Le mini rock crawler wpl, sa société chinoise de fabrication chinoise, mais c’est en fait vraiment réaliste. J’ai l’air assez surpris, vous savez que c’est une combinaison de métal et de plastique. Vous avez un auvent ici que vous retirez comme si vous retourniez le compartiment à outils et votre batterie y entre, so pull it out plug it in stick it back. In put your canopy on now, this thing probably cost me in my country, oh id, dire à propos de 70 80 dollars shipped from china. It only took about two weeks to get here. You get a pretty basic um transmitter with it, but it does the job you know and im actually quite surprised that the detail and stuff you see the headlights on it, um theres a few stickers a little bit of assembly when you get it. It basically comes like this, but things like uh. You know you got your snorkel up here. You got mirrors the door handles um, you have to put on the tail lights there. Those are stickers. The front just came like that, mais euh. So its four wheel, drive hasnt, got a high or low or anything because its a crawler, Tu sais, and its quite slow but im actually quite surprised at how well it goes for you know for the price that i paid for it and the way it looks You know so ill just give you a little demo on what it can do, Applause so yeah it it does the job of a crawler ive taken.

I actually, when ill go out to the i take my lossy short course truck out to the racetrack, just to get a bit of time on the track, and i usually bring this along. If my daughter comes shes 15 – and i just let her use this and she crawls up some of the big jumps and stuff on it and so thats, why its a bit muddy because it was a bit wet out there. Last time i was out there, but um im actually very surprised at how well this goes, and i definitely highly recommend it. Youve got your on and off switch in here, so ill turn it off for now. But i highly recommend this because i havent had it for very long, but i can already tell you its taken some tumbles its already taken some some pretty good tumbles out there weve got a jump. C’est ça, pretty much just about vertical was probably like a 30 angle de degré, so its quite hard to get up and this little thing crawled up it. It took a few goes um, but i mean thats, where your modifications can come in like if you put different tyres on it um you know ones that are a little bit grippier. You also find that quite often with crawlers and most crawlers are the same. Theyre. A little bit light in the front, so if you put them on an angle like this or crawling they once you get to about that, they tend to want to tip tip over.

So you can actually get like weights. Some people do and put just a little weights in the front just to try and hold it down, but this thing for the price you pay straight out of the box. I highly i see one of the um side indicator lights is, must have come off. I dont know where that is probably its probably out on the track somewhere, never know i might be lucky and find it next time im out there, but im not too worried about it, but yeah its quite a realistically looking toyota hilux, like probably late 80s early 90S modelprobably early 90s, actually but its not branded as toyota, because they havent got the rights or anything to it, but it looks it looks very much like it like one, so yeah im very, very impressed. Wpl 118 Échelle, crawler yeah. Je le recommande vivement. Bien sûr, you know what the other crawlers they dont go very fast, ainsi, but its actually quite a quite a good little hobby, especially if youre sitting inside and you can make up little tracks yourself little obstacles and do a bit of crawling with the kids or Whatever can keep them entertained and a lot of people rather than the speed side of rc they they really get into these crawling, like traxxas, put out some brilliant well quite a few brands, theyre brilliant crawlers that that are just as expensive as some of the the Track cars and that theyve got so its quite a quite a very popular side of of rc that a lot of people get into, and i can see why really its not for me its not my thing i enjoy having it um, but the one thing i Do like about these crawlers is having them on the shelf as well, because that a lot of the the crawlers, especially the cheap ones, sont très, très réaliste.

Recherche, whereas you get a lot of the you know like the most of the road. Cars are pretty realistic. Looking theyre based on cars like porsches net, but your off road vehicles from all of your big brands, really that sort of have a little bit of a toy look to them. Unless you get the the proper like eight scale, racing buggies or tragies, they look like race vehicles, but but the hobby stuff it tends to look kind of toyish. Even though theyre not toys they. You know these things, some of them do 100 kilometers an hour or more, Tu sais, Theyre, certainly not toys andand they can be quite dangerous. People can get seriously injured if you get hit by a car at that kind of speed. If it jumps and hits you theyre not toys, but they they tend to make them look toyish. But these things here that theres a lot of attention to detail and theyve got it right and it crawls over most of the things that that i put there in front of it. It just eats it. So i highly recommend it for the money that you pay. You dont have thats the thing with this hobby. You dont have to have the best of everything the best brands you can spend a minimal amount of money and get a car that will give you as much enjoyment, if not more than a more expensive thing. You know that you, you spend a lot of money on a vehicle and you flip it over and it gets scratched you dont want to do it.

You end up putting it on the shelf because you dont want to wreck or you dont want to scratch. It anymore this youre not too worried. Tu sais, itll be just about impossible to wreck this anyway. I drove this thing through accidentally through a puddle that i couldnt see where exactly how deep it was and it went right under, but i managed to crawl out of it and i thought the electrics are all going to get wet and itll. Probably stop now ill. Have to dry it out, but it didnt it just kept going. You know its probably a little bit lucky, mais euh oui, so theyre, just a great all round cheap rc vehicle to get into the hobby, so the wpl toyota hilux. Je le recommande vivement.

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