We got the comical hot shot in for review and this thing looks like it’s going to be a blast it’s based on the gf01cb platform. It’S, a four wheel, drive buggy and what they do is they mix in the vintage hotshot name and styling to the platform which just makes it a fun vehicle to build up and bash around with in the backyard i’ve already built. This thing up and i’ve thrown a twist into this review. I added five option parts that i think will go really well on this buggy from the tamiya catalog and, of course, i’ll tell you what those are in this review, so let’s head over to the workbench and take a closer look at the buggy, and here it Is the tamiya comical hotshot all built up almost ready to go? This was a fun build. Everything went together, nice and smooth, as you would expect from a tamiya kit. The instructions are fantastic and it’s got a very cool. Look overall now, we’ve already reviewed the gf01cb here on the channel. It was the comical avanti so i’m not going to go into great detail about all of the features here. Just kind of give you some highlights and let’s start off with the body. Now the body actually comes pre painted with the ps2 red and the windows are clear from the factory, so you don’t have to worry about that. Even the lenses for the lights are clear as well, so they kind of thought everything out here.

You still have to cut out the body and all the decals and apply the decals, of course uh, but it doesn’t take too long. At least they went and pre drilled all the holes for the wing uh, the body mounts and the the light. So you don’t have to worry about that now. The one thing about this is the shock molded on the front of the body. Now i understand the original hot shot had a mono shock up front and that’s. What they’re trying to mimic here on this comical buggy, but um i’m, a i don’t like starting off with a disappointment here but i’m a little disappointed in this. I think there was a great opportunity for tamiya to come up with some sort of mono shock mount for the front and use an actual shock up front rather than this molded lexan piece here. But what you could do is you can cut it off and they do have an option in the kit to mount a oil shock to the front of the body uh to make it look a little bit more like a original hot shot, but still you’ll have Three shocks: one not working on the front of it kind of a little bit of a bummer there. So if you’re a 3d printer guy, i would say design some sort of monoshock setup for this. I think it would actually work, and i think people would really like to see that available out there.

I would even buy it myself, even though i have a 3d printer, but i think that’s one little miss here with this kit it’s. I think that’s what’s really throwing me off on other than that it’s, a very cool interpretation, comical interpretation of the hot shot. All right with that said, you know the decals are cool. I love the flags on the back of the antennas, that’s, always cool to see and let’s move on to the wheels and tires now these are the block bubble or bubble block treads. These are very cool. Treads love the traction that these give a wider tire in the rear than the front, and then the wheels have a white insert in them. The wheels themselves are red with the white insert, looks very cool all right. Let me pull the body off, so we can check out the chassis, and here it is the gf01 chassis. A number of option. Parts from other tamiya kits will fit on this. Uh you’ll see some of them in a little bit, i’ll point those out, but the other details i just want to go over quickly on this. They do have red oil filled shocks on here, that’s, very cool to see also on the hot shot. They’Ve got these black nerf wings there, so that is a difference from the comical avanti up there, which has a different style of nerf wing on it. It’S the monocot chassis filled with gears gear differentials inside all bushings inside the ears.

Some are bronze bushings, but the majority are the plastic bushings uh we’ve got metal dog bones, metal, outdries metal, stub axles, which is very cool in this uh the motor mount position. It does allow for one gear change in there. It comes with an 18 tooth pinion uh, the plastic chassis itself. We know these things, work, they’re, perfect for doing wheelies and fun in the back. You know just ripping around in the backyard with uh the steering on it really simple setup: there’s, a servo saver on the servo single bell, crank adjustable tire rods on there uh your simple, a arm type of suspension with the fixed links up top we’ve stuff we’ve. All seen before on tamiya kits and adapted over here love the front bumper on this. They do give you the pod, so you can put led lights in those pods. I should have mentioned that as well with the body that you can put led lights in the the light pods there and uh out back is a wheelie bar we’ve got these faux. Exhaust outback makes everything look a little bit cooler a little bit more fun battery loads from the top and that’s how you get the weight up high, so you could do wheelies with this buggy now that’s, really it for changes. I mean the few that i mentioned here: the uh, the nerf wings, the body and the wheels and tires are actually just just the wheel.

Styling and you know the red shocks make this different from the other comical buggy or the avanti. Oh, i forgot to mention the new speed controller. It is the tble04 speed controller with revised programming in there. So you could use a number of different style of batteries uh battery chemistries, and they do give you the standard 540 motor in there you’re going to need to supply your servo, your radio system, battery charger and building tools to get this thing together. Now let’s talk about the five changes that i made to this. I went through the tamiya options parts and i picked out five options that i thought would be great to get for this kit from the start, you don’t need them. Uh they’re, you know just something. I thought would be fun to add to this particular review. Maybe help some people out that want to upgrade this buggy later on down the road or any of the other gf01cbs, and the first part that i picked up off. The list was the ball. Bearing set there’s the ball bearing the 1150 ball, bearing set the 16 piece set now the 16 piece set only does the drive line in the center inside the monocoque chassis. It does not do the wheels on all four corners. I found that out the hard way i probably should have known that from building so many other tamiya kits. Typically, we use fast eddie, bearings uh, but what i did was i used some of the bronze bushings in the outside of the hubs in the four corners and i’ll go get some bearings later on down the road, but i think ball.

Bearings is a worthy option for this. I know to me. It probably should be including them, but i remember back in the day when i drove my tamiya falcon, i drove an entire season on plastic, bushings, so i’m not going to harp on them too. Much probably for the lifespan of this vehicle, those plastic bushings will last in my hands at least, but if you’re driving it often definitely get some ball bearings. Now the next option i got for it was the aluminum front. Skid now the front bumper is typically mounted with springs, which is pretty cool you bash into something that the springs take some shock to the vehicle instead of breaking anything but uh. This skid, i think, is a pretty cool little aluminum part that you can get for this buggy kind of adds a little bit of protection here to the lower. U pin for the suspension, allows it to uh, allows the chassis to glide over any debris and stuff that you’re running over in your backyard and it’s, just a strong piece to add up front. The only thing is when you do put this on you, can’t use these springs anymore because they slide over these mounting bosses here, so the bumper actually just mounts right up to it and actually it’s pretty cool looking. So i do like that option part all right. The next option part i got for it – was the lightly tuned 28 turn motor.

Now you can see it over here. This cool looking brush motor. I didn’t go brushless, because this is what to me. I had in stock on the site so that’s what i ordered. Otherwise, maybe i would have put a brushless system in here, because this speed controller is brushless motor capable, so you can upgrade to that if you want to, but i went brush a little bit more of a classic motor in in this style of vehicle. I think that’s pretty cool, but the 28 turn motor should add a little bit more speed and it has brushes that you could get to from the outside. So if you ever need to replace them, you could go swap out the brushes. I i like that motor it looks pretty cool inside the buggy all right since i was installing the motor in there. I also went and got the aluminum motor guard for it, so the motor is kind of exposed here down on the bottom and this motor guard. This machined aluminum motor guard just helps add a little bit of protection to the motor love the way that looks now. Finally, my fifth option for the buggy was a 20 tooth pinion gear. The kit comes with an 18 tooth and a few more teeth and that motor, i think, should give this thing a little bit more power and make it a lot more fun, and those are my five options now go. Take a look at the options listed to me.

It has for their gf01cbs. Let me know if you would have picked anything different. I was thinking. Maybe i should have picked up a different servo saver for it, but i’m pretty happy with the five options i picked but i’m interested to see what you think what you would have put on here. Just five though don’t list any more than five. I think it’d be fun to see what you come up with all right. Finally, what i want to talk to you about is what i installed in here for electronics. I’Ve got a spectrum 60 20 servo. In there i went with the slt3 radio system, nice budget, electronics and i’m, going to use a max amps 7.4 volt lipo battery for it to give it even more power. This thing is going to be a lot of fun: let’s head outside and tear up some dirt: Music, Music, so Music, oh Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, all right, let’s wrap up the review of the comical hot shot. This thing is a fun, build, it’s, really cool that the body comes painted. You still have to cut out the decals and apply them, but when you’re done, this is a pretty neat. Looking buggy, with the exception of that random lexan shock up front i’m, still trying to get over it, but anyway the buggy was a lot of fun to drive, took it over to the bmx track. This thing it has good steering it kind of bounces around a little bit, even though it has oil shocks uh, but that’s all part of the fun factor of it.

Doesn’T get a lot of air the way i built it, i’m gon na get back into that. In just a minute, i really wasn’t able to get air off of the bmx chumps wound up going out to the parking lot found a piece of plywood and a cinder block, and i was back to when i was a kid i mean that’s. What i did. I made jumps in the backyard with whatever materials i found and that’s, where i had a lot of fun. Just driving this thing off a plywood ramp over and over and over. I couldn’t stop doing it. It was a blast also just hit the dirt mound. That was out in the back parking lot for the bmx track, just smashing through the loose dirt watching it fly all over the place. That was pretty cool, just a fun buggy i mean that’s what it is great for the backyard running around in your driveway. Finding a dirt lot somewhere that’s, where this thing is really cool. Now this review was changed up for my normal reviews. I put five option: parts on there and now i’m gon na tell you if those option parts were worth it and i’m gon na start off with the lightly tuned motor. This was a disappointment to be honest with you. This is a 28 turn motor. The kit comes with a 27 turn motor, which the 27 turner motor is technically faster, but i figured that this was lightly tuned and it would make it a bit faster than the stock motor.

That was not the case at all. In fact, uh. I even put that 20 tooth pinion gear on there somewhere in that pile is the card for, if i put the 22 pin, i was running it on a lipo battery. It was one mile an hour slower than my comic levonte, that was stock out of the box with the stock pinion gear stock, motor and even bushings in it. So would i suggest that you get the 28 turn motor? No definitely do not get that to save your money and buy a brushless motor. Give this car the speed that it needs, and i guarantee you it’s, going to be a lot more fun with just a little bit more pep in it all right now, i’m, going to go over the other option, parts that i put in there, the aluminum motor Guard up it looks pretty cool. I don’t know if i would get it again, i would probably say i would want a servos, the better servo saver that tamiya offers for it or even eliminate the servo saver if you’ve got a good servo in there. So i give or take on that one the ball bearing set, definitely get if you’re going to run this vehicle a lot. If it’s pretty much going to be a shelf queen, you might want to just leave the bushings in there, but you’re gon na run a lot definitely get the bearings. The 20 tooth pinion gear option um.

If there was a better motor in here, i would say definitely get that as well get a little bit more speed and then the aluminum front, skid guard uh. I think that thing is pretty cool, so i’d say definitely get that. It definitely makes the front bumper area look a lot cooler. It adds a little protection as well. So, overall, it was kind of a successful build on this thing and i actually did have fun with it. I’M gon na make a few more tweaks to it. Get back out, there have some more fun with it, but you know to me: cars they’re, just a blast whether they’re stock – and you know there are tuning options out there, so you go make them a little bit faster, a little bit more fun, but definitely check Out to me, if you want to build a kit, their instructions are fantastic and their cars are just unique. All right hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.