I just thought i’d do a kind of uh, a video just how i thought about it. Um when i bought the car it’s for my son but uh, i think i’ve used it a lot more than he has, but when i bought it, i looked at a few videos on youtube seemed right, bought. It then watched a few more and there’s. Quite a few kind of negative comments about it, but i think it’s a great little car, obviously i’m kind of new to the hobby. So this was the kind of the first one that i bought, but um i’ve got a few now and i still love this little car. I think it’s, probably my favorite car um handles great for a two wheel: drive buggy um. Now i’ve changed the battery over which there is another video on my channel um about that, and it now is amazing. The speeds there um kind of offline powers there um in the looser stuff, gravel and kind of slippery road surfaces. It can be a bit kind of spinny and we’ll just kind of spin around and drift about, but most of the time, parks and kind of tarmac car parks spot on. I haven’t had any issues with it really apart from a couple of scratches and splits on the body, but i mean i’ve, given it a good bit of abuse and i haven’t had absolutely any problem with it at all. So i think, as a kind of cheap, ish um hobby grade marty, it is spot on um couldn’t really ask for any more obviously it’s.

You know it is under 100 quid it’s not going to be amazing, but for the money, it’s brilliant. For my little boy, it’s been really good, i’d say because it’s two wheel drive it’s been a little bit harder for him to get used to it compared to you know, driving my toro or the new tracer that we got uh being four wheel drive. Those have been a little bit easier from control and manage, but he’s getting used to it now um and i really like the kind of slightly more difficult um driving of it. But yeah, like i say, it’s a spot on little truck and i definitely recommend it. One of the things i like about it most, which might sound stupid, but the battery been underneath and just one little clip don’t, have to take the body off that when you’re out and about if you’ve got a few batteries to go through. That is just so much easier, it’s, probably not a great thing to most people, but i absolutely love the fact that you can just whip it off new battery in back on no mucking about no strapping it down. No nothing. The only thing i did do was put a little bit of velcro on the battery and then in the battery tray. I just found it was banging around a little bit um, because the the battery is a little bit big for the battery. It comes with uh when you put the ravine battery, in which i have done uh that fills it up pretty much fully, so it doesn’t move about much, but still a little bit of velcro and it’s bang on so uh yeah that’s my thoughts on it.

I think it’s, a pretty cool little buggy, truggy and i’ll just put a few little clips in it with the standard battery and if you want to have a look at the differences with the ravine battery there’s, another video um have a look cheers guys. If you could like and subscribe i’ll be spot on and um yeah i’ll get another video out soon. Music.