My 112 scale vamp uh. As you can see, this is the original vamp. 1982 83 um. So when the 112 scale gi joes came out, of course, i thought you know what they need a vehicle and i make all my custom vehicles rc. So why not um so yeah super cool vehicle? I always thought uh. 1982 um fan awesome, so that’s. What inspired this one? Of course, i tried to keep the original alive with the angles on the design of it um, basically, the whole look of it. The vamp is just just a unique um, unique vehicle it. It is based off of from my understanding a cheetah, a lamborghini cheetah um, and i did use the tamiya xm311. I believe uh model for the base of that um. The scratch build video. If you guys get a chance to watch it, it gives you a little bit more detail on how i built it. But if you would watch that, then you would see that all these panels were basically taken apart and then put together and filled in and tried to maintain all the uh angles. Um, the slight tilt here of the the angle here, the fenders especially there’s, a certain look, there’s certain look to the vamp that you kind of want to maintain um the angles of the roll bar here. In order for for myself at least uh to try to pay uh respect to the original vamp, i did upgrade a couple things bucket seats on the dash the dash, as you can tell it’s, more of a modern dash.

This dash was actually used for the stinger, but then the newer vamp adopted that dash, which i think it was cool. So i kept that the shovel here just little details, it’s removable. I was a little bit proud of that myself, um the gun, um and, of course, the winch yeah, the bumper, as you can see, it’s the old school style bumper. I just still haven’t finished it painting it in the winch itself, it’s a 110 scale winch it just fit perfectly there and i did um. I put the controls here in the center dash and that’s, like the stick shift, that flint is using um but it’s. Actually, the controls to the winch, oh yeah, and the dash did upgrade it a little bit um. It has a couple uh of add ons there, the radio and a couple gauges uh, so yeah. The inside i’m gon na show you later when i finish it um. As you can tell it’s now finished, i still have to paint that to put the light buckets in here for the lights, the headlights and the rear lights as well uh. These are the detent pins. The body is removable, so i have access to any of the electronics if they go bad um, the engine, the the servo, anything that goes back and still remove the body and then work on the inside. Those are the two detent pins um for the front, and it i like it.

I like it that they’re exposed, because it gives the the look of the hood kind of like uh authenticity right um in the back, though the detail ring the detent uh pins are actually hidden, so i put them back here. These are magnetic um and the detent pins are right. There. There we go um. I was actually kind of surprised how easy to make these were. I thought this was going to be very difficult, but it came out. Okay, just a little bit of imagination and ingenuity with pieces and and whatnot it didn’t take that long um. So yes um, it is an rc. This is the controller. The thing with this it’s heavy uh, the. Of course all rcs are made to be fairly light. As far as body, what uh body weight is concerned, uh, of course, when you make it a custom like this one, you start adding little ounces here there and everywhere else, and you start making it heavier the vehicle, the the original vehicle. The original chassis was super fast, super fast, um it’s. It was marketed as a rally car, which is, it was pretty uh pretty nifty and it did drift in the dirt fairly. Well, i picked that one because of the wheelbase. The wheelbase was perfect for this vehicle, and this wheelbase does great with the speed and the turning it just it. Just slides around the dirt nice it’s just fun to to drive, but the added weight added a little bit of an extra unintentional benefit because uh the weight kind of brings it down, but whenever it needs to or takes a jump, the extra suspension is there.

I wish i could have told you that i know i knew how to calculate it, or that was one of the things that i was going for, but it’s not um. I appreciate the the look down here of the original vamp that it’s pretty close to the to the fender um, and i just i never knew how to do it. I i knew it was a weight to suspension ratio that, of course, i have no clue about, but it ended up being pretty cool um that the weight was just enough for the suspension, hopefully that doesn’t come into a problem, the weight and the speed of the Vehicle uh, like i said, the rc, was super fast now it’s fast it’s, not super fast it’s, controllable, it’s, it’s, nice, it doesn’t roll over in the dirt. I haven’t taken a full turn on the concrete or cement um, so i’m, not sure if it’s, if it will roll over or not i’m thinking, it might, with a 90 degree, turn at full speed but um, who knows i’m, not going to do that i’m going To avoid taking jumps with it or rolling it on concrete until i make the final video uh after i add the stickers, the lights um and then make a video for you guys and then take it out there and then just pretty much bash it up. Um that’s, why i make them just to to have fun uh, so let me show you real quick, um that’s, the remote fairly simple.

It almost feels cheap, but it uh it actually does pretty darn good job um. There is a slow in a in a fast mode or slow in normal mode, normals, quick, the slow! If you know you want to let your uh let your kids play play with the the rc and i’ll just put it in slow and don’t. Tell them and let them have fun and it’s less likely that they’ll bash it up too bad, but that’s kind of a neat uh neat function on this um, so i’m gon na turn on the rs, the transmitter and then the vehicle and the on off switch. I put it on the center dash, as well as the controllers for the winch, as you can tell there’s still wires that i still have to modify and make sure that it it’s controlled and it’s going to stay inside so it’s fast, proportional steering, of course, proportional Speed: reverse Applause, four wheel, drive of course, and um later on i’ll make videos of it on in action, and that way you guys can see it um get your ideas. As far as the parts are concerned, um i’ll make a list on the final video. That way, i can give you more information, i’m, not sure if you guys know but i’m pretty hard wet, keeping a list of parts that i’ve used, but i’ll do my best on the final edition of this, our video for this rc uh custom.

That way, you guys can as best as possible, create your own or even upgrade by all means give me good ideas for my own uh, so yeah these bucket seats, i made a ca. I found some seats that were pretty cool at the uh at the goodwill. The second hand store, and before i i used them, i made casts so these seats. I actually have quite a few and i could make more casts if you guys, like these seats. Let me know – and i can put some on ebay for you – guys um they’re, fairly, cheap it’s, just casting them really um and let me see what else um that’s pretty much it for now. Uh, like i said as soon as i finish it i’ll i’ll, make you guys another uh. Do it yourself, video tutorial and then after that uh i’ll. Do a final test run jumps full speed. Um. That way, you guys can see, and maybe i could inspire you guys to do some some of your uh, your own, your own builds all right.