What we have here is an arty car from a company called, come smile, so come smile, and i we both agree that were going to do a giveaway under the condition that this video reached more than 1 000 views and 25 likes, and one of the person Actually comments down below on this video uh will be the winner and it depends if theres a bit of a condition where uh, where you live, because um con smile is actually amazon, distributor, um and i think you have to live in a region where amazons available And et cetera anyway, so this particular product is a um. I think i ordered the green one and the reason i asked for this when i had various choices for comes to my product is that this product doesnt seem to be reviewed that much on youtube. So i might as well contribute that and so on, but just a quick look on it. It has a 15 plus kilometers per hour speed, i think thats pretty fast. It needs to be more than six plus years old age to be used. Is i mean if, especially, if youre a child, if you have a child below three years old, please make sure they avoid, because if they choke on the battery, you know how horrible that could end it seems to be chargeable by usb cable. That is really good. I love any product that can be charged on usb because thats so useful and it seems to have many different eye.

Um features as well, so rubber tire, obviously um shock observer yep. We can see that and um climbing its really good at it and 2.4 gigahertz control and two wheel drive um as well so lets get into the unboxing. So here it goes. Okay, so lets cut out some of the tapes here moment of truth lets see whats inside nice. Look at that Applause. This is exactly what youre gon na get. Ah, okay, we got it upside down. Thats fine, whoa, Laughter, its like um childhood dream come true isnt. It so it comes with a screwdriver, i presume thats, for helping putting in the battery and voila okay still pretty light, but one of the reason could be that theres no battery, which i have to get it myself. I dont think theres battery inside, but this seems to be the on and off button. This is how you open it with after you unscrew it. This is left and right, i believe uh. This is where you have to adjust to make sure it doesnt lean against one side, um and yeah its pretty well built. Actually, you can see that all the wheels lets look at the wheel here. Thats well constructed isnt. It shock observer as well. You can see all the springs so thats how you could see, how it observed, shocks and etc, so thats the rear of it, okay and so on. Remote control as well is um, so this doesnt come out or it kind of rotates for some reason, but does it really come out? No, i think its going to stick the way how it is so i think you can control it.

By doing this, i havent actually used any of these control ever in my life. So please forgive me if im not explaining it well, but okay, im pretty sure this will also need a battery as well here. So this is the usb cable. I dont know whether you can see that you could connect it up and charge, and these are the batteries that you need to put in okay and lastly, this is just a quick manual, so please do pause and check it out brilliant right. So the quick setup is that um you get this usb cable. This needs to be hooked on or clicked into this bit here, so you can see that its actually nicely um fixed, and this is the way you uh have to charge your double a uh battery. Lithium battery, okay and that will actually be slot into uh here, so there will be a wire that is connected and then all you need to do is um close, the lid, okay and then you basically screw it in so its all nice and secure okay. So you can see that this has a really good sort of shock, observing ability, but not only that the wheel itself, its really nice check out the shock observing technology – oh that was quite subtle. Okay, a bit higher! You see that its bouncing back thats, pretty cool, isnt yeah one would expect the tire to be really um tight, but i cannot only see the reason for this is before the all the agility and uh shock, observing, etc.

So its a nice feel so far once the battery is on thats a nice weight and for this one the remote control, you need two double a batteries to be slotted in so it says one plus and one minus um so lets that lets put that in So i believe this is plus – and this is the okay, so thats all good to go. Turning left right, you can see the mechanism behind it. Pretty awesome, i would say i know its a simple mechanism there, but yeah just to give you insight on it cool. So the quick control is that um, you do left right left right, obviously, and then, if you want to accelerate, which is you press down, if you want to reverse you go so lets. Do that very quickly, just slowly so thats very easily controllable as well isnt. It so lets see if i could reverse it and then control it. Oh okay almost filled out the table, but yeah thats, quite good isnt it so lets get on to the outdoor activity. So here it goes. Okay. Here we go Applause, Music, uh, Music, oh Applause, yeah, so that was a smooth ride. I kind of enjoyed it. If you see what i mean and the way how it turns left and right and circle around and the maneuver seems to be good and also the way how it could absorb, as you know, i didnt really have that much of an obstacle that i could try.

But hopefully ill do that in the near future and let you guys know, but anyhow overall, the concept is really good. I like the way how the battery itself uh, which is about 500 milliamp hour, which is pretty good uh, needs to be charged on a usb cable that could be connected to my um computer and then once the red light that is indicated is charging is finished. Then the red light will disappear and the control, as you know, is a typical standard, rc controller, which is turn left and right and going forward and backwards and yeah its pretty straightforward. Indeed, so make sure you check out their amazon uh selling a website that ill actually highlight on the link down below, and this is actually the 26 pounds and 89 pence in british pounds that is actually available for prime, if youre a prime member youll get it Pretty straight away so make sure you comment down below like lets, make it happen for 1000 views and 25 likes and im sure uh course mile will choose a lucky winner, uh, hopefully based in amazon, uh, reachable country and one of your lucky winners will get this. For free, so thank you very much for watching this video.