Look at this. My entire property has been flooded out by intense rains. This is not unusual for this year, so I figured why not take advantage of it and do an age old question. I'Ve always wondered. Is it going to be GMC or is it going to be Ford isn't? It amazing that on larger tires, the Traxxas Bronco for dents ID is larger than the jacked up overkilled GMC Topkick insane pure power. Today, guys let's go ahead and go mudding and shout out to Zoe Edwards for sending these hard to find proline top kick decals. They look awesome and I also bought some mirrors and slapped them on there to complete the look let's rip cord will be number one. Why I don't know cuz I Drive one. I love all trucks. Equally, though volp it along big 2.2 sized tires here. Music. Now people say it's, always too sleepy around here, let's throttle down and give it some power it's still raining like crazy, since I started filming so this model, basically, except I got some aftermarket tires on there at an aftermarket light from RC gears, as well as the Rack on top Music go on buddy work, it back and forth no vent holes in the Bronco, but I find the Bronco to operate so well, even without eventful in the body. Look at that pure power all the way through I'm gon na leave a link to this truck in the video description box down below Music, we it's wet outside let's rip it going deep, Music, Music, Music, Music.

Those are Vanquish portal axles on here absolutely phenomenal. Tons of torque with the ax 550 3300 kv system in here, Music yeah just eat through no sound, is overkill here. Why did I do that? I don't know I was more focused on competition. I was hoping for a good role there. Oh, that diesel stack laughter, yeah isn't this, what it's all about just getting outside to enjoy some time doesn't matter. What truck you run? Truly. All trucks are amazing. All the way pass, my boot now, that is some deep mud there we go. Keep that nose up keeps it keeps a chewing like a doggy, paddle, yeah I'm, literally carrying a beach and a blanket of weeds. Well, there you have it it's time for me to get the heck out of here.