Changer had basically announced a drop on the fourth of july, so that’s. What this video is about. I went ahead and got them cleaned up today: um color sand and buffed the bodies just to remove some of the scratches they will get beat up more, but just trying to make them more presentable and then something i checked today because i’ve run both of these. You know i keep checking these tires and they haven’t shrunk, they’re still bigger than the ready to run tires, and i don’t know why that is. It looks like the backs are starting to even out, but the fronts are still a little bit bigger and i know on my ready to run. I replaced two of the tires because i had a blowout, so i ended up ripping one of the tires and had to change them. So i’m kind of curious if these back ones, which i believe they are, are the replacement ones which match the size here and the front ones are the original ones um. But it is what it is. You know um, even though they have the same part number it’s differently. It definitely has a different size, but we’re gon na get this body removed. I’M gon na get this body removed. So now we can see what we’re working with, if you guys tilt it down a little bit i’m gon na put a link in the description um straight to the game: changer fans.

These are the fans that uh that uh game changer his new fans, his uh typhon fans or typhoon fans literally written on the side, we’ll take a look at that. I have it set up on a 4s connector. It does run on 3s, so um, depending how you need it um, let game changer know. I am gon na put a link to the basic two fan: combo um, without the heat sink, but he does offer it with a heatsink. You just have to let them know um that’s something you’re looking for and he will be uh. He will be adding that stuff as well. So let’s take a listen. Music amazes me every time. I turn those fans on how powerful they are and how much air they pull. So i also run a game changer over here um and this one. I do run on a 3s battery, but i do have it trimmed out so that i could just plug it into the other balance port on the other battery into a 4s plug. So basically, this fan is going to run off this battery. These dual fans are going to run off this battery that way i’m, not adding another battery into this car anymore Applause. This is his b1 fan. I do have a screen on the inside and i did add the screens to the inside of this, so to keep a bunch of the rocks from going into the fans Music, so that’s.

The way i did it. This is a mamba monster x8s into my exb, and this is a 2028. What i call a coke can motor 800 kv i’m running it non sensored, even though it is a censored motor in a basher, the sensors basically have um. They get damaged right away. Another thing i’d suggest is because the motor mount is aluminum. If you check temps on a on a coke can motor the front. Temp will always be cooler, because this motor tends to pull out some of the heat from the motor. So, if you’re going to go ahead and put the heat sink in face the heat sink towards the rear of the motor, so that you can keep the temps pretty even across this. As you see, the fan hangs over on this side. Basically, cooling this and the motor mount to keep this at operating temperature so that you can continue to run and then the heatsink is pulling the heat soak out of the back of the motor along with this other fan that’s. The way this dual fan is set up and it works really really good during my testing. They are etched in now for the typhoon fans, so your typhoon fans will come with that. This is the first to get this labeling and then, of course, the carbon fiber cover and the stainless steel bolts, along with the locking nuts hardware provided with a game changer on this combination.

It’S. A really good combination, like i said, if you don’t, have fans and you’re running a stock system well stock. As far as the way you guys have set yours up. This is the pps mount that i run down here. Bolt it here, along with this aluminum plate. Will actually suck heat out into this whole assembly? So we got a fan hanging over here to cool that heat sink back here, set up cooling on the second fan, so you’ll just clip it on and then run two zip ties around it. I ended up running four zip ties because i took a six inch. Zip tie wrapped it across the bottom. Six inch zip tie wrapped it across the top, so it’s two zip ties. Two zip ties right through the center of this to hold this whole assembly on it does clip on, but it will pop off. You need something to hold it down to the motor as tight as you can. When he had sent this. It was a little loose with the palm of my hand, i squeezed it closed to get a tighter fit to the motor so that you get a little snap on you want it touching the motor as tight as possible, so it’ll suck some of that heat out And you can go ahead and cool the heat sink with the second fan. This one is running. A max 5 am running the stock fan. For now, this fan is going to get changed out with a game changer fan, and then this is going to get the dole fan set up.

Just like this. Now i will be running an updated fan here. This is going to be a two into one setup that we’re going to put onto this. One and i’ll show you that, as soon as that stuff comes, it is on the way, but just a little update you can order. The fan combinations now get your orders in as fast as you can, because these are not going to last they’re, literally the highest flowing fans. They are a game changer. When you’re running these coke can motors in these bigger fifth scale, rc’s um. You really need something. That’S going to pack a punch and, as you can tell these things are packing a punch. You can hear it compared to the way game. Changer did his v1 fans um and these work great um. I ran these a lot and uh they were. They were awesome, but this is truly a game changer when it comes to what game changer has been up to we’re, going to take a listen again, all it wants to do is blow this around Music Music. As you see it’s sucking air in from this side. This side and really cooling the motor down um i’m, telling you guys it’s something i’ve, never seen and uh. I have a ton of game, changer fans and literally this is this – is honestly a game changer. So i have tilted them over a little bit just so. They’Re not straight up and down um for those upside down impacts.

I don’t know what else i could say, but i’m gon na put the link to these. In the description. I suggest everybody as soon as they see it. Don’T hold back um, get him ordered as soon as possible. He he is limited to the quantity that he does have. They will come back into stock. I just don’t know when he’s working on more product, but he’s got a bunch set up to get them out and shipped out and they’re ready to ship so get them ordered up on the fourth and on the fifth, a bunch of orders are gon na. Go out so there we go guys like comment subscribe, and we will see you guys on my next video thanks for watching shout out to game changer. You truly are changing the game when it comes to keeping our rc’s, nice and cool. Now i can get that long run time, i’ve been looking for without overheating, these motors so appreciate all you do and happy anniversary game. Changer it’s been one year as of the fourth that he started the company and started building fans for all of us out there.