Oh 360. Degrees splits and stands okay, so we can totally remote control control this Barbie and how she skates – oh there’s, even a little. Try me button. Try me! Oh okay, I’m totally loving this Barbie movie Barbie gets sucked into her laptop, oh and she goes into all. These different worlds will get how cute she’s like in this cartoon world and then she’s, rollerskating and she’s. Like look super duper kawaii and then she goes into like this minecraft looking like world. She can totally skate and do the split and spin and as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve had two more dolls that are also part of the Barbie video game. Hero collection, let’s check them out Wow and, of course, if you twist her waist, she can actually move her arms up and down and up and down all on their own. I think these dolls are just totally a unique look at Barbie space. She looks totally different from other Barbies cuz. Her eyes are actually a little bit. Bigger she’s got beautiful blonde hair with a little pink streak right in it totally adorable little outfit. I love this little plasticky piece, that’s right here, part of her skirt. I love all the little cute, little digitalized little smiley faces and hearts and stars, and then of course I mean these rollerskates I mean do I have to say anything more. They are just totally totally awesome, so she is different from the other Barbie that they came out with from this collection here’s, the other Barbie doll, as you can see, this one is the one that spins spins spins see her skates are just definitely not as big.

These ones are giant sized skates, so she’s a little bit different. This is the one that loves to spin spin spin spin. So let’s have this Barbie go on a ride on her big skates. We can use this little star as the controller which it totally gives you the directions of how to control her right here. On the back of the box, all right, let’s have Barbie go for a spin we’ll make her spin, while she’s spinning she’s spinning there. She goes she’s going Music, all right, Barbie seriously. This is so cool. We can totally make her. Do the splits there we go. Okay, she is totally one of the coolest Barbies. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, she’s, just as cool as the other one that spins with you here and who has light up skates whoa, they’re, totally lighting up skating with her that’s gon na be princess, Bella, who’s, also from the movie. Okay, look at how cool! I know you guys have seen the review video that I did with her, but she is just totally cool, so I just have to show her again with her light up skirt Music so I’m supposed to follow the pattern so red uh red. No, oh, no! Okay, blue the middle one, so she is totally totally cool, see what I mean about their big eyes that they have. So here is the new Kendall, who, I think, it’s just totally too cool for words as well.

You could really see his big big kawaii eyes. Okay, this is one that is totally brand new to my collection, loving her two toned hair she’s got red and blue, really cool outfit and I’m totally loving these little plastic pieces. I think they’re just so cool you can see her little kneepads and her really cool blue shoes. Here’S. The next SuperDuper, amazingly cool old video game, hero Barbie. Is she not the cutest? Look at her super duper big big eyes that she has underneath her heart shaped glasses. Her hair is totally totally cool too, and let the little hearts on her outfit and yep. Look at that. Do you see this little tealy color that she’s got going on on her skirt, really cool, and she also has amazingly cool, yellow sneakers? Oh yeah, these dolls are absolutely amazingly awesome, all right, cookie fans. I hope you guys enjoyed this Barbie video game hero. This doll is just amazingly, amazingly cool. I really love everything about this collection. I hope they keep making more and more toys from it, cuz it’s just so so so cute. I hope you roll around with happiness and fun today, do not forget to press the subscribe button. If you enjoyed this video – and I will see you cookie fans in my next video bye – amazingly awesome – cookie fans, alright cookie fans – did he do one noticed that one of these Barbies had a cookie on them, which one had the cookies rule C, cookie, Barbie.