have some cones Im gon na put some create an actual racing course here and invite my friends to waste with me just amazing product this product is uniquely cheap. I mean wltoys usually produces products that are sold in the marketplace, really at no cost.