On a beginner’s perspective. The base unit is 199, so an add on part: zero, zero, seven, zero, zero, eight, zero, ten, zero, zero; three dash; two fly sky and b4 turning g battery micro receiver for fly sky, several wires for the adapter for the lipo batteries, yay racing gyro aluminum kyosho Wheels r246 ds racing, lf4, rocket 3500 kv, brushless motor and, of course, auto scale subaru. This video is about my experience with the gld racing kit, but it’s not an expert point of view, those micro ball caps. You need to use a hand. Drill can easily be damaged initially i’m, not too happy with the performance of this kit. So i try to buy anything that’s available will help to improve the performance. I don’t have any two wheel drive drift experience, and this is going to be my first kit at the bottom of the description below you can find popular youtube, video regarding gld and drifting, and also an upgraded this aluminum shock tower prices will be posted on the Bottom and the model number i’m really going crazy. You can see it’s weird right now, all the spacer, i added all the spacer, and you can see the the body frame or the lower frame it’s unbalanced. The shock. Is it doesn’t work that well, so i tried using the car, but remember no experience so i’m, just still figuring it out no right height setting, so you just have to you, can see this one it’s not contacting the floor not like on the other side of The wheel, it’s so annoying and look at the performance kind of erratic, more parts from chipping is really expensive for this product.

Anything that you can make this run. Okay, i’ll, take it the front shocks, adjustable shock price is 25 60. and you can see the quality not so good. The spring set op 0 front, aluminum shock, towers, 10 and 50 cents see cents. My differential is not perfectly round weirdly functioning, i messaged gl racing, but they didn’t give me any feedback. I’M, not asking for a free item i’m willing to pay for a better gear. Part b1 will be an issue. You can use a replacement nut more issue. I used a strong bond already, but it’s always getting detached, so i ordered an rc hour universal chef mw003. So the upgraded parts it’s they said, it’s two millimeter longer than the original plastic ones uh, and then you can see this one, the screw this one kind of works in terms of um, stopping this one from moving a little bit. But on this side this one, this one’s useless, so this one doesn’t work at all really depends on the batch. You got at the bottom. You can see this one’s working between this one and that one and you can see uh this one’s, almost maximum adjustments. Already all the way in an increase of one millimeter or more, because i don’t want to extend the wheels too much in case you have a different body, shell, you should know that you’re going to be increasing by two millimeter, comparing with the original one right now, I’M, increased by a one, millimeter toe steering rod, so you have to increase.

Also. I did a one millimeter extension uh. This one is really designed for its original, so you you can’t overextend it or else it’s going to pop off by one mm, both side. You can see it’s still towing out this upgrade it’s a good investment, but it’s in my case still have an issue with this side a little bit higher than the other side. Because of this thing, warps a little bit once you install the whole thing so i’m. Still waiting for Music and the weird thing about this, one is they’re two they’re adjustable and i don’t get it why they don’t have anything that supports this section over here. Nothing and i got the servo mount, so the new upgrade does really help this. It doesn’t the car doesn’t act crazy as before that, because of the the frame with the original chassis is really bad. Next is basically this tool. I think it’s a very useful tool, a good way to measure the ride height for both sides, and at least you can balance the car accordingly. So the steering right now, if you can turn it, you can see the movement of the car, doesn’t tilt the whole body or because, like before it’s really, even if i press this section right now, the rear wheel, doesn’t lift anymore not like before so it’s. More balanced the metal thing at the bottom, they don’t give you that parts you have to order forty dollars, forty or fifty dollars of upgrade, which you don’t really need, because the material is not brass.

They just you just need that metal part once you’re happy with this one. You can use the styrene as a template to fabricate your own metal sheet. I got this car november now it’s march. Shipping is a headache because i’m getting parts from the u.s i’m getting part from hrc they’re expensive in terms of the shipping and uh the suspension right now you can see my setup is basically you know there’s a weight here, so it can push the spring or The suspension lower a little bit or because there’s nothing topping it removing the right height it’s. Basically, the the way you adjust this. This part is gon na determine your right height, but without this weight, it’s gon na make it less effective, that’s that’s another issue. To be honest with you, this video is really expressing my frustration about this car or this kit. They should inform the consumer. What are what they’re getting into? I know i’m, not an expert on doing this kind of build, but if you’re a beginner like me, you need information, there’s, no devoted gl racing gld forum from facebook. That will help you right now during the pandemic. You’Re, relying on information available in the internet, you can you’re lying friends who have the same car but harder for you to understand. If they’re, not here or somebody will drive your car or your your rc, so they will tell you, hey. You have a problem with your steering and blah blah blah, but it’s harder to explain when you’re quarantined or your i’m not saying this is a bad product.

I’M, just letting consumer beginner like me to be aware of certain issue. So for me for a beginner, i prefer a car that is balanced and then you can start drifting or learning how to drift. If you want to still get this car, try buying through a dealer that understands what’s the issue of the car and they will tell you what to do and the support you need so because i bought this from other us dealers but they’re not into drifting. So it’s harder to communicate they’re, not familiar with the kit itself, so hrc arena. I think they have more information about it and hopefully they can guide you. If you decide to get this kit – or maybe the support is better, if you get it from them without the whole package or the upgrade for a beginner like me, you’re not gon na, enjoy it be aware that this product it’s not gon na last. That long, because it’s either hrc, is going to be selling the product with the accessories or get somebody who sell you the whole package. I think this is an end of life product unless hrc will produce more of the upgrades in the near future.