Look it’s like a little baby, one and there’s the mummy one i’ve got a refuel here we go. So if we look inside these things, you can see they’re, so compact they’re actually really cleverly designed moving back to the one tenth scale. One here, it’s a bit bigger a little bit less compact i’m gon na have a little play with these and get them broken in and go for a little bit of a rip. Traditionally, you would use a glow plug igniter to start these engines, but today, we’re gon na use a clip ignitor this plugs into a three cell lipo battery, and it gives you a lot more power when starting the engines and then you’re, not relying on a small Battery built into the igniter, so let’s fuel them up and get them started, we’ll put a little bit of fuel in just to start this thing up and the tenth scale as well now, you’ll see the first start for this truck, but no bashing, because the glow Clip died, so you can actually run these for the very first time and to break them in without any batteries in that receiver. And the idea of that is that you can control the throttle to stop it from stalling. You can have a look at the idle and adjust that as well and um yeah when you’re ready to break it on tarmac on the ground. You can then put your receiver in and get going with it so in this shot here, we’re just priming the engine ready to start it for the very first time: okay, we’re ready to start let’s, put the glow clip on the glow, plug and pull the pull Start here we go so here is the first start for the tenth scale, and this is a dual transmission truck now traditionally, you’d go and run two or three more tanks on tarmac breaking the engines in we’re just going to go and have some fun yo.

Here we are we’ve got the uh nitrate cars here today, let’s get some fun Music. Why is it? I always get the really bad engine? Music, whoa, Music, Music, hmm, Music, whoa! Yours is so much faster than mine man. Oh no you’re, overtaking me. I got you Music, oh, these are awesome, guys, Music, so we’ve just come over here to refuel, and we found that the uh, the igniter that starts the the trucks seems to be faulting. It says fault on it. It could because the lipo is uh significantly drained it, shouldn’t, be because it was freshly charged, but uh that cuts a short at the minute. Unfortunately, so come back for round two another day here we are we’re at the skate park. We’Ve got a secondhand armor 3s blx buggy we’re, going to see how long it lasts. Let’S go and the gopro’s off already guys. Stick that gopro down nice and hard yeah. We don’t care about the body. Music. Music, come on Applause, hmm Music. We had to come away from that skate park because people were getting a bit funny with us, but uh. Here we are we’re here on the grass having a bit of fun and i do appreciate it’s quite dangerous around those kids and around all those people. But i feel we’re being safe, so some people just take it too seriously and get a bit worried so fair enough Music, oh that’s, bad, oh that’s, very bad! Oh now i just saw some carnage and phil’s blown a tyre out.

Let’S have a look at this. Then bring it in bring it in bring it in all right, which one is it. I have a feeling. It was this back one here i reckon the foam’s gone. Have a squidge of that oh yeah, that one oh yeah that’s lost its phone. What are you up to here, phil i’m, hoping if we release the throttle hard enough it’s gon na lift up as it lifts up i’m hoping this becomes the end, pull off the throttle and land properly. We know that’s not going to happen, though right we’ll find out ready, yeah. Oh it did happen. Oh Music, that had to be a tyre blowout was it. It was. Oh, my god, he’s blowing the front tire out don’t. We we don’t need the phone. We need. The phone god it’s fast, jesus Music, oh Music Applause, some came out right, that’s every tire blown out. I think i call it a day did that, just like uh cut itself off or something or what it did with your massive lake. It was in the lake. It kind of sank a little bit.