So as much you guys know, i have two of these and um i’ll just say. The second one is where this one is get this off here still in the same spot guys and i apologize, i got to get more content up, but i’ve had a whole lot going on right now: um death in the family, where we actually had three depths In the family got a whole lot going on and i’m trying to get to this, but i will tell you i got something i don’t know what motive i’m putting either one of these, because i have a mamba 5300 and i have a tp power mode also, But i also got something else: coming along that’s gon na be pretty cool, i don’t know. Hopefully they should be done. I ordered, i think i ordered a while ago i’m, not really sure two or three weeks ago i don’t know i can’t remember when i ordered it, but i got a motor coming along. That is another hand wound motor and it should be pretty cool. I think i’m gon na put it in, i don’t know which car is gon na, be the flagship car i don’t know if it’s gon na be this one or the other one i’m building. So you guys know all the parts i have to put in this car we’re gon na get this out of the way and then we’re gon na go to the scx.

So you guys remember the last video what i did to it. I hadn’t had time to do anything else. I think i did print another part but um. I got some good plans. I got some good things coming for this one and i’ll just get to that also boom. All right guys. This is the fury, tech, esc, it’s been a whole bunch of talk about this thing, and i really want to find out what’s the deal i ordered it about a week ago and i ended up getting the one without the bluetooth uh dongle, because they didn’t have Any in stock – and this particular one they’ll, have it as a combo. I can’t remember the name, the site that i got this from, but they’ll have it in a combo, but they didn’t have the bluetooth, dongle um included, i’m, not sure. If i can program this thing with the brush motor without the bluetooth dome, which i’m going to order one i’m, just kind of waiting around um on, i got to get with someone on one of those groups to. Let me know if this can be programmed to run the brushed motor, so you’ll be seeing me doing something to do some pretty soon i’m going to try to get back on the lossy mini b. Before i get started on this because i know, a lot of people are anticipating that particular project, so uh. This is gon na, be one of those things that i may not uh record, because it’s been done a million times but i’m gon na get this in.

Here, along with my spectrum, uh receiver and i’m gon na set it up with my dx5r, i think it’s, one of the spectrum, radio dx5r hadn’t, used it so long, can’t, remember what’s what but that’s coming pretty soon guys – and i appreciate you guys still watching, because I just hadn’t had time guys, like i said, been doing a lot of work. I had to go out of town um a couple weekends ago and i just hadn’t had time i’m actually taking a class this weekend and that class is um. It was friday saturday and then tonight, at seven o’clock out time and it’s over about ten o’clock, but most times it goes on a little bit longer than that. So i’ll be coming back pretty soon. With all this stuff, everything will be, i won’t say completed but it’ll be started on. I got ta get some runs in guys because, where i live, it is super hot um in the summer, and you don’t want to be out there with rc cars. Only for a few minutes i already work outside, so i don’t want to be outside with rc car when i get off work um. Also my low c db, xle i’m thinking about doing a pretty cool video with that and uh. You guys tell me in the comments if you’d like to see me, do something with the low c db xle pretty soon. I want to do a video with it.

You guys, let me know if you are interested in it and i could probably have that video up in the next week or so that’ll be a pretty easy one to do. Just uh put in the comments, if you guys want to see me, do a video with the loser, dbxl uh e, and i also have the sbr, and i may do that same type of video with it. The super baja ray by loci also i’m, not really sure yet, but i may be doing that also uh guys. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you like see that video till next time this is gnc rc.