You know. Over the past few years, ive had a number of requests for a traxxas, xmax review or unboxing video here on the channel, and we did a project on one. I gave it away and ive actually had a 6s version that ive been thinking about doing a project with, but i just got in a new solar flare version of the x maxx and i figured you know what why dont i go and do kind of an Overview of it since its been out for such a long time just to help those out that that are looking for an xmax review here on the channel or some information so lets head over to the workbench and take a closer look at this truck. So here it is a brand new, fresh out of the box x, maxx, and this thing is massive. I love the look of this truck. They actually have, i believe, five different versions for the paint scheme on this, and they also swap out the anodizing colors on the different variations. But we have the solar flare edition and i really like this one. It kind of reminds me of the the background opening scene of some of the marvel movies, just the kind of the action going on within you know the images itself, these graphics, are just really cool, really vibrant love. The look of this truck look at the big tires on this thing. These are really cool as well love the lugs on them.

The black spoke wheels 17 millimeter hex, just a great looking truck. I mean that just demands attention sitting still and again. I think i really need a bigger workbench in this shop. I dont know if that ones going to be any bigger when im going to work on this thing. The reason why i actually got this in is were going to do a wide max project on it. Youve probably seen that they have the kit already and thats going to go on this truck. But i i want to get a good feel for the truck. First, were gon na, go drive it in a little bit uh, but lets check out whats under the hood to take the body off. We just got this simple clip in the back. You pull it up and the body slides right out love the inner skeleton on these x. Maxes really helps out when you land on the roof, because youre gon na do some tricks with this thing. All right check out this beast now. It is all composite plastics. Throughout here we got this really well designed and engineered chassis setup plenty of room for the 6700 milliamp packs from traxxas. Look at the shock towers integrated into the chassis, so its all one solid unit here, thats how you build strength. You know the less parts you have separate parts bolted in the better, so you know were looking at some strength here and then you know: weve got massive shocks damp.

The suspension check them out aluminum bodies on here composite caps and composite perches and stuff, but they do have a lot of aftermarket option parts for this. If youre really going to go and stress this thing out, you might want to look into those here. Are the stock suspension arms right now were going to change those out but uh right out of the box? I mean this thing handles great ive, driven a few before ive driven the 6s version, its a little bit slower, but they do handle well and im really excited to try that that kit, out from what ive seen people like the way the x max handles so Dont feel that you need the wide max version of it. You know were going to to check it out. That might just be for people that are going really well with it. But, as is this suspension, does work well, look at the travel on this thing. Lots of packing here so when you come off the jumps it soaks up those impacts now lets get down to the drive train on here, a lot of metal parts into the drivetrain. You know, steel, axles, steel out drives all metal differential, uh oil filled huge ball. Bearings throughout that cush drive in the center a steel spur gear lots of metal parts throughout this this drivetrain was built. You know to handle the power system that is in here, and you know, hold up just be really durable right out of the box.

Now lets move on to the electronics in here, so this uh could handle 8s. Its got the vxl8sp controller. Look at the size of that thing, two id connectors coming off of it, so you can plug your traxxas batteries right in im. Definitely gon na go with the traxxas power cells to power. This makes life a whole lot easier check out the size of the motor dual cooling fan, on top of it large scale, servo up front for the steering and its just a really cool. Looking truck the way they engineered this thing i mean it just looks like a brute monster. Look at the bumpers on here front and rear check out this ground clearance, plenty of ground clearance. You know to go through rough terrain and stuff lots of fun all right. Let me show you what else comes in the box, so here weve got the tqi transmitter, whats really cool about this. Is you can go and upgrade it later with one of their link modules? Uh weve got your usual paperwork, does come with a steel. High speed spur gear. Excuse me spur gear, so you go uh do some speed runs with it. I dont know im just gon na go and uh jump this thing, so i i dont think im gon na use that gear. They give you some battery foam spacers some tools. These are some more battery spacers as well, and then this rubber block, i havent, figured out what thats for yet.

Let me know in the comment section below there is the massive box that comes in it actually comes with the suspension, zip tied down. You got to cut the zip tie off before you use this thing, but i am going to go charge up some batteries right now. Ive got their live charger to charge it up with, and uh were just gon na go have a quick run with it, because i i got ta get that wide max kit on there as well. I i got ta. Try that out. Let you guys know about it. All right lets head outside all right drivers, so im at the bmx track and its a beautiful 28 degrees out and im just going to take the x maxx out for a light run, throw the camera on my head and show you how much fun this truck Is all right got ta, get a quick feel for it right out here in the parking lot man. I forgot how big this thing is no problem. Seeing this thing driving around yeah there we go. Nice got my 6 700 million packs in here man. I guess i really have been missing out not having this on the channel. Look at that thing. Yeah awesome control on this truck a little whining from the gears, though this is right out of the box. I havent touched it yeah, see we wheelie off this thing. Yeah, nice all right time to get a few jumps in all right.

My favorite jumps, the starting hill is awesome. Here were just gon na float this first tabletop there we go Music nice. That truck just commands attention. Look at that thing, a little squat in the rear, its fine float. This one got it its like the suspension. Just soaks up everything gon na be interesting to see how that wide max kit works all right. One more here we go nice all right, ramp things up a little bit bigger of a jump here, Music. Here we go look at that, so awesome, so much control in this truck too wow for such a big truck a little slop there, the regular max it was a hard hit there. But this thing look at that. I really have been missing out. This is an awesome awesome truck way better than my old 6s x, maxx, so cool all right, switch. It up. All right were going to come off this big table top here backwards, get some air nice just so fluid and that tsm is working too thats cool. Look at this man. This is just so easy to control. So cool love, this wow that tsm just corrected every little mistake i just made in that jump, whoa normally. That thing would have just kicked up with other trucks when i caught that lip there on that jump, this truck is just great the way it is out of the box. Look at that just skipped the top of it.

Didnt upset it at all. Plenty of steering good god, i am freezing, but i cant stop driving this thing. Lets. Take it easy off this way. Here we go. Oh yeah just skip right over everything. Im gon na just float this truck watch this. Oh man now. I know why the x maxx is so popular. You see the front wheels just check up in the air to correct it. Plush landing lets. Do this again, roll it roll it. Here we go nice all right. We got ta. Do the six pack here all right here we go. Let me see if i can get my timing down right off the bat first time. Man, this truck is awesome. Look at that so plush all right, one more yeah! Oh oh first crash today: oh and it lands on the wheels so awesome all right guys lets head back to the workshop and wrap up. This review so were just going to do a quick wrap up here, since this is kind of a overview video. I just wanted to get out there with this truck, get a good feel for it, since i am going to go and modify it uh, but i really have been missing out. I really should have put more xmax content here on the channel. I really should have rebuilt my old 6s truck and just showing you guys so much more of this beast, because it is so much fun to drive.

I had a great time with it out there at the vmax track, even though it was just 28 degrees. I was a little worried about breaking something because that is pretty cold weather. However, this thing didnt really have an opportunity to break because it just drives so well, and you know i was a bit conscious about the drive making sure that i was wheeling it properly, but it does a lot of the work for you. Actually, the tsm is really helpful in this truck. I could see it work in the front wheels uh when this truck was getting checked up in the air. I could see the counter steer, and so, if youre, someone thats looking to maybe expand your rc collection youre. Looking for the next big thing and youve been looking at the x maxx, i think that tsm is going to help you out its going to help you be a better driver with the truck. Until you know you get familiar with it and then you could always go and turn it down. If you want to, you could dial it back. You could turn it off, but it does really help you out. It keeps the truck nice and stable uh. You know when youre going through turns if it does catch, because these tires have some grip to it. Youll see the tsm counter, steer the steering for you and keep the truck level and on the ground i mean this thing just floats over the jumps, its so cool to watch its just so massive that it gets your heart, pounded with excitement and even the power Out of the box is really good.

I mean its, not your insanely fast truck. However, its got some serious rip to pull wheelies to launch really far through the air. When you hit some hit the proper jumps to catch air, i didnt go for any backflips with it again. It was a little too cold to risk the truck and again i do have plans for it. So i dont want to totally wreck it. After i drove the truck for the talking portion, i actually went back into the car warmed up a bit and went back out again, so i actually have two full packs through this truck again. This is not a review, because that is certainly not enough time to tell you about durability or anything like that thats. Why im calling this an overview, but it seems to be a really tough truck. I tumble this thing into a pile of rocks and i did crack a little piece of the corner of the chassis on the top thats, really not going to hurt the truck at all, but it seems to be a really tough beast. I had so much fun. I cant wait to do more with it and, if you want to see me do more with it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell throughout the video like while youre there, because uh were gon na, do some more xmax stuff in 2022. Even some more mac stuff, these traxxas trucks have me hooked and i cant wait to do more.