Est-ce la façon de bien se passer, laisser’s, découvrez Musique salut et bienvenue à rc kicks sur aujourd’hui’s montrer où nous’refaire quelque chose d’un peu différent par rapport aux vidéos que nous avons’nous avons sorti ces derniers temps’Revenir en arrière pour regarder les émetteurs maintenant, si vous’Je regarde l’émission depuis un moment, you know that i have quite a few and i have my favorites, so i want to talk about my favorites and then were going to look at this. The noble nb4. This is something a bit different for the channel, as this is a little bit more mid racing kind of field where the kind of transmitters ive been using are the kind of things you would use just to take out your vintage buggies for a bit of a Spin, so the first transmitter i fell in love with. Was this the fly sky? Fsg t3c? Why do i like this so much? Bien, it is pretty dirt cheap for what it is. 49 Livre 29 is what i currently saw it. It does fluctuate a little bit. So you can get better deals and it goes up and down a little bit. Je’Ll put a link to all these in the description if you want to go and get all the hardcore specifications from them. But i am a big fan of this and ive had three of these. Now the things that i like about it, the most you get a rechargeable battery included, so you can just charge it straight uh off a usb connector here, which is really nice and you dont see that in some more expensive ones.

Aussi, you can put 10 cars on it, donc il’s brilliant if youve just started outand you want to add another car and another car – et vous ne le faites pas’t want to get loads and loads of these. Then you can just swap between the cars and away you go and the receivers are dirt. Bon marché 10 Livres 74 for an fsg, r3f and theyre small and theyre reliable binding is reasonably easy, donc e uh oui. The only thing i can really knock them on is build. La qualité est bonne, but not amazing. Revêtir’T expect them to last you five ten years. Je’Ve had three and i had one fail inside here, but for the money they really get you off the off the ground and theyre a lot better than some. You can get for more money. So that is the fly sky, fs gt3c and the next transmitter i fell in love with. Was this the radio link rc 6g s version 2.? Maintenant don’T, let the looks put you off. I know it looks a bit clunky, but the features and functions of this transmitter are endless: brilliant if youve got a clock buster or something like that, and you want to do four wheel steer. You have so many features and functions in this radio. It punches well. Above its weight now you’Re, en regardant 67 Livres 71 link in the description and the receivers you get so many choices of different receivers. You can have inbuilt gyros you’Re.

En regardant 12 Livre 33 for a receiver, you can put 10 receivers into one unit. Donc, encore une fois, you can have multiple cars swap between the two dont want to have one for each car. Non, qui ne’t work at all and thats the r4fgm and the r6f receivers very small right up to quite large ones. Je’Ve got tiny little ones in things like my pan car, when you space is super limited, they are brilliant and they’Re. Cheap range is amazing, and fidelity is there as welland this is my go to i have two of these and i use them every single day without fail, no problems whatsoever. So that brings us on to this the noble nb4. Now why have i got this on the show? Bien, Je’ve had the trusty radio link for a good year now, et j’ai pensé: can you get a lot more for your money and thats why this came onto my radar now it’s, not an extra 20 pound or so there is a big jump between this being 67 Livres – and this is coming in at 140 – Livre 44. ainsi, Oui, you do need to have a bit more money in the budget, but maybe youre going to go racing. Peut-être que vous’Re. Just you picked up a car that’s, more racing orientated, something like what i have here with my mission front. Roue, conduire la voiture, so i thought well nows a good time to maybe look at moving up the food chain in transmitters.

But do you get value for money, or should you just stick with something like the radio link well that’s, where this comes in now this is not top of the range at all. It is kind of the mid range sort of racing class, of transmitters, Droite, laisser’s, open it up and take a look, and i know what youre thinking just looking at the box youre like doesnt scream mid price does it i mean it looks a bit from the Outside but lets not make judgment too soon, as this is just an outer box for an inner box. So as soon as you open the brown cheek box, you start to see. Oh, this looks a little bit different to what im used to once you pull out the sexy black box yeah, nous ne faisons pas’t need that you get this sexy box now. This is a bit more. What you expect to see from packaging when youre going mid range. Revêtir’T oublier: you can get transmitters for 30 40 Livre, and this is a lot more than that at 144 Livre. Alors, laissez’s open it up and see what you get so the experience of quality continues. When you open it up, you get a nice graphic. It all feels very quality, ils’ve even managed to put foam on the back of it to protect the equipment, and you get a sexy graphic on your box. So yeah we start to see it looks premium. It looks like a firearm doesn’t il.

So the first thing you notice, when you pull it out what is going on with this well, that is one of the first features. Let me just take this rubbish off. One of the first features that you will notice. This is a left hand and right hand. Um controller, Oui, you have the choice. So all the people that are left handed, you have a choice. Vous ne le faites pas’t have to try and figure out how to use it. You can just turn it to any angle. You like, and it doesnt matter how you like to drive that is brilliant. This is on like a friction turn and it is solid. It feels good feels quality. De ce point de vue, you get a huge screen and it is touch which is brilliant to see you get three buttons on this, so you get two dials and a button on this side and if you know when you turn it around, you get the same On the other side, what does that mean? Bien, it means that left handed and right handed people get this same experience it doesn’t matière. ainsi, even though you can change the steering wheel, you get the same experience with your buttons and it gets even better. You can program these buttons to be different from these buttons, so even if youre left handed, you can use the buttons on one side and the buttons on the other side. Maintenant, Vous’ve also got extra buttons up here and you’ve a votre garniture.

Your throttle trim and your steering trim up here, and you have a dial here and another one here, so it is packed full of buttons and the quality. Is there its completely different from this? C’est ça’s so much a step above it’s. If you use these, the quality is okay and youre fine with them, but once you step to something like this, it feels so different and that’s, probably my biggest takeaway so far with this. It just feels so much more like quality everything it feels more precise, là’s. No creakiness, so i can hear you saying, mais là’s no bottom and it wont stand up. Why is it like this? Bien, you can use it totally like this. There is a battery in the handle. You can turn it on with the power button and you can use it just like this if you want super light, but you do get a base just like all the others, and that is where the battery lives well. The second battery, but look at this more like a usb charger device, you can charge your phone. Donc, si vous’re stuck at the track and your phone is going flat. Oui, you can use your transmitter battery to actually charge it, but because theres a battery in the handle and a battery on the bottom, you have so much charge it doesn’T. Even matter you can take it off charge. Your phone go race with this put it back on afterwards.

If you charge this up, you plug it in and it will then charge up the handle grip. It charges up by a standard usb, and you can discharge from a usb as well also there’s. Another party trick with this believe it or not. If you plug the usb in here and plug it into a computer, you can use it as a joystick go figure. So if you want to do some driving you can you can use it as a proper controller. Je l’ai’t tried it myself, mais e uh .. Apparently it works fine. So there we go so you just plug it in at the bottom and then you clip it into place. Il’S a bit stiff but its not going to fall off and once you put this in, it really does feel like quality. This is all metal all the way around and then youve got a charger at the bottom. You hold it down, it will start charging and then it will actually start charging. The top uh youll see the uh charging light across the top here when it starts charging the grip. If you want to turn on the device you hold down this button at the top here, finalement, you get a greeting message and then the screen comes to life, all screams quality. It really does and that’s, probably my biggest takeaway at the moment. Apart from these led lights are way too bright, and you need to turn them down in the settings is it is a big step up just from that before we talk about fidelity and features and functionality.

The difference between these three is night and day the jump from this to this, and this to this, this is a bigger jump than these two there’s, a smaller jump between these two, but this is a massive step forward, really really tough. Donc, je pense, Pour moi, Je’m probably going to be moving away from these more and start using this now this has memory built in just like the others do so you can bind multiple receivers to this right i’M, going to bring the camera in close and were Going to take a look at the gui, comme vous pouvez le voir, ils’ve taken on board the app version like your iphone. The first icon is to reverse your inputs. Alors vous’ve got epa which is setting your end points very easy. Vous’Ve got left and right and then you can just adjust the values to set your endpoints super fast with the plus and minus sub trim, steering throttle channel three channel four steering exponentially, so you can set the curve that you, uh input rate is set to abs. Je l’ai’t really played with this yet, but you can set your braking. Your delay trigger point timer, so you can set your laps. You can also set the start and stop to individual buttons on the transmitter. Two laps, three laps. You also in the memory have every lap logged, so you can see the times burlap. You can also delete and remove them to start again, Musique, a sign you can assign the buttons to whatever you want start and stop the timer, par exemple,, Musique.

The model which model you have selected the name of it you can copy it. You can export it as well i’M, just going to rename this to mission ft from schumacher. As i fitted this into the car Applause, comme vous pouvez le voir, i do struggle a little bit. Alors, don’t expect iphone responsiveness sensor, so you can have telemetry display Music xr set. This is where you can bind a new receiver, also set a servo if you’Re, analog or digital. Aussi, you can set the hertz. If you want to in the custom section range test, you can actually see how your signal strength is system where you change your language units. That kind of thing also that’s, not all the apps. You actually have multiple screens i’M, just adjusting the volume because its a bit loud. The vibration feature is really good because its a tactile feedback. Comme vous pouvez le voir, you have a second screen steering speed, steering mix. Je l’ai’t tried that your brake, votre accélérateur, your return speeds. This is where you do your mixes, so this is where you would set up to do four wheel, steering where your master is the front steering and the slave would be channel three, which will be your rear, steering boats. I have no idea and display, so you can actually see the steering the throttle and the channel move. Je’M, not quite sure what youd use this for, mais il’s assez cool. Maintenant, comme vous’d expect with a more mid level transmitter, you can configure it to your liking.

What do i mean by that? Bien, it comes with a second grip, so if you have larger hands, you can exchange the grip for a large, celui qui l’accompagne, has an s for standard and l for large. You can also dial in the throttle position, also the strength of the throttle itself. There is in the manual explaining how you use an allen key to adjust the trigger mechanism. You can also do the same thing for the steering to adjust its uh spring tension rate to how you like it all these things are premium options that you don’T, see on more entry level kits so that’s assez. Talking about the transmitter. Laisser’S see actually do something. So i took the included fgr4 receiver and i fitted it in my mission ft car. This is probably the most serious racing modern car that i have in the collection. As a lot of you will probably know, i do tend to collect more vintage stuff or re release the vintage, but this is a modern track weapon and it’s. My only front wheel drive car. Maintenant, je don’t do much racing but believe it or not, Ici’s a track not far from me so im hoping to get back into doing a bit of racing, and maybe i will run this car. So what have i got in it at the moment? Bien, Il’s got a hobby wing or what is it it’s, an easy run.

Three six five two brushes set up with a max 10 easy run, uh hobby wing, setup combo. I got them together and the servo, which is again, is very important. Si vous’re running a more up market transmitter receiver is a savvox, sc1252 half height, Et alors’s the specifications. I will put a link in the description to all the stuff thats in this car as well: euh à droite, laisser’s fire it up now, Je’M, just using a dinky battery just for now so its fired up sorry its a bit noisy. I do like that that’s. Very very classy, so there we go if now its plenty of power to say the least for front wheel, conduire la voiture. But the main thing that amazes me, the most is just the fidelity. The step up, infidelity now, évidemment i’m running a decent servo. Oui, Il’s half white, but it is a savok servo, donc il’s, not a cheap, uh banggood special, but with this transmitter the fidelity is amazing. I am super impressed with that and it is so responsive. Donc, de ce point de vue., i am blown away. C’est incroyable, Il’s, probably the best ive ever seen on one of my cars. Alors oui, i can understand that once you start getting into racing electronics, you really do start to see where your money goes now. Une chose qui’s a bit strange is in the manual it actually tells you the response rate of this transmitter, mais il’s completely wrong.

Je’Ve also looked at a few other peoples reviews on this, and i think everybody can agree that the response times theyre talking about is rubbish. Their response times are basically set as a standard, traxxas uh transmitter or just a generic transmitter. This is not that um. I am super impressed when i let go and it returns, you can see the wobble transmitted through the servo. C’est beau. Now the problem is my driving. My driving is not quite as good as this setup that we have here right. Laisser’S (en), take it for a quick spin and then well come right back and ill do a wrap up review, Applaudissements de musique, Musique, donc musique! So there you go super chuffed with it uh so much so ive actually splashed some cash and im getting more receivers to put in my race cars. Oui, i will be using this a lot more from now on and i’Je suis vraiment impressionné, mais j’ai gagné’t be using this for my very old vintage cars that i drive maybe once a year, even though i like to have them fully running, i only use them in The garden maybe once a year, so it is a little bit hard to say, Je’ll – spend a 29 pound on a receiver that gets used once a year and that’s, where i think my cheaper transmitter units will carry on being used because they’re comme 10 À 15 Pound, instead of doubling that for a receiver, so when you have this, many cars its quite an expensive undertaking to change to more up market receivers.

But cars like this and my formula, one cars for instance, or any modern track.

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