What were gon na do is were gon na show you whats inside then were gon na. Do a lot of running running, ring video and then im gon na come back here to the table and tell you about the vehicle all right, but they have a nice picture here of what youre about to see you know not licensed, but it does look like A chevy blazer, so they already have a suv version of it. This time they have the pickup. So it is 370 its nice to have some different ways of doing things right. So here it is gso2 buffalo i did have the suv. This one is a little bit improved from that. One click here for the suv review so were going to do is we are going to just go? Show you some of the general stuff about the vehicle boom, and always the most important thing to do. Is the chassis look at that so heres the chassis, pretty pretty strong, pretty styled more than the sex 10 2. I think uh and more than the the element rc, which is the weakness of it. And if you look at the plastic molded pieces here, it is pretty good detail. You know not the best in the world a little bit a little bit rubbery, but a little bit softer plastics, but definitely quite high quality better than what we see from china. Direct manufacturers wheel wells, i dont think i need to open this pretty cool.

They have wheel wells that are molded pieces. Gmaid. Has this logo thats super cool its like a face boom, big fat links? Uh bearings in the gears are pretty heavy. What is this so? This is your steering cvd units 45 degrees of steering they say nice bearings all around. I like it. I hope my camera is working with this product focus feature. These are axel uh covers and they are metal shocks shock oil. They dont have a number on the chakra. They dont tell you two very special things about this vehicle. It has two speed transmission, so first gear second gear and then the second is. It has overdrive built in 15 overdrive and if you, if thats not enough for you, you get an option gear for 22 overdrive tires bead locks. These are 4.3 inch tires. So there you go just your basic unboxing. I think you know we dont want to spend too much time on this. What we want to do is show you. The running video three head is 70 bucks. Uh has a bunch of features and well tell you about performance, upgrade paths and all that business. All right, thank you. All right lets get you through some running video got my gopro hero. 10. Do some night shots climbing right here, im using iraqs to properly evaluate this vehicle on a test on our standard test scores the stock tires are too small and theyre, not grippy enough theyre soft, but theyre, not grippy.

Now right there first test is good. Second test. Its okay but right there thats its bouncing a little bit. Bouncy vehicles unsettled even with the best tires that i have the shocks are not offering enough support Music. I fell quite a few times here here. I felt like vehicle, not me, but the vehicle fell. Like five five times thats, why im a little tentative um right there right, rear shock is sunk in thats? Why it front tire is up in the air, but after, like six, seven tries hes able to complete it, so not not the best, but its quite capable because it is forward weighted. I think the shocks just need some tuning, maybe lower it a time, a little bit a little weight and some very, very heavy shock oil. So right here, i didnt want to scratch the rear bumper right there. I dont like that, bouncing that bouncing means its itll. Just fall at any moment like that. You, like my kick method and right here. It does very well with these good tires again its a little bouncy, but with the forward weighting, the g made put its able to do quite a bit of stuff. The body too helps these vehicles because theres not a lot of rear, rear cabin weight. Here, im gon na demonstrate to you guys the lights so cool its getting dark right and youre staring at darkness, so you could see the transition into the light.

I was impressed by this this light kit Music. So this is the full option: lights two light bars two little led boards and then headlights and taillights. So if you want to do something like crawling, it definitely helps to have powerful lights. A nice little notch. Music has good steering radius and right there side. Hilling is okay, its not too bad, but it cant fall at any moment because of not not huge support from the rocks from the shocks. It does pretty well good. Bumper good articulation Music hes just able to get over some steep rough stuff, not bad huh, not bad for a stalker with this tire upgrade heres a tough one, Music slippery rocks – and i have to thread the needle between these two rocks, get some side bite on These tires Music right there, its got a possibility, the it doesnt have portals, but it does have small pumpkins and theyre theyre angled forward to give it a little better clearance and here again demonstrating those lights heres his strength getting past stuff. That needs a lot of forward weight im here, its a test. I i do you got ta ride this rock, but its a little too steep for it right. There boom Music, all right again. Look at that body by the way pretty cool, huh, nice, pickup, bed, Music, so using a hub wing, 1080 homes trail master sport, cheap motor, but a good one. So its got some good speed, good power and give sustain a good sweet spot.

So one downside with this vehicle is youre not gon na get aftermarket support in the us. No one really makes stuff just for g made, but gmat does have some option parts a 25 23 overdrive these leds – and this thing also has a rock plate clipper to protect the steering links here. Its not able to do this stuff, its not stable enough. A little bit high to the top Music a little top heavy and it has this annoying bounce Music. But this vehicle is carried by a main hobbies, and so the parts are readily readily available, aiming as well, and here im going to show you some some trailing. You can kind of see how high the vehicle is, its good, its its really a trail crawler, but this should be its strength, doing some river crossings and hiking with you. So i think im going to go. Uh, do a bunch of second gear here, pretty fast huh for a rushed motor boom boom boom boom block dips, obviously, and nice light so here, Music, im gon na do fairly tough one Music, a little crossover. My my drag break two on the hobbywing 1080 was not set very well so just hard to control it under the sense, but this is all fixable with a oh, almost crashed like able to save it, and this is a tough one, very proud of this vehicle. For making this wheels really articulate well and Music, very good steering, so not bad, not bad.

You know pretty stoked good to have an option. I know this is big in asia because they have the pricing. There is advantageous and they you know they like the support. The korean manufacturer g made but uh they have a pretty cool line and, as you can see, its quite capable, alright, so well well, just head back to the rock course show you some nice night cruising and uh enjoy some music as well. Thank you, Music, Music. So, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music. So here we go through the magic of video. The vehicle is done. We ran it and now i wan na you know, take a few minutes to tell you uh everything about it. A full review of pros and cons of this vehicle: okay, so uh g, maid, gso2f, pickup, buffalo, pickup, uh 370 dollars for the kit, you how you got you need to come up with your own motor and electronics, and this is as it comes stock. But i do have some option parts, the one. The main thing that i installed is the leds and i do have overdrive that its not yet not yet installed the optional overdrive, but here it is handsome little bugger, huh uh, big links, two speed transmission, overdrive, uh, oppo straight straight driveshafts and opposing turn Music. Lots of travel a little sits. A little bit got some sag as a roof. Rack has these buckets ready for leds uh on the light bar and the bumper, but you have to buy the led separate vertical on the bottom here and horizontal here.

So its a swivel kind of like this, and then you you go like that. You slide it just like these two prongs inside so i do have the light kit installed. What ill do now is. I will show you the lights, how it works, how bright it is its so crazy and maybe do a little bit of desktop running. Why not huh, but this thing lights up the trail. You know, in fact, when i got when i was done crawling, i had to walk to my car about a quarter mile uh instead of packing the car on my back, i said, oh, i need to see. So let me let me let let me use this to light up the path and it definitely worked so heres the steering quite a bit of steering 45 degrees. It has 15 overdrive and thats what you saw on the running video uh. I did use different tires. So these tires are too small for me: uh four point: uh 4.3 inch and theyre, not that good. You know theyre very soft, but theyre, not too tacky and they dont have a lot of foam support and the price 370 is fair. You know for having a two speed: uh nice body is all good on the con side not licensed, even though its a chevy uh is, is a downside. The fact that they didnt include the leds. It would have been nice to include some led at least the the headlights and taillights right.

Another. The biggest my biggest con on this thing is: is the suspension is really the damping is not that good? I dont just dont like it, its so bouncy and yeah. I dont know what weight shock oil weight. They put, i actually modified it to 50 and it just moved so fast. They even went to 70. and it was still it was still out of control. It was still doing a lot of torque twist. You know it would settle it down once it got going, but it would still, but it would unsettle the vehicle. Also, the the shock mounts were a little bit loose. You know that that was uh. The tolerances for the shock mounts eyelets were not good enough. There. You go in summary man what a looker! I think i think ill keep this one um nice to have a chevy, chevy, look alike in the house. The fact that it has some of the most powerful lights ive ever ever seen in a vehicle, its not gon na cost you a hundred bucks like like traxxas its gon na, be reasonable. I think thats a good deal all right.