So its kind of a triple review, but uh, as is always with everything else. If i dont get around to making the video, if i try and do each individual thing, it takes me forever, so i thought id combine it all together. If you like, what we do here, guys, please subscribe to the channel, give the video a like and lets get on into this review, so im going to start off with first the um xrx, which is sorry the dpa sport. What weve got here is a newer version of the dpa sport, which is a standard all alloy edition. It doesnt come with motor or electronics, but everything is pretty much alloy. So weve got alloy, bulkheads, alloy upper lower arms swing on slider mounts gearbox. Everything i think, except the rear. Lower arms is alloy. You also get an alloy motor pinion and an alloy spur gear. Mount so this car differs from my standard setup. As you can probably see, i have reversed the arms to give me a maximum camber. So now, when i turn in you can see, there really is quite a slope on the wheels. This really does change the characteristics of the car. It depends on your personal taste, but youll see the footage later and what its done for the car. As you can see, i have mounted the electrics to this car pretty much all to the back, so hes backward weighted. This is the geo racing, uh centered, speed controller.

You can see ive mounted it at the back in between the two magnetic mounts for the body. May i add, this: rx7 body was one of the hardest bodies i had to mount with magnets, partly because of this screen. Initially, i tried to mount the magnets on the back here and it just didnt work i finally did gave in and put tape on the inside and then put the magnets exactly underneath the glass and that finally gave me something that was easy to adjust. So i could get the height the correct. Get the height correct with the magnets ive also developed a better way of putting these magnets in where i tape over and glue over them. So they cant come out again, so this actually makes it easier to remove the body. So the magnets are underneath this tape im going to do the same with all my magnets in the future, especially if im using these size magnets, which are quite strong. So it just enables it, it just makes it much easier to pull the body back off again. This is the body i painted myself and i made a lot of mistakes, but i am really getting into this 124 scale painting and i will be doing more on that back to the car okay. So what you can see here is so again sorry to go over it again. Rear mounted speed controller receivers mounted over the gearbox motors, how high mounted so all the weight is over.

The back plus weve got an alloy gearbox. So all the weight is here uh. The wheels were using here, i think, are one and a half offset each one and a half offset rear one and a half offset front um. Everything else is pretty much as the kit comes. Obviously this is a just the black version of the v3 gyro that i normally use um. I can ive mounted the battery longitudinally. The wheelbase of this car, i think, is 110. I will double check. I might be wrong. Let me just find my calipers, wherever ive placed them right here, no, its a its about 100. Sorry! So yeah its an odd one, this one because it looked like it would fit at 98, but it is just over 100 mil so 100mm wheelbase. Now one of the great things about using a uh 124th scale body, it enables me to flip these arms the other way around to get that extra caster adjustment. So i can get that caster really far back as you can see here. That is something ive done, which improved the handling so that i could get really fast sideways sliding motions with this car and the track over the way ive got it set up. At the moment these cars run very fast. I will be eventually waxing the track to do slower drifting, but as with everything i like to experiment and play around, and i really did enjoy driving these cars and doing high speed drifts, it was a blast.

So, overall you can see the setup of this car is different to previous setups ive done for this particular model, and i keep coming back to it because i love the fact i can change the setup so much. I literally have completely transformed this car. I think three or four times from in different versions. You may also notice ive got a slight bend in the arms i use for the steering steering rods and that just aids with getting that full, lock full acumen parallel. Whilst getting this mass maximum caster angle im using the ac 11s cls, servo ive got alloy servo horn on as well thats, not standard with this kit, and one of the other things ive got is the alloy, so the aluminium base plate which is gorgeous, and i Think that really helps the weighting of this car, so its an older model car now, i think uh god racing are developing a newer versions to come later on, but i still have a lot of love for this car purely because i can do so much with It and i have literally tweaked and tweaked and tweaked, so that was the setup for the xrx again. The suspension ive actually made an extra adjustment on mine where the actual carbon fiber suspension mounts ive put slots in it, so i can move it up and down so not only can i adjust the tension from the springs from here, but if im changing the ride Height by quite a lot – and i want the travel to go higher, i can actually loosen these arm screws slide the amount slightly higher to give more travel vertically.

If i want the arms to be lower – and i want the spring tension to stay the same, i can loosen these screws and just push the arm down. Thats. Just an extra adjustment i put in which makes it easier setting up the car guys with these cars, and we all have our favorites setup is everything, and i cant say that enough setup is everything and a lot of it is personal preference as well. How you like the car to respond when you come off the gas, how you like to respond? If you lock the back wheels, this particular version has a ball diff, so its actually got not a locked rear diff, which most of my other cars have that again changes the characteristics of the car, and i think, particularly for the speed racing that we were doing It was brilliant the track that ive got is five meters by nearly four meters. Its a custom build that i had done from germany ill put a link in the description for the company theyre brilliant. They do standard sizes that are brilliant and they shipped it across. Pretty efficiently, okay, guys so thats my setup for the xrx dpa sport lets have a look at now: the dw x3, so guys, another amazing car which has featured in previous video with the same shell. The only difference ive done here is now ive upgraded the shocks. These are shocks from the orlando which i got from aliexpress now.

One thing to point out guys: i i dont know how ive done this, but i managed to get a set of shocks that come with an extra spring and a washer, so you can make them longer, so they must be longer set shocks. And what i found has worked for me is longer shocks at the top here longer shocks on the rear there and the shorter shocks without the washer at the front. That is a setup. Thats worked pretty well. For me, it gives the car more of a smoothness. The suspension is just smoother. I already think this is a great car. It has great handling and ill be discussing the difference in the handling of the two cars when youll see the racing later, but theyre, both pretty good. Now one thing that this car could do with that – i havent done yet is maybe put a more powerful motor on ive got 6000 kv on this car. I think ive got 8 800 on the rx7 over there. The uh xrx dpa sport, and this has got a standard, brushless setup and not censored the dpa over there has got the sensor set up thats purely just because i havent had the time to change it up, but as it stands, theyre both rear weighted. I mean this car is brilliant because the weight really is at the back, but ive achieved a similar setup on my dpa sport over there, by moving all the electronics to the back and having a full alloy gearbox and moving the speed controller right over the back End, okay, guys so thats the cars as they are now now, im gon na leave you with some footage of them drifting on the track.

So apart from my usual footage, which is usually close, ups of them sliding around. This is more on the track and ill give a review of the track afterwards as well, so guys. Here we are on the new drift track. You have to apologize for the cardboard in the back of this rx 7. I had real difficulty with the magnetic mounts and the body kept hitting the wheel, so the car was handling great, the body not so great, but i have dealt with this problem since anyway. The drift track itself, the actual layout, is brilliant. I mean this is a five meter by i think 3.4 meter its massive, but i had it specially made. They dont normally do it this size and when you look from a distance, the detail, it makes it look like the real thing. I havent put any extra details on the track, yet i will be, but the car, as you can see, handles pretty smoothly on the track. I think um its probably a little bit too fast for most of you guys that, like drifting, i think its a bit too grippy but thats easy solved with some car wax here. Ive got the dw x3 doing some donuts and, to be fair i mean i actually enjoyed racing with the cars at this speed, but i think uh with the more traditionalists would like to see a slower drifting which ill make another video on next time.

You have to be careful when youre laying this track down, because anything underneath it will cause bumps. So little bits of grit on the garage floor had to be removed, had to be rolled up again, so be careful in that way, but otherwise you just roll it down and off you go and consider it was rolled up and the size of the track. There were no creases in it all ironed out pretty. Well. All the marks you can see are actually part of the track, its part of weathering it. Look. They give it so thats, pretty cool too uh yeah, i mean theres its everything id want on the track. Really its laid out the track is a good size. Its a nice circuit challenges you and its got a nice long straight here. You can see some racing now between the cars and youll get to see the different performance of each generally. With the dwx 3, you had to hit the throttle harder. It was almost counter intuitive. You had to throttle harder into the corner to get the car to transitional come around, whereas the dpa sport was quite happy to change direction easily. Both different styles of driving, both amazing, both a lot of fun – and i wouldnt say you know when we swap cars around. It was just a case of getting used to each car, and once you did, you could win with that car. You could outpace the other one or out hold the drift, but yeah everything that i said in the review previously about the car still holds true, as you can see from this footage of the track is quite big.

Ive got a double sized garage, so this takes up a lot of space, but its easy enough to deal with you can walk on it. Doesnt get marked. I would just be careful if you are going to wax it because it gets very slippy and that could cause accidents if you walk on in your socks about to warm the family to be careful when theyre going into the garage at the moment. But this track isnt waxed at the moment ive only waxed parts of it but ill be doing another review with the track fully waxed. But there you go guys my first real attempt at proper drift racing. So more of this to come and uh hopefully ill be able to bring you some more slow down drifting next time so guys you saw some action on the track. Let me fill you in on what was going on so this car, which i i love both of these cars. Equally honestly, i love the dwx3, its brilliant with the new shocks on that little bit smoother, since the last review i forgot to mention, ive also upgraded. The server so its got the same server as the dpa sport there, its the same ac 11, cls that everyones using different handling on both of these cars. This car, you can really power tail slide and it wants you to do it. It wants you to throw the throttle and keep that back end out a little bit harder on the steering and the transitions, maybe thats, because i need to reach you in the front end.

A little bit more. I dont know thats something ill play around with, but as at the moment as it stands, it was harder to get this one to turn in and change direction, but once you got it into a slide in that sideways motion, you could really really power slide drift And it was a thing of beauty to really do you really, you got great satisfaction when you nailed it its just coming out of that slide and switching the other way around was a bit more work, a bit harder, but yeah wow, beautiful loved it. You could see a lot of fun. Okay, i need to fix this spoiler right: okay, rx7 dpa sports. Now the uh dw x3 definitely has a longer wheelbase. I forgot to check the wheelbase ive told you this before guys ill, just double check it again. Okay, so get it wrong. I mean this is closer to sort of one 112, the wheelbase on this 115 that kind of length. This is more like a 100, so its 15 millimeters shorter big difference. This is almost 98 mil its that close. So it is quite a shorter setup, but wow with the modifications i made. I was really impressed with how this car hit those sideways motions, really really good, much easier to transition with a little bit harder to hold. The sideways continuously took a bit more feathering with the throttle, rather than just full on blasting it. You almost had to feed it in as you were going along, but this car was much better at changing direction and really you could flick it around and some of the footage without the shell on you can see why that is so.

The white balance actually just weigh the cars so with the body shell and battery weve got 225 grams. Okay, so lets throw a battery on there because it actually hasnt got a battery in it, so about 215 grams. So this is a slightly lighter car. I think thats, probably down to the aluminium base plate in the uh in the rx 7 there so similar weights 10 grams is a big deal, but does show the nimbleness of this car that, even with the extra weight it was prepared to change directions whenever you Wanted it would do it now, a lot of you guys out there could see the drift footage was quite fast, and the track was probably a little bit too grippy for your liking again ill, be doing all this again with the track fully waxed up. So we can see how things work on a slower down level, but overall for me, i always test these cars on my kitchen floor, which is like glass and honestly, the handling is sublime. Both are very beautiful cars. I love the body roll on the dw, x3 and theres certain some features in here that give it a unique characteristics. This is an evolution of what ive been doing if youve been watching my videos, guys youve, seen me playing around with the dpa sport since i first got it and ive got different versions. Ive got a version which is nearly 120mm long and 80mm wide and that again handles differently its.

What i like about the car, i love the fact that i can retune it, and this red edition comes with everything alloy and i think there has been a criticism of poor plastics across the board. Some cars are better than others. Certainly, the dpa sports, some of the plastics, were poor in the initial run. Obviously, ive got access to aluminium parts and most of mine have all been upgraded. I love what i can do with this car. I love the way it races and ill be doing a lot more drift racing now, rather than just reviewing the cars now that ive got a track and i think ill give a more realistic idea of how these cars perform. I think its one thing me running around them on the kitchen worktop and showing you how they slide and handle, but its another thing when youre actually racing someone drifting against them under pressure and when you make mistakes and seeing how the car recovers. So, for me you know these are both great cars. You cant go wrong with either one of them, but id say it comes down to personal preference. If i had to choose right now, id probably still prefer my dpa sport and maybe thats, not because its a better car but its because ive been able to experiment with it. So much and change things around and im always looking for new ways to switch it up the dwx3 the way the chassis is designed its harder to do those modifications, but it is a very complete car and it does come ready built which is pretty cool.

So again, i think this is a spectacular car too, really really good. I love the way it. I love the way it transitions in terms of the weight transfer. It looks like a real car, almost um yeah, so two great cars, a lot of fun on the drift track track itself brilliant. I am going to wax it up for the next video lots. More videos in the pipeline guys lots more special im going to have my big 1 10 scales out as well.