You hope, you’re, all okay, um today, uh i’m gon na give you a show of what i’m doing for my giveaway um. Now what i’m doing is i’m doing a giveaway for a thousand. When i hit thousand subscribers um it’s just my way to give back to the community um on my other channel, which was a lot picky channel, i used to love giving uh doing giveaways. It was great to give stuff away and to make people happy. It was it’s an awesome feeling, especially for some of those people who just can’t, afford to to get certain things or um. They have an opportunity to get something you just normally wouldn’t get now these themselves. These controllers, it said it’s a fly sky gt3b about 30 quid less than that, but i have two of these and they’re a great controller um. You can have up to, i think, it’s, nine it’s, not ten. I think it’s, nine um receivers um. So if you add like six cards – and you can use them – you were using them all together with friends, it was just a separate thing. You could hook them all up to the the one channel, um jewel rate and all that there’s, all sorts of good. Take stuff only unfortunate thing is to take eight double a batteries. It makes it fairly heavy but it’s still a good controller. Now this one i’ve used just uh, i think i’ve used it – maybe twice uh uh, but then i went into the dumbo rc’s with the gyros i liked using them they’re uh uh.

I liked how confident it felt so um i thought. Well, you know what i’ve got a spare one. I really would love to give something back to the community for all their support, and especially the support while lockdown’s been on and content’s been really low and thin, and you still hung around and i’ve got more subscribers, which is absolutely fantastic um. So i thought i would do an appreciation giveaway now all you’ve got to do, for this is um when we hit that 1000 i’ll put a video up and all you have to do on that. Video is say i’m in and what i will do is pick a name randomly and i will send it off now. I will send it to 99 places in the world. As my old lot picking channel, i send parcels all around the world all the time from australia to the us to new zealand, germany, uh france everywhere the other place. We didn’t was uh japan, where it’s illegal over there to do any type of lot, picking um but so i’m, no problem with sending it, and this weighs a lot less than half the stuff sufficent, which was very heavy locks. So that’s not really a problem um but that’s. All you have to do when that video, eventually pops up you’ll, know i’m, not going to tell you it’ll, just randomly turn up um, it will say, fly sky giveaway and all you got a comment is i’m in um.

Also, i was going to be doing a video today, um i know last week i did the uh ftx patriot, video in the house. Well, i thought this week. I’Ll, do the uh same course, but make it a bit more bigger and difficult and use the big canyon that should be interesting, but my dad is very poorly today, so she’s off school, so i was unfortunately couldn’t make that video, but hopefully let’s see, should round About wednesday, should i get this video done, but in the meantime, that’s why i thought i’d throw this in just show people what it’s all about for those who are new subscribers um, like i say there, is no uh there’s no trick to this. You just got a sub and when the video goes up – and you right you put in the comment – i’m in you’re automatically entered um, no matter where you’re from but um we’ll have a quick look at it. So i’ve took out the box for you. So, like i said it said, fly sky gtb, gt3b, what’s in the box is you’ll. Get your manual hold on you’ll, get your little packet with your bind key your receiver, your aerial and a double sided sticky pad. I know like i said, i know this works because i’ve used it twice. This is the controller itself. You’Ve got a channel three with a switch uh channel three trim your dual rate at the top uh fully programmable with loads of different things.

You can do on it it’s for the price like between 26 and 30 quid when they were. It was a nice little bit of kit and a lot of people like them. I’Ve never had any problems. Uh, like i say only downside, is it takes eight double a batteries. It makes it fairly heavy, but if you want something where you can have multiple cars on it, this is a good uh. This is a good transmitter for that, but um yeah and, like i say it is well it’s practically brand new, like i said, i’ll use it twice uh and it fully works, but um yeah, so that’s what that will be um well. Thank you very much. I really do appreciate your time and your patience and hanging around, even though i say content’s been getting thin, um still trying to get that one video a week done sunday. We were supposed to go out with the cheetah, but, as you know, in most in mostly the uk, he decided just to absolutely lash it down continuously. Today, we’ve got a great sunny day outside and my daughter’s off school ill it’s like subs law, but at least we’ll get another indoor, one done, which should be interesting, um but yeah enough for the waffle. So there we go that’s what we’re gon na be giving away. So i say: keep your eye out from the next two weeks from you know, say from what we are now we are monday so say from friday.

The next couple of weeks, a random video coming up just just saying, fly sky, giveaway um, so turn that bell notification on and just comment in for a chance to win well yeah. So thank you very much for watching. Please subscribe and bye.