All terrain small toy truck now Ive already purchased a different model for my son so that he and I can have some quality time together, and this is the one that I got for me. I am going to open it look into the box and take it from there, so I will be sharing some of this experience with you one moment, if you will alright so to access the truck. We just simply peel the tape from the sides and then just simply lift up once we do. We are immediately greeted with the actual toy car. These side boxes often dont contain anything as you can see, it is empty. So we will set that aside and we will set the second one aside, theres pretty much nothing there. I love the way that these cars are made. The one that I bought for my son is made pretty much of the same material as this as I can tell, and it offers the same Simplicity when it comes to the skin of the truck. This is no big deal. If you look at this, this is just you would probably say its cheap plastic and in reality it might be, but what matters is how good these cars are designed inside the make of these trucks. The make of the way these trucks perform is amazing. All right. We will look into the truck further in a little bit lets check what else is in the box, so we have another spare battery, which is the same thing that happened with the other car that I got they.

They are nice enough to include a separate battery. You see, pull this cardboard out of the way pretty much nothing here, and this is the remote control. I will tell you how to program this all right and we have the user manual along with some stickers and the USB to charging support and a screwdriver. When I, when they say the screwdriver its pretty much because they include small little things like the tail of the car, that requires to be screwed only if you want to, of course, all right. Nothing else is in here. I found a small little thing flickering around. Nothing else is in the Box. Put that box aside and put this box aside, of course, and put this aside all right bear with me one more moment setting the boxes aside. Okay, so we have the car. We have. The remote user manual battery charger and the small little thing that I have to find out where it belongs no big deal, though this is the setup. This is the actual setup, and I am telling you from experience on the car that I bought for my son. These are amazing, Ill check back with you in a moment all right, my friend so Ive already mounted some of the stickers. You could see it here. Of course, some of you are going to complain and say well that doesnt look good, but in reality this is the least of my concern. I am telling you Ive already tested these out, and these are special whats outside does not matter to me.

What matters to me is the things that these little trucks can do to access the inner parts of the truck we take these off. We peel them out carefully pull the other one. There are some more in the back and then we just simply lift be careful with the lifting process, as it will have the cables inside right there you can see. This is the way it comes notice how the battery comes not connected. Okay, it does not come connected for a reason, so here we just simply connect it. This stays out because this is how you charge the actual car, or in other words, this is how you would charge the battery notice that you have an additional battery. If you need to charge it, you just simply use this beautiful charger. Now I like this, I like this setup. I like the fact that the that the seller or distributor or maker of this car is decided to cut some Corners, did not focus a lot on this, because this is what doesnt really matter: okay, its attractive, but its, not what really matters! What matters here is this notice, how greatly packed this is. This car is really good, excellent, to say the least, just so that you have an idea. First thing is first, get the batteries get the batteries you need. You need three Double As To Go with this controller right, so once you do put them in close the lid okay, since I already have really good experience with these cars, I want you to know what the procedure is in order to get this going.

First thing is: First: Once you put in the batteries, do not turn it on, do not leave it off and make sure that you leave everything in the middle. You could start with this where it says St ref to your left believe all rockers in the middle. Even the one next to it, this locking device leave it in the middle and the channel keep it up. This is how I get them to work without any difficulties. So then, what you will do is that you would just simply turn this on. You will see it blinking, you are not going to touch it, you just simply leave it put it aside, no problem and then youre going to come to the card and youre going to turn it on automatically. You will notice how the wheel is going to sort of shift a bit or move a bit. This means that the connection has been successful. So if I were to toss the wheel or turn the wheel, you will notice how it would work as far as programming. Anything additionally make sure that you consult with the user manual. This is by all means necessary, even if you think youre good enough consult with the manual just double check and make sure you have everything in order there you go folks. I am going to finish setting this car up. I am going to leave it for tomorrow and all right everyone. So, as you can see, this is my truck and is now ready to perform.

My sons truck is in the trunk of our car. I can show you it later, if anything, but right now, this review is for this one. Okay, I am going to show you how it performs. My son is recording Applause. I have it in Faster speed than my sons. Can you see it running its going far? Give it a moment, please all right lets, bring it back. Give it a moment. Wait! Wait for it here, wait for it here its coming its coming its coming its coming here. It goes there you go there, you go in all honesty. I really do like this small car. I think it works perfectly well from what you can tell its pretty fast, its actually really really nice. We just need to dim down the speed, make sure that everything is okay, Applause. This baby can run, and I, like the grip Applause, look at that all right. There you go.