Rtr model let’s check the inside of the box. Then we will drive it. This rc car is one over 24, so it’s a very small size where the pilot seat is. There is a small camera which is a sheltered place above the car, even if your car rolls over the camera will not be easily damaged great ready to enjoy the fun ride and driving experience definitely worth buying this package, because google’s alone costs above that package price Anywhere you look, goggles will also work with any fpv related toys. 2.4 g, remote controller works with three aaa size. Batteries, proportional control of throttle and steering, is surprisingly accurate. 1S 4.2 volt lipo battery replaceable the battery compartment under the vehicle. There is a weight at the front of the car to balance the weight. There is a mini usb port, so you can charge the car battery without removing it. Only about 25 meters. You will lose. Video feed car itself will lose signal about 90 meters. If you want, you can change the frequency from the small button here, you can run two vehicles together. You will need to change the vtx channel, which is pretty easy and should take no more than a couple minutes. Mx rc car with the stock battery has about 10 or 15 minutes drive time. The headset is entry level, but fine, the goggles that come with it have a built in screen. You don’t need any extra camera or phone.

It comes with one antenna: maximum transmit power, 25 mw. The google has 480 x, 272 experience real time, shooting scene the battery slot of it is located at the back of your head. Let me check what i might have in the box, the user manual i have and the battery. Let me show you how it Music works: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. I will use another googles for my video because that one has not recording features: ichini v800dfpv goggles, with dvr 5.