So this is the ftx vantage it’s a rc car um. I just thought. Maybe i should do like a review for you and show you. You know how cool it is, so this is powered by a 1 800 battery. Do you mind holding it for me, marcus? Thank you just show the car that’s right, that’s right, keep holding it. So you show the car and yeah i’m just gon na try and just have a go with it, see if you guys like it. So if you do want to get one always put black to black and red to red together, or else it can kill the battery, i don’t know if i’ve charged battery or whatever but it’s powered by 1 800. I did get 2 400 and i have another 2 400 which i bought with my own money. So you get given 1 800 and 1 400, but i went i got like july or august 2020, so yeah so i’m gon na power it on always make sure to turn on the remote control first and then, when you want to turn off always turn off The car first then the remote control in case, if anything, does happen so Music. All right, are you ready, marcus hold it like, oh it’s sort of like? Can you see like that, like look at the back of my hands like that, like that? Okay, so let’s let’s get moving, guys point it down, and then you just want to follow it, so it doesn’t look like it’s going very quick at the minute that’s only because it doesn’t have.

I don’t think the batteries charge that much, but should be all right. Music yeah, it looks like it gives me charging, but it’s all right at the moment. I know chris me and my dad have got tamiya now we’ve got tamiya, we got tamiya yeah, we bought one yesterday, my dad’s just got it. Oh we’re gon na have to build it, but no it’s um one of my dad’s cars, the rs2000 lady chris Music, yes, it’s, looking all right so far, but you know i’d say, go and grab one. You know it’s quite fast, there’s. Quite a lot of good news on youtube right now: there’s, not a lot of you know people that have this it’s a good way. You know it’s quite cheap, but like overall for like the controller, a charger. Well it’s, not a very good charger, but i have. I bought one for about 20 quid and it takes like because say this battery takes about 10 to 15 minutes to use and then i’ll have to change it. The other one takes about 20 to 25 minutes um, and then it charges after like 20 minutes so they’re both. So i have a really good charger, but when you get one um, probably your 1 800 powered battery will probably have probably take about two hours to charge and then the other one’s about two hours and a half three hours. But for the price of 125 quid it’s, not bad.

For me, i think if i had to rate it out of 10, you know it’s not like a massive brand like shoemaster and tania, but it’s really good. So it still is worth something so i’d say if you guys want to pick one up, just do it, so i thank you so much guys for watching just just before we go. This is the controller that you will get with it just make sure it is all right and it’s something that you need i’d say go with the controller before the handles, because it’s, what more people use i’ll do more reviews later. So more reviews yeah but definitely i’d recommend this go buy yourselves.