Looking anymore, i have done a few modifications on it to make it my own uh. I have already done a video already today. I don’t know what i think of it, but this is going to be a quick review on how i think it handles uh what i’ve done to it, underneath just to make it a little bit better. What i think needed to be done, uh, so let’s just dive into it, as you can see, i’ve done the outside to just to try and make it look a little bit more different to everybody else. There’S, a few more bits and pieces i’ve got coming in the future that i want to put on it uh then i might look at changing the body completely to a hard body uh, but before i do all that i’ve got a few upgrades to do on Suspension because it’s very it’s very sort of top heavy now so anyway, right what i did first off when i got this, i took the body mounts off, as you can see, and i put magnets on it now. Magnets are fantastic. Uh gives you a little bit of uh let’s. Well, what how can i pronounce? How can i put it when it rolls over for a start, you’ve not got the body fixed to the chassis so that all the extra weight is going on to your body. Now, when it rolls over the body pops off it’s, not direct weight onto the body, so hopefully fingers crossed that will stop it from getting any more damage uh right anyway, let me show you what’s, underneath because i’m rambling on about how it looks, i might have To disconnect the lights they’re very tight, the back magnets on this all right excuse the dirt underneath i haven’t cleaned it properly.

Underneath, since we went out last uh right, i’ve got a little micro switch here, which is brilliant works for my light bar and my headlights separate on channel three, which is brilliant. Let me unplug that so i can take the body out of the way right. Let’S disconnect that i don’t know why it’s still connected. I should have disconnected that when i got home the other day. Well, all you can see that i’ve done so far. I’Ve taken the body mounts off i’ve had some slightly modified the posts here. I don’t know whether you can see there’s a little tiny, slit uh, which is just there, which i had to do with a little saw, so i could actually use it as a clamp. So when i done screw up, it tightened it up, so it stops these from pulling out, which is great, that worked a treat uh the steering now the steering on these are terrible. The the angle is useless, so what i had to do on this, which i’ve seen a lot of other people, do on youtube on the back of the knuckle just here, there was a little nub sticking out now. What i’ve done with that i’ve filed it off and it’s, giving me a little bit more of a turn on the steering now, which has helped but it’s not great. I will eventually change that completely, because i want a bit more of a bit more of an angle when it comes to steering.

I have adjusted the shock location on the back, mainly because of the extra weight on the body now i’ve been told having it tilted slightly forward, does help so i’ve moved it forward and i’ve come down. I was on the top hole. I’Ve brought it down to this hole here because mainly the body, the weight of it, it just drags it down. So much more. I was getting rubbed on the back tire uh same on the front. I haven’t brought it down so far because it didn’t need it. Hasn’T got all that weight, but i have got the angle on it, but brilliant little rig absolutely brilliant. I love it as you can see in the pictures. In the background me and my cousin, we go out pretty much every other day or every weekend and we go out rambling everywhere. If we can find somewhere that looks fun to go crawling. We go. You know it’s brilliant, but i absolutely love it. I will change a few things in the future. I have seen somebody else talking about replacing this for a slippery slipper clutch excuse my all tongue tied in a minute yeah a slipper clutch for this axial make a part which i’ve seen on another youtube channel, which i’m going to get for it, because i think It needs it uh, the servo it’s got a 15 kilo servo, but i want to get a stronger one for it. Uh the battery standard at the minute.

I do need a bigger battery now, considering i’ve got all the extra lights on the top of the body and it’s carrying all that extra weight, so yeah it needs a bigger battery to make me run time last, a bit longer, but yeah it’s, brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I recommend it to anybody that wants to start going out. Rc crawling it’s fun. It really is fun, plus i’ve started to make a little track in my back garden, but we’ll get to that later on and down the line.