This is one of those rc cars where you could take it out of the box, put it on the shelf and you would be totally happy just staring at it. Vous ne le faites pas’t even have to drive it. Kyosho has been doing some amazing work lately with their ultra scale bodies, and this one is no exception. This is the chevy el camino ss ‘6, and the body set on here is absolutely incredible: Je’ve been staring at it ever since i pulled it out of the box, et je peux’t take my eyes off of it. Bien sûr, nous’re gon na go over this in detail, euh .e uh, not so much on the chassis, parce que nous’ve already reviewed the chassis with the camaro that you see in the background over there. Donc, je’ll link a card to it and uh well talk about some some features but its really about the body set here on this car and well start off with the front bumper here, which is molded and chromed as well. Vraiment, Cool, look really just picks up that el camino. Look really aggressive. nous’Ve got some decals in there as well just to really set off the look with the light lenses up above. It is the ss logo which is raised off of the decal grill, which you know its a decal but its chrome at least so it really pops and then weve got the uh, the headlight bezels. Here with clear lenses. You can go and add led lights.

If you want to not included in the box but um at least you could go at it on later, but uh the front really aggressive. Has that awesome, muscle car look that is so well known in the el caminos uh and then the body lines on here are absolutely incredible. I mean they really nailed it. nous’Ve got some chrome trim around the fenders uh, the ss logos are even chrome, nous’ve got chrome mirrors, those are separate, molded pieces, cela’s, really nice chrome door handle decals, even chrome trim around the windows. Les fenêtres sont claires, but tinted so that i love the look of that and then back here. The bed area, the the tonneau cover of the bed, is a flat black, looks really really awesome and back here as well, nous’ve got a molded chrome, bumper uh, the lights are decals, mais e uh .. They do have buckets on the back side of it. So you could add leds in the in the rear as well. Uh the ss logo is raised, and i mean everything just looks really cool. The only way that you could really tell that this is an rc body in photos. Is one youve got the body pins sticking out here and two? There are a couple little mole lines in the body uh. You know they to get this much detail in there im guessing they had to have separate pieces to mold this body uh. Ainsi, vous pouvez’t see a few lines but its not that big of a deal.

The only other thing i wanted to point out about this body is right out of the box. Some of the decals were lifting a little bit and these cars do go through a lot of temperature changes when theyre shipped so that’s. What makes the decals pop up just take a hair, dryer heat it up a little bit, push it back down and youll be good to go. But overall, that is just an awesome. Look on all four corners weve got these classic muscle car wheels with the treaded rubber tires on here, pre glued from the factory uh. So you know thats ready to roll all right, laisser’s pop the body off really quick and well go over some of the quick features, and then we got to get this thing out there on asphalt and for a ready to run car. This is really well built from the factory uh weve got some good electronics in here, and i know for a fact that this car does handle well just from past experience with this uh phaser mark ii, Châssis, donc ici’s that chassis uh, it is a tub style Of chassis, a composite tub really clean layout in here really well balanced. A velcro strap to hold down the battery just these little plates to cover up the receiver and the servo. Just a nice look overall and its got a sealed drivetrain on here. Donc, quand vous’re running around and dirt and grime in the parking lot, il ne’t get into the driveline mess up the gears or anything like that, là’s a gear differential in the front, your differential in the rear you go and adjust grease uh viscosities in there.

So if you want to tighten things up a little bit for a little bit more performance or change the handle, you could do that uh. There is a composite drive. Shaft in the center weve got composite dog bones on all four corners and the driveline does run on ball, bearing so at least you dont have to worry about upgrading that from bushings later on down the road i do like that back. Here is the 14 Tourner. L motor it’a obtenu un 32 tooth pinion gear on this, so that is really gon na. You know give this thing: some good power right out of the box uh, while talking about the electronics we’ve a un 60 amp brush speed controller in here the synchro standard. Servo there is a t style connector on there. So when you need to go pick up the battery make sure you get a t style plug with that, and you also need a battery charger and four double a batteries for the radio which ill show you in a little bit. But uh lets move on to the suspension and the suspension is just simple: double suspension wishbone, nous’ve got oil filled coil over shocks and kyosho does really make a nice composite body shock. This feels nice and smooth, and it works really well simple. Pivot, ball steering knuckles up front outback. The suspension is fixed here as well, so you know theres no camber adjustments or anything like that.

This thing will be pretty well dialed for those of you that just want to go out and have some fun with it. Other worthy things to talk about weve got a nice big foam bumper up front to protect the suspension uh. There is disc style brakes in here, Évidemment, ils’re not functioning they’Re, just there for the looks as well as some calipers in there. So it looks really awesome when you, when you look through the wheels on this and thats really about it. nous’Ve got adjustable body mounts in case. You ever want to switch out the body or maybe run this car with a different body on here. Donc, vous n’avez pas’t mess up the nice, el camino body and uh. This is a great chassis uh. The phaser chassis has been uh just a blast to drive before, et je peux’t wait to run this one. But first let me show you what else comes in the box really quickly. It comes with the synchro radio system. Has all your trim dials that youll need to get this thing tweaked and tuned, so it goes straight and doesnt roll on your or maybe you want to go and adjust the steering you do that as well. It has a really good feel to it. This is actually a great radio system for a ready to run and then also in the box. Vous’Ll get a little baggie here that has the instruction manual in it youre going to want to go and read that its got a bind plug in case.

You ever need to rebind the radio system, it is bound from the factory and then a little bag of parts. Some extra wheel hexes in here that uh allow you to use a 200 millimeter body on this car uh there’s. Also some shock preload spacers and a couple other little uh shock pieces in there as well that you may need, mais que’s il que’s. All you need to know about the phaser mark ii chassis again, the el camino body, just pure perfection from kyosho and now all we need to do is go see. Il s’exécute let’s head outside, hey my uh um, D'accord, alors laissez’s wrap up the review of the kyosho phaser el camino and first up we need to talk about this body set. It is just killer, they did a fantastic job replicating this classic muscle car out. There on the tarmac it looks awesome ripping around and when its on the shelf, it looks killer there as well. Oui, là’s a couple body lines: you know from the molds that it just kind of takes away from the eye a little bit, but overall it looks great now what’s, just as good is the handling of this car right out of the box, i mean i was Just ripping around on 2s and having a blast with it, Il’s dialed in they got the suspension, set up right and its just fun. It was a little cold outside when i was ripping around so there.

You know it was a loss of traction in the rear. Uh when ive driven the camaro phaser, which is pretty much the same thing during the summer time, it was pretty dialed in uh, de sorte que vous savez, maybe it could use a couple little tweaks, maybe the sway bar set there is a stabilizer set. I saw in the instruction manual that might be a good option for it maybe a little bit of diff tuning, but you know if youre just out there to have fun to enjoy the killer. Look of this car youre going to have fun with it its going to be a blast. It will be easy to handle. If you do bump up the 3s on here, it does get a little squirrely. You know the rear end does want to break out, and you know its cool to go fast, mais e uh .. You know just watch yourself when youre driving you dont want to smash this thing into a curb. Oui, j'ai fait. I messed up the front bumper on here, mais il’s. It still looks good and uh. Vous savez là-bas’s no damage to report uh. The only thing that i do want to talk about is that the tires on here the tires they burn off rather quickly within about five battery packs. The tread is going on the tires. ainsi, si vous’re just really ripping on this thing, euh .e uh, you might need a tire set very soon in the future. Uh power wise again, Il’s rapide, Il’s, amusement, Il’s got plenty of steering for just ripping around wide open parking, lots its all about the classic look and kyosho nailed it again.

I had a lot of fun with this and if you enjoy this style of car i i totally recommend it all right guys if you havent done so yet. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell.

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