To review is an RC car but yeah. You can see all this stuff in the background now, but basically uh I’ve been kind of busy. Lately I’ve been trying to sell out a studio in my house so that I can actually film there as well and can get nice reviews done with a nice white background in order as well so stuff like that, can’t be seen in the background. So we have been working really hard that’s. What I’ve been trying to you know work really hard flat videos all in one go. So I have been very busy throwing out videos and there may not be the best quality of a dolly best quality. Video will be coming soon once all of this is all done up, updated everything you might be getting a new new layout, a new equipment as well to just make it a little bit more, enjoying a bit more better to watch as well, but let’s go ahead And this Dawn’s with this review, so this is a dismal vine, of course, link to buy a will, be downloaded description. Anything like that, so the special thanks for the company to send this up for me and we’ve got one by sixteen scale. This is the RC car is offered vehicle, a splash water proof, 15 M technique, so 2.4 gigahertz is four wheel. Drive it’s called the caller, got four modes experience as ask wild from the flat, so you can steer the rear wheels and the front wheels a row.

That’S really cool is, of course, radio controls and it is built to climb what else do we have waiting around here? We’Ve got pictures of the device over here that looks pretty awesome. This looks like a really really cool device, guys, listen, don’t! You take stock on here as well, where the country, this form that tape came with it, so same information all around and saying on this side, Redux let’s go ahead. Let’S cut open from one side which actually closed and from this side over here. So what tape over here go ahead and grab? My life is cutting to it, so I want to damage the box trying to curl up damaging the box get going and the top is on the pole down the side of the head, and one will do this way there. You go so we’re in ramita nice because their company will be loads of loads of tape inside as well and sell such first thing instruction seat. So the instruction manual really basically over here. So we do have a rechargeable battery with this device and they told you do not bend this, and also maintenance is all how you can clean ties and Deborah you can just clean it with water and the motor will overheat and all that stuff over here. Just to make sure that you are keeping your car when you put suck of your files may be gone. The cost okay, so you’re going disk let’s put it out.

Can we pull it out? Yes, we can. So this is the bottom up. So we received the red colobus for remote control. The result I’m going to grab out. This is a really nice color. Actually I am quite fond of it so I’m actually going to go ahead. Take out all these tags, a medicine! Look at this one and we’ll go out back and just what comes out the action window answer here, eggsy over here, the suspension on you absolutely a mainlander for that really produces friends like so, and of course, the bomber tackles turned front wheels turn as well and Really nice success bone quite mountain around here means really cool. We do have a congress which I thought I would get. We got a charger with the device to look at actual transmitter, receiver, of course, of that wasyou car and then we’ll get this user manual as well. So, of course, I believe the actual car would have the charger for charging the battery happiness. This sort of pin over here so it was left on in the whole device, so I believe, obviously, is going to be no charge when you go ahead and charge that up and of course, the same over here. Your birth controls over here left right cause the power and power button here then, or the accelerator reverse, and accelerate the versa, accelerate and all sorts of buttons at the back over here, which will check out what that is for as well again.

I’Ll just go ahead. Grab a screwdriver now they actually whole think in Congress, crew, gala we’re, going to be small, star screwdriver open this up and take out the battery let’s have a look at the actual device. This one, I believe, will probably take let’s, say about four double A batteries but we’ll work it up and see more batteries. It takes go on the me phone here so again, two screwdrivers over here open this up and then you can charge the battery. Of course. It is waterproof, so it is fully sealed, obviously no way to access it unless you get a screwdriver, so it would have been nice that their device came included with one, but it didn’t – you see a suspension over here. It is very, very good suspension. All round sort of suspension over here so we’ve got two motors. Of course it is four wheel drive you can adjust left and white over here left to right over here. You can see the suspension just at it work very nice and it is a good quality plastic, and what we seem to have over here is some LED lights over here now. First thing, I think, is actually fault over here. There is one missing. You see one. Two in three of these led type lights, and just one over here – don’t have it so surely that is not in the box or anything in there. Nothing like that. So I think it’s, a factory fault that one over there, but we have lights over here.

So maybe these are fake. Maybe they are will not to show you it we’re going to go ahead, charge the device up power up and let’s, see how it is and we’ll give it a test while as well so we’ll be right back I’ve charged it, and here it is so I Just took out the two screws on the bottom over here and the battery was in there. It is already charged, but it just wasn’t connected. So I just connected it up, put the screws back in and now we’re good to go. So if I go ahead and I’ll switch it to on and that should be all powered up and on and ready to go you see over here, there are two lights here: LED lights, which flash white, the top ones are no only realize they’re, not lights at All so they don’t flash, but only the front over there. That is the only lights around here and, of course, with on most return back over here. As a suspension, we know already is very good now I haven’t really got anywhere off word to sort of wide. This place I don’t know anywhere. We could really go and film it but I’m just going to show you the main to us a little bit. Yes, of course, you can waddle, for I mean look at this with four wheel: drive full on suspension as well. This should be actually motor control, so the remote control takes four double A batteries, so once you can four double A batteries again, this is included this one you have to put in, but the batteries in the actual device is included, of course, because it is retired.

We’Ll go ahead and switch it on and we get a green LED indicator indicating that it’s on and then we get two spheres on here. Just searing experience now we’ve got four buttons over here now. This entire thing is, I press this one over here. This is both wheels, full sphere front and back this one over here put this put one over here. It will just be the front wheels present. This one over here is stuff. The back wheels, so I’ll benefit of seeing this clip over probably easy to see there. You go now, it is just the battles are turning and then, if we press this one over here this last one over here and there fo for learning but we’re going to keep it on just front wheels. Turning and we’re going to use the car now. But you can, of course, use different wheel turning as well, so if you’re reversing you can turn the buckles on turning and it’s a hell of a lot easier to reverse a roll, but let’s go ahead. So if you press down the trigger over here, that’s forward to go up that’s backwards, another – and that is like see if you press down the pedal and press up quickly, then blink so we’re going to give it a go so it’s not the fastest. Obviously the other hand, if you’re very fast, it is quite slow, but the control on this is very nice. That makes quite a bit of noise I’m turning baby Alicia’s healing.

So this is miss being left steering right. It makes like a good noise and that can be quite irritating, but it does making like and speed wise, nothing really major so yeah. That is the actual antique art. Anyway, I mean it’s, pretty good, I mean, would you invest a little bit faster? To be honest, would have been much more nice stuff, but suspension is very good, like you can see over here. If I just step on it, oh here is very very good suspension, so row becomes really well built and yeah I mean this is just a really quick review, anything in depth with bloodline, which we’ll go over device and for that but yeah. This is my review of the arcing kind to others. I think, is pretty good. The link to buy this will be down below in description or does the comment like subscribe and as always, thanks was nice, video and overall score a tighter.