Please subscribe hit the notification bell and also like or comment down below today, i’m, showing you my brand new rc car that i got not long ago. Just yet so it’s a toronto feature, so it’s a torah it’s, an fx, turret um electronic one i’ll just go and review it. If you it’s, really easy to drive and smooth very smooth, the suspension is a the um, the manual setup. I just didn’t change. It really and then we go through through the tires. All terrain tires with the all terrain: wind rims we got the steering. The steering here is a the steering wheel. The steering servo is two two right: no 5.8, yes, 5.8. What the sport electronic waterproof one and then the the front down the front axle or the dim the thing into the wheel. I didn’t do that because it was fully drive. It was wasting a lot of battery, see and um. So i put a little drive and it’s got a lot more power, it’s still off road. Like it’s proper. I recommend to change it to two wheels to build, not for you because it slows it down and um it it’s, just not as fast and doesn’t have much power for hills and all that then i’ve got the fx. I changed the motor to a traxxas, slash motor it’s, a nice one, so yep um, then over here we’ve got generator and then we’ve got the we’ve got the um.

What do you call it? The we’ve got our servo our steering servo. There we’ve got our tractor. Slash engine there then we’ve got our filter for our thing. I took off the um this slash motor if you wanted, because you’re gon na have to cut a bit of the top metal polar because it’s too long and then at the back i’m moving down the back here. Oh, this is a switch for it though then we’ve got the um, an axle thing and we’ve got our back back and back drive, shaft and then we’ve got this thing actually has flex. So these two poles go together and then they’ve got the big axle back. See that the back of the axle axle cover reaction, i recommend yep. So then we’ve got everything here. The battery strap in um we’ve also got a disk in here for someone that’s doing off road dust, racing kind of stuff, um racing mud, because waterproof um it’s, very good mud um. Also, i recommend it for hills, dust dust like sandy dust, stuff and dust. The orange dust and all that i recommend it for jumps, it’s, really good, with jumps and off roading, like kills flex, because it’s got flex it’s been very tough, i’ve, been jumping off big jumps and landing it and flipping it a lot and it’s just lasting. I got this thing from um hobby, hobby direct and it was a good price. I think that’s my 200 um, but over here you really do see how yeah in the axle and all that and then it’s all screwed in it’s all secure like it’s, so tough and then it’s got a backlink i’m.

Pretty sure you can change your buttons like that. You guys like that, and then we got the ties when i first got them. I put a bit of duct tape in the inside of them. We’Ll put some stuff in there because um when the water gets in there, it’s not good for the tires um, but any of that um is just yeah really perfect for driving around i’ll just grab out my i’ll get out my manual quickly, um there. It is this: is the model um it’s, pretty much pretty simple as speed channels on the controller let’s turn the pulse, um it’s, also very um very it’s, also like a very good model of doing stuff and all that, and so i would rate this out of 10, i would write this uh nine and a half just because it’s just a good looking track. It’S tough it’s comes it’s. Just awesome. I think it comes with a spare wheel. Um i’ll, just put it on top of the body and i’ll just show you quickly. There you go now so, as you see here, pretty good looking truck like you’ve got your front thing in there fx racing then we’ll go to the brick aside by the side here, see it’s like a pretty good looking it’s pretty sick. Now we’ve got number seven got all that like it’s pretty cool, then we got up in there. Yeah it’s the titan mode of traxxas um.

Now we’ll just get the back view. There’S, a twice let’s get there i’ll just quickly grab that thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe like and comment. If you want to know the prices or anything like that, uh be feel free to ask because i’ll just reply to anyone, um yeah. So, thank you for watching subscribe, hit the like button and hit the notification button.