Sorry guys, this one comes with 8500 kv, ive done a video on the anniversary set previously. If you go to the top right, you should be able to see that and ive also done a review on the standard sp chassis with the 8000 500kb motor. All these cars come standard with a wide setup, 98 millimeters. So guys, im just going to point out the main differences between the two cars. As you can see before i start these cars look like theyve been well used, so this was after a day of running on my track in the garage um. These tires were all brand new when i put them on and after i think, a good six seven hours of continuous racing. You can see theyre a bit worse when weve lost the tread on this tyre completely, and you can see on this particular one tread on both the front tires is virtually shreds surprisingly, were still handling pretty well at the end, but yeah now a lot of you Guys out, there are pretty experienced of these evos and racing them and probably give me lots of tips to do with the tyres and how to mount them and what wheels to use well thatd be greatly appreciated. I think this is running on audi r8 wheels because theyre quite wide offset and this ones on the mercedes gt3 wheels the amg, which are quite wide as well. So you probably noticed a bit of hot glue on the shock here.

This was the first casualty of the day the mount here broke, so we used a bit of hot glue. Apart from that, we had no issues with the car, and i think this was after a particularly horrific smash. Um main points to you can see that the anniversary edition has got a much better shock absorber. This is better than the sp edition, which comes with a plastic shock, and this particular mount at the back of the disc against filthy guys. It shows you how much you have to clean these cars after about a day on the track. This really makes it smooth. I really appreciated the rear shock and how the rear end handles on this car youve got the 8500 kv motor and the 5600 kv motor here didnt make that much difference. My track, its not big enough. If anything, having the slightly punchier blue motor off the mark was a little bit better at the corners, but not noticeably so the evo here the anniversary edition has got the uh alloy motor mount alloy from brace and its got. This operated carbon fiber rear mount system underneath the the mount itself is still plastic. The t plate same as the uh 5600. I havent even taken the sticker off that guys. I had a day of racing how that stayed on there unless it wasnt from there anyway. Carrying on this has got a rear, plastic pod and everything else is pretty plastic and basic.

I think the diff is the same. This has just got red markings on it. Otherwise, i think the setup is pretty much identical both wide both 98 millimeters both are in the coyote batteries and in terms of pace, as i always say, on a track, what the size of mine, what one driver ever will cost you the race, because the other Guy will lap you two or three times the anniversary edition was far smoother far far smoother and i think thats with the oil field shock, as opposed to just the generic spring shock here. The metal alloy setup at the back at the front just gives it that bit of fluidity, which is smoother now in my hand, if i was driving one car against the other in a ghost race. This would win, but not by a lot, and only one mistake would mean the end of the race for that person. So with us three of us racing, two of us using these blue motors and one of us using the anniversary edition, it was a pretty equal spit guys. It was a pretty equal split. So, in terms of you know, is it worth the extra money? It depends on the size of your track, youre running on if youre youre, a serious, racer and youre going on a decent sized track and double what ive got then absolutely this would be the one id go for, but i think uk money this costs.

I think a good 100 pounds more, almost in price, so yeah. This car here is good value for money as an entry level, youre gon na get all the benefits of an evo, so its brushless. You can use your im using the ex 6r with this one, and with this one we use the nb4, as you can see, with the yellow antenna, honestly guys, no difference but smoothness. Yes, this was floatier lighter and just seemed to glide more easily, but in terms of race ability. No, there was no difference. This could benefit with an oil shock. Definitely, you know the 8500 kv sp edition, so not the special anniversary edition that does have an oil shock, but it has a similar amount to this. As you can see in my previous video. This is what i think really separates us out and i think theres one bit of kit worth getting. This is a good piece of kit in terms of everything else, guys mini zeds, the batteries last so long. This is one thing you fail to appreciate when using something like the uh. Let me find if i can find it so ive got a glr gt here, which i havent reviewed, yet beautiful piece of kit. Yes, it knocks the socks off these, in terms of you, know its adjustability and tune ability, but the battery doesnt. Last as long, i guess what the point im trying to make there is that the glr gt is lovely, but if you want to get a good bit of racing in these mini zeds with their aaa batteries, theyre impressive, they run brushless off these triple, as which Are nickel metal hydride and they run? You know a good 45 minutes, at least its just.

You know you cant, compare that to a battery which might last you about 20 minutes. You just get a lot of runtime a lot of practice, so theres a lot to be said for these mini zed evos, and certainly you guys know, i love them and ive gained a new appreciation for the rear, wheel, drive evo since ive been experimenting and racing. These on my track now, one of the casualties we did have over here – i dont know if you can see that just spotted this, i had to put some uh heat shrink around the wire because it got caught in the gears. So definitely i would advise using a zip tie and finding somewhere to locate these two are tied up. So you dont your wires dont get tangled up that was rather gruesome and it could have been worse, but so thats a tip straight out the uh race day that we did the other day ill put up which tyres i use. These are all kyosho tyres traded tires radial um. I ill put it up because i cant remember off the top of my head, but theyve all got the same tires on so for me it was a great race day. Sorry guys i havent got any footage of the race today i managed to delete it, but i will have some footage soon of these cars racing together, hopefully against the glr gt and ill. Do a ghost video like i normally do just so.

You can see the differences last thing to appreciate. Is these beautiful shells ive had done by colin? These are uh from cs designs. This is a 12 c gt3, mclaren and hes done a beautiful job. Ive actually got three of them. Okay, im missing the wing mirror off that one im going to glue that back on. I usually take the wing mirrors off when im racing. I dont glue them on that strongly, but these are some beautiful shells that colins done for. I me think ill race with those, though i always race, with different shells. So i think this one was running the audi r8. This one was running the uh mercedes. I think it was this one. Let me check yep, mercedes amg and after my initial misgivings about the mercedes is actually quite a good shell on the right car, okay guys. So that was a little summary of where were at with the evos ill.