Thank you to jen’s ace. If we do receive any other items, going forward i’m always going to disclose that we’ve got them for free. Hopefully, you guys understand that this does happen in youtube and don’t hold it against us, but it is good to receive free stuff but i’m going to give you my honest review of it. There is no contract on this. They’Ve sent this to it. I can review it and say whatever i want, whether it’s good bad or indifferent. Okay, so just want you to know that i will never do anything where i have to say something’s good just to get it for free that’s, never going to happen on this channel. I can tell you that for fact now period, end of so the items they sent us are some bashing 5500 milliamp hour, 4s packs it’s. What we’re going to have a look at today and then they’ve also sent us a charger. The genesis imrs 3 charger, which we i’m going to have a i’ve, got to open that up. Read the instructions, see what it’s all capable of before. I do a review on that and i will be doing a review on that in a future video coming very soon, okay guys. So these are the gens ace, bashing, 5500mah, 50c 4s packs let’s have a look at them and they are hard case. Quite a nice hard case as well, actually, i’m, not sure i’ve always had a few issues with hard cases, certainly when we stack them, um they’ve, always cracked down the seams along here these ones.

The cases do feel a bit sturdier. I will say: okay, so that’s, a pair of came with xc90s on there. I didn’t ask for them that’s, something that must be what they come with. The standard does come with a protective balance lead some people like that. Some people don’t it doesn’t fit in the armor little balanced, lead holders. For example. Now this has been our go to 4s, our case battery again 5500 milliamp hours. This one is well it’s, rated at 140c it’s, not gon na, be. We know in fact it’s not gon na be 140c um, but let’s see how it stacks up. Size, wise size, wise, looks about the same yep it’s a fairly standard size, the bashing. Now the only real question which i’m, not too sure i like, is where the wires come out at the top here. So if you wanted to stack these, for example, you can’t really stack it because you’re overlapping. I suppose you could stack it that way, but then you’ve got the issues of the wires coming out the side and that probably won’t work either. Maybe another issue is where the balance lead is situated on this. So, if you’re running straps across the top here that balance lead is going to get in the way of your strap running across the top it’s okay, if you’ve got straps running sideways or if you can put the battery in that way. So next we’re plugging into my trusty voltage checker.

You can see that so we’re point eight one. Five three point: eight one: nine one, two and three point: eight two so fairly: well balanced out the box. Zero point: zero, zero, four volts between them. Now we plan to use these in our max it’s about the only car. We can really use it in they’re, not really, in my opinion, big enough to run in the x maxx 5500. You can run them in the x max just 5 500 milliamp hours. It won’t last that long in the next max for the amount of current it draws now we’ve got to see how these wires go in. If we had the standard strap going over the top in here, we probably would have had an issue so that now i’ve got to go in sideways again. I can’t go in that way because of the balance lead, i failed on our straps. It won’t go in. They won’t go in sideways. That wire just gets in the way as well. Look what else to say about it. Guys that’s just good, i mean it’s got a rubber protector over it, but i’m overly keen. I don’t really have any choice. It’S got to go in that way. This is the biggest issue as far as i’m saying, where these wires come out. It limits it limits the use of this battery anyway, guys we get out there. We get callum to um, give him a serious testing in his max, which i’m sure he will.

You know how column drives. These are going to get a proper testing see if they hold up see if the case holds up when it cracks and we’ll see how these hold up over time as well. Okay, guys back at arc we’ve got callum with us jack over there and we’re trying out the new gems ace batteries. So phone’s got his max. As i said, some balance leads sitting under there, not too keen on that, but we’re going to see how it goes because callum is going to test it out to the moon, to the moon, to the max to the max right. Looking nice at the front there. Okay, guys, so if you want to see more of what this max can do, please remember to subscribe check out our other videos of the max yeah. We should put a link up above, and we also get out there and test it to the max calendar. Okay, guys let’s have some fun. Are you ready, yeah? Okay, so we’ve got a glossy super rock ray. The hyper cannons max jackson harvey another little buggy back there and we’ve got a little max joining us. Two maxes remarks get set, go Music cut them out already. No he’s not it’s a rock way in the front, oh harvey in the front, but i’ve been taken out nicely: Music, Music, now, Music, pretty quite right as well. Mt410, okay round two or three or four we’ve got our techno mt410 gravey to mojave.

Whatever you want to call it a max and a max okay, ready, steady, go, we’ve got to move out, the danger zone is trying too hard. Oh he saved it, though, is it the uh mt410 for the win? I think it is oh, yes and callum’s. Second, the mix up – oh he’s, certainly giving that backfield testing. I can’t believe that, okay, guys, unfortunately, disaster struck, i was actually driving for a change. I wasn’t filming and uh yeah broke the drive shaft. What did you do? Nothing? It was just driving fine and fell off. We broke it so anyway, jen’s ace batteries, people held up well, they were doing well bad little pat. What do you think? How do you think they were performing good, good yeah as good as the rapids it’s interesting that’s? Good that’s, good, okay, okay, guys so i’ll put a link in the description below where you can get these from. Like i said, my only issue with them is this balance lead the way it comes out here and get it all fixed up and we’ll get it going again yeah. So if you like what we’re doing please remember to subscribe, hit the like comment down below check out all of our other videos – oh, what i forgot to say turn on those notifications, yeah yeah, okay, yeah, take care.