A piece full sim sent me these for review and i just wanted to throw them some love and uh. Do review? I got some rc four wheel drive steel, bead locks that are also 15 grams, apiece, so 30 grams per wheel. They are obviously much heavier than the stock tire that came on the s624 and then i did some poor man brass a long time ago. Um, but i mean just comparing these two – you can feel a slight difference, but nothing like this um and right now i don’t have uh anything other than some split shot in uh. These 3d printed b locks with my rock creepers on here so i’m, going to mount them up and see how they, how well they install i’ve, seen other youtube. Youtubers install these um with the rc four wheel, drive bead locks, and you can also install them in the trio type b, bead locks and get on amazon. They look pretty easy to install. You just have to press fit the brass insert in there straight. So you don’t, because i think once you press it in there, you won’t be able to get it out. So let’s try this out now. This is nicely machined wanted some weight down low and uh. So i think this is the ticket so i’m going to attempt to mount to press fit the full send wheel weight in from what i’ve seen? Is you just you got ta evenly press it in you, don’t want to have it um.

You know slanted because you’re kind of a one shot deal so i’m going to do my best and uh. Hopefully, i don’t mess up really looking forward to using these on my course in the backyard, but also out in my local crawling area. Let’S see: hey! Look that looks pretty uh pretty level flat surface they’re machined to the tee um there’s, no slop in there whatsoever, which is good. Once you get the technique of press pressing these in there you’ll be good to go um. I can see the the wheel hex in there nice and even uh. All the measurements are correct and pressing down with a lot of force, and i still can’t get it so, no i’m – probably doing it wrong. 15 minutes later, so i got it in uh. I was not able to press fit it in to the uh, rc4, well, drive, rim or wheel. I mean uh with my fingers um i did get it stuck just try to press fit it in with my fingers and then just used a flat tip screwdriver underneath and popped it out. I really didn’t want to resort to hitting it with a hammer but that’s what i did just firmly tapped it in to make it level just with a rubber, mallet and uh. That seemed like it worked just fine and even i have trial uh knuckles brass knuckles on there um and it fits just fine. It’S got good weight to it like, like i said, it’s uh, 15 grams per um brass insert and the rc4 wheel drives per uh electron a main hobbies uh.

It said it was 15 grams per uh wheel, also um, which is kind of hard to believe, because when i was working with them to mount them and everything they seem pretty light. But i know it’s dispersed over the whole wheel, but uh yeah. It feels great i’m really excited to get these in everything installed, just for one so far, um and i’m. Looking forward to installing the rest and mounting these up and trying them out on my course and seeing how the truck performs can only imagine it performs, even even better than it does just with, especially with weight all around for climbing and side hilling.