0 and we’re going to give it a test. So, first of all i’m going to lay it out a bit differently: i’m going to start off with an indoor test. Let me go to an outdoor test and go quick. My thought set and then we’re going to take my bubble because tecmo bag was boring, so let’s jump into a quick, montage and then we’ll do some crawling. But first of all, before we get too carried away. Let’S have a quick, montage, Music don’t know about you, but i think we need to give this thing a proper test. Let’S, give it a run and then head outside Music, so Music, um, Music, Music, sure, Music, so Music, so what’s up Music, so Music, foreign Music, Music. Much this is Music Music. You Music! I didn’t take long to get stopped Music, so Music, two people hey nicely done. Okay, guys, i must say i’m seriously impressed with this ftx outback mini 2.0. When i first got it, i was, i thought it was a bit bigger than i was first originally anticipating. I was like okay it’s, not a bad thing, and i sort of underestimated its capability by a fair bit. However, for 65 pounds is one of the best investments i’ve made personally, because i absolutely love this thing. I’Ve had so much fun with it. I’Ve i’ve been sat in the lessons wanting to play with this, which i’ve been setting the lessons playing with this it’s that much fun, and i probably should be focusing my work but i’m, actually not doing it when i’m supposed to focus on work anyway.

Let’S start rambling on and if you want to see more of this guys make sure you subscribe because there’s going to be more of it coming so yeah let’s get into the techno babble yo what’s up guys and welcome back to another video and today we’ve got A new toy, so let’s unbox it and see what it can do. Okay, guys, i now put a bit you’ve all been waiting for this thing: the ftx outback mini 2.0. So let’s give this thing a quick overview. So, as you can see from the outside, the body is based off a defender. 90 pick up. I have a nice little roll cage there and on re you do normally have a wheel in here and a spare wheel, but i’ve taken it out because it takes just over 10 grams out from the rear and you’ve got a rug. This light that’s good weight taken out here. You’Ve got some nice gravy blocks and your wheels and on the front bumper you’ve got some led lights and an array you also have some led lights, which are red, so let’s get underneath the body which you’ve got four body clips to take off, not too horrendous. But have worse than on the inside you’ve got your one kg servo you’ve got your esc and receiver combined module. Nice switch as well got your small little motor. Then you’ve got your 1s 600 milliamp battery and then the underside you’ve got no oil in your shocks.

Of course, and you’ve got your links all for 25 pounds moving on from the rig you have this thing. This is your transmitter good for two handed and one handed movements, nice and small comfortable in the hand. Obviously you don’t get that on the bottom. I’Ve added back there for recording so to get into your batteries. That comes off that comes up, and you put your fortune blaze in there and, of course, in your pack, you get your little charger over there, your hdmi, by the looks of it. So you just whack that into there and plug that into your socket, then finally, the usual manual, but no one cares about that. So now, back to this thing, we’re going to test this outdoors and indoors today, nice and quick.